The Barbed Pentacle Breviary

A breviary is a collection of prayers, often patterned to be said through out the day, but any time is a good time to pray.  Since there’s not as many Pagan prayers out there dealing with the barbed path, I’ve decided to create a resource here.  All prayers are by me, Sparrow Brown, and you can use them as you will, but I’ll always claim them as mine.  Enjoy!

I invoke you my Gods and Goddesses– those who scare me, those who are darker than the light, those that take my breath away, those that make me blush.  I see you as gritty, scary, and dangerous, yet you’re necessary to the balance.  I need you!  For without you, all I see is light, which will blind me to how the world really is.  My life is chaos without your wisdom.  Wrap your barbed wire around me and hold me fast as the fulcrum of the life balance forever.

She Holds the Scissors

I’m the Withershins Crone,

my sister spins your existence,

and I cut it short.

She adds things to your life, and I cut them out.

You misunderstand me constantly, but I understand you perfectly!

I see your needs, but you get greedy—always wanting and begging my sister to add the unimportant.

You get sick from your desires. They only have false meanings for you.

I have to cut them away for your own good.

Like the dead ends you trim for healthier hair—you cringe at first, but in time you see it’s better—healthier.

Open yourselves now so I can snip away your clutter, your ragged dead ends for a healthier you.


Perchta Prayer, Version 1

Our Lady of the wooden spoon,
whose two faces see the old and new,
You who admonish us to do our work and keep it true,
Keep us focused and strong so we may never swoon.
Bless us with thrift, industry, and tidiness.
Bind up our laziness.
Slit our bellies and remove all silliness.
Replace it with the straw of discipline, fortitude, and management.
A well run home brings gold to the pockets.
One great worker is worth three lazy ones.
Push us to strive for greatness.
Beat it into our souls and being.

Version 2

Perchta, Our Lady of the Wooden Spoon, admonish us to do our work. Keep us focused and strong.  Bless us with thrift, industry, and tidiness.  Slit our bellies and remove all laziness.  Stuff us with discipline, fortitude, and time management.  Bind our gold to our pockets.  Push us to strive for greatness.  Beat it into our souls and beings.