About that bitch Sparrow….

About that bitch Sparrow Brown:

Sparrow is a writer and hierdoule who loves to observe humans (and often makes fun of them and occasionally talks shit about them). She became a Pagan in her early formative years.  A few years later she introduced her first serious boyfriend to BDSM.  Her current partner introduced her to blood sacrifices several years ago.  She worships in several Wiccan/Pagan and Hellenic traditions and is a priestess in a few of them.  She lives west of I-77 in North Carolina with her partner and chicks.  Oh, and she enjoys eating fluffy bunnies (with french fries and beer) and feeling their nice soft fur against her naked skin!

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Email Sparrow: chirpatsparrow@gmail.com

Listen to what Sparrow cooks up outside of The Barbed Pentacle on her mini-podcast, Sparrow Chirps: https://soundcloud.com/sparrowchirps/

For information on Sparrow’s services as a hierdoule: http://barbedpentacle.com/sacredwhore/

Sparrow’s Results from http://bdsmtest.org/ 

100% Submissive
97% Bondage receiver
90% Masochist
90% Exhibitionist
85% Primal (Prey)
84% Experimentalist
74% Slave
72% Degradation receiver
69% Brat
66% Voyeur
63% Non-monogamist
39% Switch
39% girl/boy
33% Ageplayer
32% Bondage giver
23% Vanilla
20% Sadist
17% Dominant
14% Primal (Hunter)
13% Master/Mistress
12% Pet
8% Degradation giver
5% Daddy/Mommy
4% Owner
1% Brat tamer
1% All-Rounder