An Ancient Dance

Happy Yule!  Yule is a special time of romance, drinking, sacrifice, and violence.  This year to celebrate, we want to give to you a special, sexy Yule meditation–a seasonal romance.

You can read it as is by yourself, you and a partner can whisper it to each other as pillow talk before mid-winter love making, or you can step it up a notch and add a textual element with the use of evergreens.  Holly leaves can be used like a Wartenberg wheel; pine, fir, rosemary and other evergreen boughs can be used as a fragrant love nest; smaller boughs can be used as invigorating switches (the scent of many evergreens are used in aromatherapy for invigorating sluggish souls) or sensual ticklers; ivy vines can be used make sure your lover doesn’t run off in the middle of your winter revels.  As with anything sex and BDSM related: make sure everything is consensual, everyone is legal, safety is top priority, and outdoor sex occurs on private land that you have permission to use.

It was approaching Mid-Winter.  A time of great frivolity and expectation.  A time when the ancient winter crone tries to sneak up on the waiting spring maiden.  A time of bittersweet sacrifice.

A cold crispness filled the air, like biting into an apple from the icebox.  She waited outside, growing impatient as she grew cold, waiting for entrance to the large castle.  To wait outside like a common visitor, she thought to herself, and in the snow no less!  Her retinue of ladies, whom she fondly called her ‘tendrils’, waited behind her.  More patient than their mistress, they smiled sweetly thinking of the vigorous festivities that waited inside.  Finally, she completely lost her poise and patience and started pounding her delicate fist on the sturdy oaken door.

“I am the Ivy Queen!  You can’t keep me in the yard like a stranger!  There’s snow on the ground and it’s freezing!  I’m freezing!  Open up!  Open upppp!”  She screamed in all her fury, her nearly exposed bosom heaving in her tight, rabbit fur trimmed bodice.  She pounded until her hand was bruised.  ”Let me in!!!!!!!!  I demand an audience with the king!”  She could hear a deep, mirthful laughter resonate from the heart of the castle, as if the castle itself was laughing at her predicament.  

“And who have you come to see, lady?”  The laughing voice asked from an upper window.

“I’ve come to see the Holly King!  I’m expected!  You know that!  Stop asking and let me in!”  The Ivy Queen screamed.  Her hand would have ached if it wasn’t numb.  Her teeth were starting to chatter.  She pulled her green velvet mantle around tight, trying to still her shivering.  She knew that most of the shivers were from the cold, but a certain amount of it was anticipation and nervousness.  Would there come a day when he wouldn’t admit her at all?  When her body finally was no longer attractive to him?  When he just didn’t return?  That was always a possibility, she felt.  Then she would be left forever with his twin, the stern Oak King, who was not nearly as much fun.

The deep laugh boomed again.  ”No!  Not yet!  Not ’til you learn some respect!”  The Holly King shut the casement, but stayed close to the window to see the resulting fury.  The Ivy Queen screeched in rage, yelling obscenities and threats.  Toying with her turned him on in ways that her vine like fingers crawling over his body in foreplay never could.  He loved seeing her creamy skin flush in anger, contrasting against her green clothing that she was so fond of.  Today she was in a heavy green velvet, covered in embroidered ivy vines.  Although she never aged or changed, he never grew tired of seeing her, being with her, holding her tight.  She embodied everything that mankind hoped for in a woman.  She was the ‘Every Woman’.  She was Queen.

The Holly King looked down again.  She was literally fallen now, utterly broken.  She was a green heap against the snow.  He opened the casement and could hear her soft crying.  Her Tendrils looked embarrassed for their mistress as they waited behind her, all in light green with their hands in white fur muffs.  He could feel the crotch of his trousers tighten.  He had had each of the ladies during his season, but now it was time to be with his queen again, the last hours of passion and love before she became his brother’s queen.

The great door opened on its own, and the Ivy Queen looked up, not sure that it had finally done so.  Every year it was the same for the first and last meeting.  She always said that the Holly King was the nicer of the two twins, but he did have his mean streak.  He enjoyed reducing her to tears before he built her back up to being queen.  But his method of building was lots of fun.  She got up stiffly and shook off the snow.  The Holly King smiled watching her trembling shivering movements that shook the bounteous blessings of her breasts.

Once inside, the Ivy Queen moved quickly through the castle to her love.  Although this was an endless drama that continuously played out, she always felt a great sense of urgency, as if that if she didn’t take advantage of every moment with the Holly King, she would regret it forever.  She arrived at his door, panting slightly for breath.  A sudden blush flooded her face as she thought about the things he would do to her.  She blushed a little more deeply thinking about what she would do to him, how she would slid her mouth down…

“Do you prefer the hallway to my rooms?”  The king teased.

She looked at him, and the warmth beneath her gown that had been building all day accelerated.  ”No, I’d much prefer your rooms.”  That was all it took.  The King grabbed her up and spun her around, kissing her deeply.  As they kissed, the Holly King felt as though his heart was being encased in vines, binding him to her forever.  ”Oh, I’m so hot.”  the Ivy Queen said, as they pulled apart.

“Well, let’s get you out of some of those clothes.”  The king replied with a broad grin.  Broad was the key word with the Holly King.  Broad smile, broad shoulders, broad appetites.  Built like a tank, he was a brawler, where as his wiry, lithe brother enjoyed quick jabs.  He removed her fur muff that matched the Tendrils’ and her heavy dark green cloak.  The king reached into her low cut bodice and pulled out a handful of breast.  ”Your girls don’t have girls like these,” he whispered as started to softly squeeze and suckle her ivory globe.  She bent her head forward in a protective gesture, their crowns meeting and caressing each other as her vine fingers twined in his hair.  The king liberated the other breast but turned his head to the side so that his holly crown pricked the skin.

“So we’re going to play that game, are we?”  The Ivy Queen coyly inquired, fully knowing the answer.  They always played ‘Tickles and Prickles.’  It was one of her favorite boudoir activities.  The Holly King loved to play long games of seduction, full of rich food and sweet, intoxicating beverages.  The Oak King was all business.  All procreation, hard work, plain food, and plain water.

“Of course we are, my love.  And if you try to scoot away, I’ll tie you with ivy vines.”  He laughed as he pushed her large tits together and blew into them like a motorboat.  The Ivy Queen giggled.  That was a tickle.  The King untied her tight bodice that her breasts were now hanging out of, and slipped it off, along with her gown.  Her clothing was starting to litter the floor.

“Wine?”  The king asked, fully drinking in the sight of his darling standing before him in nothing but a thin green silk shift.  The Ivy Queen had slipped her breasts back beneath the silk so that her nipples now pressed tauntingly against the fabric.  She nodded as he handed her his goblet.  That’s how it was with him.  They shared.  He shared with everyone, despite his large appetite.  Enough was never enough but there was always plenty.  His twin was miserly with everything.  The only thing that he shared halfway willingly was his bed, and even then he preferred that the Ivy Queen bring her own blanket.

Outside the darkness was starting to gather as the sun set.  It was always iffy if the sun would rise the next morning.  The Ivy Queen knew that somewhere the Ancient Mother Goddess was pacing and squatting somewhere in the throes of labor.  The couple moved to the window to watch the bonfires being lit.  The king stood close behind his queen so that she could feel his growing need against her back.  He wrapped his thick arms around her and held her tight as she sipped.  He blew lightly on her neck exposed by her ivy snood.  She shivered.  Then he took a holly leaf and very lightly rolled it across her neck. She shimmied against his hard-on, making him very happy.

“More wine?”  The King asked, drinking the last from the goblet and refilling it.  While his back was turned, The Ivy Queen slipped off the last of her clothing so that she now stood there in all her glory.  She stood there full figured with nothing on but her crown of ivy with leaves and tendrils hanging down over her vine snood.  She bit her lip in anticipation of his reaction.  When he saw her, he grinned with a wolfish delight.

“I’m going to eat every creamy ounce of you!” he declared and made a playful lunge at her. She squealed and danced out of his reach.  Here and there she dodged him, her curves bouncing to the King’s delight.  During the Oak King’s reign, she always slimmed down on his meager rations, but her figure always blossomed under the Holly King’s largess. Finally, she found herself cornered on the bed.  ”Do you concede, lady?” he asked, his cheeks ruddy from the chase.

“Mmmmmm, uh, no!” she squealed and started pelting him with pillows.

“Then I’ll have to tickle and prickle you into submission!” he roared as he pounced on her, holding her down with his brawny arms.  He lowered his head once again to her naked breasts and lolled his head back and forth, letting the leaves of his crown prick her flawless skin.  The sensation was almost electric for the Queen, and it unlocked the passion between her legs.  She could feel herself growing moist in anticipation.  He moved slowly down her torso, rolling the leaves over her rib cage and soft stomach.  Her sighs turned to moans as he prickled her thighs, which could be very properly called ‘gams’, and gently across her mons.  He let the leaves comb through the silken locks, tickling and prickling at the same time.  He pushed his crown back on his head and started softly tickling her delicate skin with his beard, urging her to open up to let him in.

“I don’t think I should be the only one naked,” the queen said in response to the king’s ministrations.

“Hmmm, then you should undress me.”  The queen took a deep quaff of wine, and proceeded to undress her king.  She unlaced the front of his shirt and slipped it over his broad shoulders and head, being careful to leave his crown in place.  Then she turned her attention to his boots, which were a little more difficult to remove.  Finally, she was at his pants, more precisely between his pants covered thighs.  Through the fabric she started kissing and nuzzling her king, driving him into a slight frenzy.  With her teeth, the Ivy Queen pulled loose the button on his fly, releasing his manhood.  She kissed its tip and looked up at her man.

“I want you on the bed.”

“And who are you to tell me what to do, Queen?  Didn’t we settle this dominance issue outside in the snow when you first arrived?”  The King tried to sound stern like his brother, but it was hard for him to suppress his mirth.

“Do as I say or I’ll tie YOU up with ivy!”  the Queen retorted, smiling.  Her hand was still sore and a little swollen from pounding on the door earlier.

The Holly King acquiesced and leaned back.  His consort straddled him backwards, settling her ample hips and buttocks onto his broad chest.  He couldn’t resist giving her creamy cheeks a pinch.

“Hey!  Not fair!”  The Ivy Queen protested.  Her king just laughed.

She placed her ivy crown over his growing erection in an imitation of a decorated maypole waiting for dancers.  She loosened her locks and tendrils from her vine snood and flipped her hair over onto the king’s body.  He had the prickles, but she had the tickles.  More slowly than a snail, the Ivy Queen pulled her hair along his skin, gently scooting her ass back towards his face with every wiggle.  The sensation of her hair was both soothing and sexually exciting for the king.  Soon her vagina was right where she wanted it, with in licking distance of the king’s tongue.  She was going to hold him to the promise of devouring every luscious ounce of her.  She lifted her hips and lowered herself on to his parted lips.  His tongue started lapping as she stretched her body to reach the wide expanse between the king’s mouth and cock.  She flicked her tongue up and down his penis in quick, teasing moves, bringing him to full erection before sliding him into her ruby lipped mouth.

They worked as a matched pair, always in perfect timed rhythm.  They both went slowly at first, the Holly King entertaining the queen with long deep strokes of his tongue into her wanting wetness.  She moaned continuously over him as she slowly moved her mouth up and down his cock, like a child savoring a lollipop.  The more she moaned, the bigger the king grew and the deeper he dove to savor her earthy goodness that was tinged with a slight bitter aftertaste.  The Holly King never faulted the love the that he shared with his brother for her bitterness; for after all, her life was nothing but a bittersweet romance set on a continuous loop.

He felt his companion’s thighs tighten and tense around his ears, and he knew she was close.  He pinched one of her cherubic thighs to get her attention.  She knew what that meant.  It was no longer fun and games, but time to enjoy each other one last time.  With a loud pop she let his penis slip from the suction of her lips.  She inched forward on hands and knees over his chest, swinging her luscious hips as she went.  Those hips would be lean and almost gaunt by the time this king returned–if he returned.  She pushed that fear away as she turned to face him, their eyes locked together as she slid her gushing wetness onto him for their ancient dance.

While their oral ministrations had become rather vigorous, the couple chose a slow minuet to start off their coital finale.  The Ivy Queen once again flipped her hair forward, letting it swish across the king’s broad chest.  She could feel what she thought was the tickle of her ivy crown on her mossy mons Venus, but when she pressed down harder to bring her lover more fully into her depths, she gasped.

“That’s very cruel!”  she hissed as she stilled moved her body in their tango.  ”That’s not fair!  How did you switch your crown for mine?”

“The nature of sacrifice is cruel and unfair, my love.  But you anointing my crown makes it all worthwhile and meaningful.”

Their tango became a painful flash dance as both moved more quickly toward their last orgasm.  They screamed in wild abandon, clawing and clinging to each other as the realization that things may not go as they always have gone loomed between them.  With a growl, the Holly King came so hard that the Ivy Queen felt a violent jolt in her loins.  As she slowly lifted herself off of him, blood dotted her skin from the crown, like red holly berries.  The King leaned up and licked some of the blood berries from her skin.  ”A holly doesn’t bloom and bear fruit if it’s not pollinated.” He whispered.

For the rest of the evening the couple snuggled in furs, dining on paper thin slices of raw stag and roasted whole wrens on skewers.  They both drank deeply from the wine goblet, joking and laughing about devouring the Horned God, debating whether he tasted better raw or roasted.  Inevitable though, the knock was heard on the Holly King’s door, announcing that the midnight hour was drawing near.  Abruptly the revelry ceased, and the lovers prepared for their fates.


“All hail the Oak King!  Our victor!”  The marshal announced to the stunned onlookers.  Even though all in attendance knew the expected outcome, when the Holly King’s blood is spilled upon the snow they are always shocked into silence.  For a moment, there was nothing, but then a wild roar of applause and cheers erupted, shattering the winter evening like an icicle.

The Ivy Queen looked torn between her two kings:  the one covered in blood on the frozen ground, already turning to a mystical ash that was being blown away by the North wind, the other standing triumphant with his sword aloft, covered in his twin’s gore.  The triumphant king came to her then, and took her hand.

“It appears that you’ve been living high on the hog, my lady.”

She barely nodded.

“Well, that’ll change soon.  We’ll get you back on a schedule.  By the way, who killed Cock Robin?”

She smiled.  Things would be different and less jolly, but fine nonetheless.  ”The Sparrow did, my king.”  He bowed then, formally kissing her hand.  Different she thought, but the same.

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Waiting for the Sun: Happy Solstice!

There she’ll be: in green sun, on blue earth under warm running water.
–”Martha” Paul Kantner

Happy birthday baby Sun!  Tomorrow will be the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Tonight is the longest night.  For some pagans, this time represents when the slain god is about to be reborn from the goddess in the form of the Sun.

There are many deities, both god and goddess, associated with the Sun.  The Japanese have the goddess Amaterasu, the Celts have Lugh and Brigid, the Greeks have Helios and Apollo, the Egyptians have Ra, and the Aztecs and Incas have a long history of giving human blood and suffering to their solar deities.

Sun worship is nothing new.  Our early ancestors recognized the importance of the Sun and the gifts that it gave them.  It was a natural extension to worship it and the energies attached to it.  Even today, we worship the Sun by tanning our bodies.  Some people even gaze at the Sun.  While many members of this growing practice would probably not say that they are worshipping the Sun, the amount of time that they spend looking at and meditating upon the Sun borders on worship.  Sun gazing is nothing new either.  Many ancients practiced it in conjunction with Sun worship.

I first became aware of sungazing several months ago when I caught the last half of the movie “Eat the Sun” on the Documentary Channel. 
Eat the Sun
My interest was peaked.  When I was finally able to catch the whole movie, and I became fascinated by the practice.  The movie’s really good too.  I started out thinking that these folks were idiots.  Then I became engrossed with the idea.  I almost became convinced that it was a good idea when the movie visited the optometrist.  Now, I’m torn between wanting to sungaze but not wanting to ruin my eyes.
The modern Sungazing movement owes its impetus to this man:
Hira Ratan Manek (HRM), of the Solar Healing Center, is how many people became involved in Sungazing.  For a time, and maybe still, he held workshops and conferences all over the West Coast of the US.  He has a very strict protocol that he wants folks to follow.  His claim to fame, so to speak, is that he claims that sungazing helps lower your appetite to the point that you no longer want to eat and that the sun provides all the nutrients that you need so you no longer need to eat.  Unfortunately, he’s been somewhat discredited.  I’ve never contacted the man, although perhaps I should.  He just strikes me as being very haughty.
Mason Dwinell

Mason Dwinell, on the other hand, I have emailed twice, and I’ve never received a response.  I don’t know if he’s tired of being interviewed, if he finds my blog socially inappropriate (as some Sungazers have), or if he’s dead. I just don’t know.  Mason was the subject of the documentary Eat The Sun.  According to the documentary, Sungazing has really altered his life.  It broke up a relationship he was in, it caused his appetite to be greatly diminished, it caused him to feel isolated somewhat, and it damaged his eyes.  On the other hand, according to his website, it seems to have brought him some spiritual satisfaction as well. 
Mason’s instructions for sungazing, which are based off of HRM’s protocol are as follows:
Depending on the weather and the level of commitment this is only a nine month to a year practice. Once you reach 44 minutes of sungazing you are finished. You should not have the need to stare at the sun any longer, your sungazing is complete. Sungazing is to be practiced standing bare footed on bare earth. Without shoes you can stand on sand, gravel, mud, or bare earth. Your bare feet should be in contact with the bare earth. Try to avoid standing on tar, concrete, granite, stone or even on grass (the grass absorbs the solar energy).  If you happen to stand on any other surfaces, that is fine, the results may simply be a bit different or arrive a bit slower.
While the sun is low on the horizon the intensity of the rays will be at a minimum. During this time, the sun’s rays are tolerable, and the UV radiation is lower, so the potential of harming your eyes is lower. Use common sense within these parameters, if the sun is too bright and it feels as though it may be burning your eyes, don’t stare at it. The best time to learn about your limits is right as the sun rises or a minute or so before it sets.  According to HRM the sunrise holds more energy, vitamins and minerals then the sunset. Go figure. Personally I recommend the sunrise, energetically it is a beautiful balance of yin and yang. You only need the sunrise or the sunset, both may be a bit much. By rushing about you will not find what you are looking for any faster.  Be careful and always listen to your body.
To Begin As the sun rises over the horizon simply gaze at the whole glowing ball of light for 10 seconds only. The key is to be relaxed, just like in mediation, let go of all thoughts and become immersed in the moment. Simply, look at it. No stress or strain on the face, facial muscles or eyes. Relax your jaw. Stand at peace, knees bent with your arms at your sides.  Let go.

If you choose to get up with the chickens, and try gazing at the rising sun. Stay relaxed and receptive for greater assimilation of the beneficial aspects of the sun’s rays. Try to become aware of what your body is feeling, how is your mental, emotional and physical state as the sun fills every atom, every electron, and every cell in your body.  Feel every tissue filled with the regenerative and healing properties that the sunlight imparts on your body. You may notice an amazing increase in your overall energy as well as your physical stamina and positivism. Be aware of how the sunlight actually cleanses and rebuilds the whole of your being, your mind and thoughts, your feelings and your physical body; total rejuvenation. By completely surrendering to the suns greater power, and as the minutes of sungazing increase, the awareness of your energetic being may heighten dramatically. 

There is no need to maintain an unblinking, stare. Blink as and when it naturally happens, sort of like watching television. For the first few moments you look into the sun it may be very bright, after about 3-7 seconds of continuous gazing all the brightness generally goes away and you are left staring into a soft ball of pure white light; a beautiful pulsing orb. Don’t squint.  If you feel yourself squinting, relax the muscles in your face and eyes.  Let the light in.  The more open and relaxed the muscles are in your body the more oxygen and energy is able to flow within your cells, and then more light will be allowed in.
You have at your disposal an incredible amount of electricity to make things happen in your world. With the aid of sunlight, you can recharge each cell and atom to its full potential. 

Increase the time you gaze at the sun by a few seconds each day – say by 5 seconds or so per day, until you are comfortable and relaxed with the entire concept of staring into the sun. Once you are comfortable with the concept of sungazing feel free to increase gazing time at a constant rate of 10 seconds per day. You may find it helpful to get a watch or employ a friend to keep tabs on your staring time.   Subtle slow increments of time are important for allowing for the rods and cones within the anatomical structure of the eye to adapt to the intense levels light.
Increase the sungazing time by 10 seconds each day until you have reached 44 minutes, at which point you should be fully charged.   At 44 minutes you are finished with the HRM’s method of sungazing.  Depending on weather this may only take nine or ten months.

According to Mason, “Sungazing can be used as a tool for tapping into your human potential. Some change will occur to reach these peaks; your perceptions may alter circumstances, you may begin to change from the inside out.  Change can be uncomfortable.  Nonetheless, when we release our physical and emotional energetic blockages these changes will become trivial relative to the incredible expansiveness of the universe.   If at least three months are committed to the sungazing practice (reaching 15 minutes of staring time) some sort of change of your perception of your world will occur.  We are all energetic beings, vibrating at different frequencies, so we should be comfortable with the concept that all of us are different. There may be many different reactions, sensations and experiences.  Remember, whatever happens to you is perfect. It is yours and yours only.  At every turn there are lessons to be learned.  It may be helpful to become objective in your approach to life, awareness may prove to be an essential ingredient.  Be positive and open-minded; feel all there is to feel.”

I would imagine that some sort of change in perception would occur.  Any time that you open yourself up, things tend to happen, for good or bad.  Mason’s website mentions aliens dancing on his bed (as well as a book he’s written about Sungazing).  HRM says that you’ll no longer need to eat.  Dan G. says that it improved his eye sight.  The optometrist on ”Eat the Sun” says that holes will be burned into your retinas. If there are such negatives associated with sungazing, why do people do it?  What kind of spiritual benefit (or other benefits) do people get from gazing at the sun and stimulating their pineal gland that makes it all worth while?  Will your “body battery” constantly be charged?  Will your libido increase?  Will you be a better energy manipulator?
  I have Sungazed a few times, perhaps against my better judgement, and I’m not sure that the practice is for me.  I like standing outside barefoot, digging my toes into the dirt while I watch the sun set, but the worry that I’m hurting my eyes usually ruins the moment.  I’m not sure why it should though.  I don’t worry what will happen to my body when I ingest a hallucinogen.  I don’t worry what my flesh will look like after doing fire play or being flogged (or at least not enough to ruin the mood!).  So why should I worry about damaging my eyes if the act of sungazing could hold so much promise for unlocking spiritual and metabolic doors?  Should the potential damage just be viewed as a sacrifice for spiritual enlightenment?  A gift given to the solar deities?
As with other potentially dangerous spiritual practices, there are a fairly large and international community of Sungazers.  There are Yahoo groups, web forums, blogs, chat rooms, and Facebook pages all dedicated to the act of Sungazing.  Sungazers come from all walks of life, all different countries, all different religions, and all different ages.  Some are even nudists!  There seems to be two main camps in the community: those that follow HRM’s protocol and those that do their own thing.  Many of the gazers gaze for both spiritual and health benefits.
  For this blog, I joined the Yahoo groups In the Suns Rays, moderated by Dan G. and Sungazing,
 moderated by Vinny Pinto. I also solicited interviews and advice from Dan G. and the members of the two groups.  Dan G. was very helpful.  He suggests that gazers who are having difficulties with Sungazing use what is called the Bates’ Swinging Method.  “In a swing movement, the eyesight focus point swings between two different objects or targets. Brushing on the space between the two markers, the eyes are exercising.
Let’s say you pick as a target a tree or an electric pole on one side of the sun and another one on the other side of the son. The two targets are low intensity light.  If you “swing ” between the two targets, brushing over the sun, the eyes have to adjust from the low intensity of one target, to the high intensity of the sun and again to the low intensity of the second target.  The “travel” between the two target should be about 1-2 second long at the beginning, later can be slowed down as desired and as it feels comfortable. The exercise can  be of 10-15 minutes or more, as desired.  The exercise can be done anytime of the day, as relaxed as possible.
My opinion is that this type of exercise should be a “must” before starting sungazing, and it is only too bad that it is not recommended before “parking” the eyes and staring at the sun.”  
I tried this method of Sungazing, but for only 10 seconds, and it did help my eyes not to water uncontrollably from the amount of light being poured into my retinas.  Ten seconds, so far, is my gazing limit.  The time that I tried it for longer, I had spots that stayed for longer than I really wished them too.  According to Dan, there shouldn’t be any after images after gazing.  “Any after image is a sign that the retina cells are overloaded.
If one relaxes the eyes right away, the afterimage or the spots  will not be lasting, but if the sungazing continues, the overloading might be of a longer term.  For example, after a sungazing pause of a few months, when I restart, I get a reddish or a yellowish big spot in the visual field. If I stop and relaxes, the spot goes away after a few seconds, if continue sungazing it might take minutes to go away.  If I stop and try again next day, the eye are already trained, no more spots.  Not all the persons are the same, I am giving you this info just as a reference.  Normally, if the eyes are in good shape, there should be no afterimage.
The idea is that a trained eye, adjusts instantaneously both to the strong sunlight and to the dark.
An additional comment : If the spots LAST  after sungazing is different from the spots APPEARING a little time after sungazing. The later might be a case for concern, the former is only an afterimage.”
Some of my regular readers may be wondering how Sungazing connects with the theme of this blog, which is gritty spiritual practices, or with the current series of blogs, ‘Blessed Be Thy Feet’.  Well, as I stated above, Sungazing can be dangerous.  And if you slogged through Mason’s directions for Sungazing, Sungazing is typically done barefoot. 
According to Dan G., Sungazing does fit into a typical ritual format.  “Being started and driven by notorious nonscientific people, sungazing is very likely to become ritual driven. The barefoot walking is one of those aspects. Scientifically speaking, I would relate the barefoot walking requirement to the light massage and the stimulation of the soles of the feet, and through the nervous connections to the rest of the body. (see also Reflexology) The ten second exposure increment value is also empirical and ritualistic, and probably unnecessary. Ten seconds is the duration of the prayer, the timing of the rituals through prayer is a tradition.”   
This correlates perfectly with what one Sungazer wrote me: “I practice sungazing to stimulate the pineal gland and also simply, to energize my overall being.  I do it very briefly each morning, followed by closing my eyes to “lock in” the energy I’ve taken in from the sun.  My practice is entirely intuitively guided and I have not experienced any major health benefits other than perhaps enhanced mental clarity and physical energy, improved overall mood.  For me, it is a form of prayer that helps me to feel connected to the cosmos.” 
Real life Sungazers on a commune somewhere in the US
Another person that I interviewed for this blog is Zarrin.  Zarrin has been Sungazing periodically for four years, usually in short minute to five minute bursts.  He doesn’t follow a protocol.  He uses Sungazing as a way to stay connected to the Earth since he’s no longer a farmer, but a college student.
                                                                         Zarrin’s Story
I have become increasingly inventive with the practice as time has gone on.  I learned of “shooting the sun” which is where you blink open your eyes to look at a bright midday sun which you cannot look at continuously.  After ten or fifteen minutes of this, it becomes possible to have your eyes open wider for longer.  Then, this past summer in Iowa, I sungazed in the middle of the day near the
summer solstice while standing on my head.  I found I could stare directly into the sun without blinking.  Then I did a bit of gazing while lying down and it was a bit easier to not blink.  While
standing, I had to blink much more.  However, as a result of this I gained a blurry spot in the center of my vision which has still not totally resolved.  I believe this also caused some perturbations to my
energy body as well, as I cannot see as clearly as I used to. Previously, I had excellent long-distance vision and I could steadily gaze into the distance.  This is rare for people today who mostly look
at books, computers, and things within the range of indoors distances. Our ancestors would have gazed and searched Nature more often. 
I feel my sungazing times as well as working outside on farms had brought me these visual and physical benefits of stillness, clarity, and centeredness.  Much of that has changed for me since this past summer, due to the sungazing mishap and other reasons which were the reason I did such a self-destructive sungazing session in the first place.  There was no need for it except that I was emotionally distraught and sought anything to rescue me from me karma there, but such rescue was not possible.  In times of difficulty, it can require great surrender to put up and shut up.  At that time, I faltered and suffered damage to remind me of my mishap, although I don’t feel that there was any “purpose” for the event.  It just happens to remind me now of the need for surrender; in another situation or person, such damage may not have the same effect.

In the months of September and a bit in October, after I had returned to the lakes of upstate New York, I found my favorite practice of sungazing to date.  I would float, mostly on my back, in the
lake–therefore totally grounded–and look all around the sun.  Not directly at it, but above it, to the sides, and below it.  And I would look around it at different distances to the above, sides, and below.
This allows the light to enter my vision at an angle instead of directly through the focused center.I always prefer to gaze, then look at the sky away from the sun for a bit, then relax with closed eyes for a period of time.  If I gaze for too long, I might end up with a tension headache, perhaps from too
much light.

And, I always look around at other parts of the sky after I finish gazing.  I also like to look at the earth’s landscape in far-off vistas–for example, across the lake but below the sky, which I also
look at–after sungazing.

I determine the requisite time by my inner guidance/impatience.  And I often wish for more patience and love which produces patience, stillness, and happiness with choosing either way to gaze or not,
when, and for how long.  Sometimes, sungazing seems to help thoughts to slow and quiet.  When they start back up again, or when calm interest gives way to a feelingof willful force to continue, is often when my body and mind and inner guidance know it is time for the practice to stop for the moment or

 Although Zarrin has suffered some eye damage from Sungazing, he says that he will still continue doing it since he believes it has helped stave off diseases, it helps to keep him grounded and connected with Nature, and it helps him to acclaimate to new places and stave off jetlag.

Sungazing sounds very Pagan, doesn’t it?  Maybe the Druids did it.  A brief look at the rising Sun on the morning of the Winter Solstice could be a very powerful tool for meditation and energy work.  In theory, it could energize you for the coming year. What better way to welcome the infant Lord (if you’re following a Wiccan or Neo-Pagan belief about the Sun’s death and rebirth at the Solstice) than to gaze lovingly upon it?