Nun for you, but happy Imbolc!

It’s that time again!  Time to break out the candles and whipped cream.  This year, the Imbolc season coincides with the Super Bowl, so if you’re football inclined, you can cover your special person in wax the same color as your favorite team’s jerseys and then keep score by scratching the score into the cooled wax, like human cuneiform.

But all that aside, let’s talk about nuns.  While Imbolc has several different goddesses associated with it, the most common that you will find if you’ve been doing your Google searches is the goddess Brigid (or Brigit, Briget, Bride, blah, blah, blah).  Brigid is one of a handful of goddesses that transitioned in many parts of the world from Pagan to Christian in the form of a saint.  Although the Catholic Church is loathed to admit it, St. Brigid of Ireland is probably a clever populace’s successful attempt to continue to venerate a favorite goddess within the context of Christianity.

However, Brigid the goddess and Brigid the nun are not so very different.  Granted, Brigid the nun has had her great and vast powers curbed somewhat and has to work within a patriarchal framework, but She still provides succor and healing to those who need it, She still controlled the forges, hearths, and sacred wells.   She still lead a group of women in holy devotion that served Her and carried out Her wants and wishes.  And She was smart and clever when it came to dealing with know-it-all men (look up the story of how Brigid got the land for her monastery).

As Pagans, there are many important lessons that we can learn from nuns.  ”Unconditional” is one of the biggest lessons.  They have given themselves unconditionally to the chosen deity.  They unconditionally do what they feel God and Jesus wants them to do.  They serve unconditionally without any expectations.  ”Submission”  is the other big lesson.  They have found joy in submitting.  Their submission has given them a freedom and the resources to do in the world what they feel called to do.  I’ve heard many Pagans lament the fact that there are not any to very few places for Pagans to go and cloister themselves and submit fully to the Gods and Goddesses.  Perhaps somebody should do something about that.

And now for the nun candy:

These folks say nun for you but some for them!:

Mystic Artisans

Passion And Soul

Tonia Brown:

Quadrivium Supplies:  

Hyperdreams Interactive Stories

She Holds the Scissors

Use this as a neat waning moon activity.  Cut something out that’s superfluous.  You’ll feel better.

I’m the Withershins Crone,

my sister spins your existence,

and I cut it short.

She adds things to your life, and I cut them out.

You misunderstand me constantly, but I understand you perfectly!

I see your needs, but you get greedy—always wanting and begging my sister to add the unimportant.

You get sick from your desires. They only have false meanings for you.

I have to cut them away for your own good.

Like the dead ends you trim for healthier hair—you cringe at first, but in time you see it’s better—healthier.

Open yourselves now so I can snip away your clutter, your ragged dead ends for a healthier you.

These folks want you to clip away the unnecessary clutter:

Mystic Artisans

Passion And Soul

Tonia Brown:

Quadrivium Supplies:  

Hyperdreams Interactive Stories

Feel the Burn (oh, so good!)

Need just the right gift for a picky person who has it all?  Looking for a unique ritual item?  Want to jazz up your kitchen with cool spoons and trivets?  Look no further than Mystic Artisans, the winners of the Just Smack Me! Spoon contest.

In business since 2005, Mystic Artisans is the baby of Don and Tonie Ervin, wood burning and etching artists based in the Piedmont of North Carolina.  They sell from their Facebook page and local festivals pre-made items and custom orders.  While they can each wood burn and etch, Tonie is the queen of the wood burner and Don the etch master.

They have items priced for every budget.  Unlike some vendors out there, they believe in creating art for art’s sake and payment is just a secondary perk.

Mystic Artisans will tackle almost any project on wood or stone.  ”It’s a balance between what strike’s our fancy and what we think people would like to see us try our hand at. Sometimes we do things because they are a personal challenge (i.e. The Killing Joke) and sometimes we are doing commissions or working on things that customers have suggested we might be good at.”

Mystic Artisans is a true partnership.  Because of their preferred specialties and talents, they try to work on projects together in ways that will complement each other’s abilities.  ”Oh we work very well together! Tonie is a great at painting, but terrible at coloring with markers and pencils. So Donald steps up and colors all her wood-burnings for her.  Donald is a wiz at stone cutting but has trouble painting more delicate creations so Tonie helps him out with that. We also push each other’s talents. Before we reveal any artwork to the community it always gets a once-over and scrutinized by the other half of the partnership!”

“We try to be respectful to any and all religions in general. Most of our best fans are from the pagan community and we do some of our best custom work for those people. However, we have also been asked in the past to create work with religious themes for non-pagan customers as well. “To each his own” is our rule of thumb. However we do believe that if we were asked to do custom work that would insult or disparage our own personal pagan beliefs, a line would be drawn.”   Don and Tonie are both active in Pagan groups in their community and often vend at Pagan events.

Although Mystic Artisans have a formula that works, they are constantly  planning for the future.  ”[We want to] Get our own website started. Attend more local festivals, do lots more custom work! We are wanting to get into papier-mâché masks. We have painted some that we have picked up from local craft stores and have had a lot of fun doing them, so we want to make some from scratch. Donald is also wanting to get into prop-replica building. We are also considering making our own inks and writing pens. We have a friend we are talking to who makes his own stationary paper and we are making a deal with him to print our original images on handmade stationary that we can carry to events to sell! We always have something going on!”
Mystic Artisans is always up for custom work, including the kinky and gritty.  Contact them on Facebook at:

If Looks Could Kill…..

The evil eye.  Just the mention of it sends shivers to a great majority of people.  Although the old adage says “If looks could kill…”, many people, Pagans and non-Pagans, know that looks can kill–in a way.  If a look is directed at a person with enough malice behind it and with enough frequency, the universe often responds.  How can one protect themselves from these baneful glances?  Evil Eye Magic!

The evil eye motif has become rather fashionable of late as celebrities have embraced this ancient custom by making it chic to wear evil eye jewelry and nail designs.  The design works not only for those afflicted, but for those not yet afflicted as well (and let’s face it, everyone at one point or another has felt the evil eye radiating out from another person’s eye sockets).

How can you tell if you’re under the influence of the evil eye?  According to the Stregas, take a cup of water and some olive oil.  Put the cup on your head (you might need another person to help with this) and drop a little of the olive oil into the water.  If the oil stays in droplets, then you’re clear.  If the oil spreads out in a rainbow hued sheen, then you’re afflicted.  What to do?  Smudging yourself with sage may work, but clearing yourself with a selenite wand or an egg works better.  To do this, take the selenite or egg, and starting with your head, move the object slightly above your skin, in the aura area, letting all the negativity that was aimed at you flow out of you and into the egg/selenite.  Then work your way down, not forgetting to do both front and back.  If after one cleansing you don’t feel clean, then do it a couple more times.  The selenite trick is fairly well known in the main stream Pagan world.  The egg cleansing comes from the Hoodoo and brujeria traditions.

How can you protect yourself?  Use an evil eye!  There are so many variations on this symbol, that the ways you can create one for you is absolutely endless.  Almost every culture in the world has their own version of the evil eye, and volumes could be written on the subject.  Just look on an American one dollar bill.  The “all seeing eye” of Masonic fame?  An evil eye!  The version of the evil eye that most Westerners are familiar with is of Middle Eastern/North African ancestry.  This version, along with the Hamsa hand/Hand of Fatima, spread east some into Iraq and Iran, and very far into the West with the Moorish Invasion.  The Moors took this tradition to Spain where it was brought to the New World and added to the indigenous symbols against the evil eye.  Ever wonder about the God’s eye/Sun’s eye motifs or the crescent symbol often seen in South Western jewelry?  Evil Eyes!

So, now that you have the facts, there are many ways that you can integrate evil eyes into your life.  In today’s world, eyes are always on you, so it pays to have evil eyes everywhere.  If you are crafty and like to stitch, here is an evil eye cross stitch pattern:

If you like to crochet, here are instructions put together by our very own Ms. Finch:

Terms:  Ch- Chain Stitch; Ch sp- Chain Space; Dc- Double Crochet; Sc- Single Crochet; Sl St- Slip Stitch

This pattern uses the magic circle and tapestry techniques.

You can learn about these here and

Colors used:  A-Black, B- Multi blue, C- Bone, D Leaf Green


Using ‘A’, Magic circle, Row 1: Ch3( counts as dc here and throughout.) , 11 dc in magic circle, join with sl st in top of ch3. (12 dc)

Row 2:  Ch3,1dc,ch1 in 1st dc, 2dc,ch1 in each dc around. (12 2dc) Join w/ sl st in top of ch3. Fasten off.

Row 3:  Join B in any ch1 sp. Ch3 2dc (3dc made) 3dc in ea ch1 sp around. Join with sl st in top of ch3. (12 ch1 sp)

Row 4:  Ch3, dc in each dc and ch1 sp around (48 dc) join w/ sl st in top of ch 3.

Row 5:  Ch2, sc in each dc around. (48 dc) join w/ sl st in top of ch2. Fasten off.

Row 6:  Join C in any sc. Ch3, 3dc, ch2 in same sc as join * sk nxt 3 sc- 4dc,ch2 in nxt sc* repeat from * to* around. Join w/ sl st in top of ch 3 sp. (12 ch2sp)

Rows 7 & 8 are done in tapestry stitch.

Row 7:  Sl st to next ch2sp- 4dc,ch2 in nxt ch2sp- 4dc,ch1 in nxt ch2 sp- drop ‘C’. (do not fasten off carry strand along work until needed.) Join ‘D’- ch1- 4dc,ch2,4dc (corner 1 made) in nxt ch2sp- ch2-4dc,ch2 in nxt 2 ch2sp- 4dc,ch2,4dc (corner 2 made)- ch1- drop ‘D’- pick up ‘C’- Ch1- 4dc,ch2 in nxt ch2sp- 4dc,ch1 in nxt ch2sp- drop ‘C’ pick up ‘D’- ch1-4dc,ch2,4dc (corner 3 made)- 4dc,ch2 in nxt 2 ch2sp-dc4,ch2,dc4 (corner 4 made)-ch2- join w/ sl st in top of ch3. (4 4dc with ‘C’, 8 4dc with ‘D’.)

Row 8:  Sl st to next ch2sp- 4dc,ch1 in nxt ch2sp-ch1-drop ‘D’ pick up ‘C’-ch1- 4dc,ch1 in nxt ch2 sp- Drop ‘C’ pick up ‘D’- ch1- 4dc,ch2 in nxt ch2sp-4dc,ch2,4dc (corner 1 made) in nxt ch2sp- ch2-4dc,ch2 in nxt 3 ch2sp- 4dc,ch2,4dc (corner 2 made)- ch2- 4dc,ch1 in nxt ch2sp-drop ‘D’- pick up ‘C’- Ch1-4dc,ch1 in nxt ch2sp-Drop ‘C’ pick up ‘D’- Ch1- 4dc,ch2 in nxt ch2sp-4dc,ch2,4dc (corner 3 made)- 4dc,ch2 in nxt 3 ch2sp-4dc,ch2,4dc (corner 4 made)-ch2- join w/ sl st in top of ch3. ( 4dc with ‘C’, 4dc with ‘D’.)

Row 9:  ch3-*dc in each dc and ch sp to 1st corner ch2sp-dc4,ch2dc4 in corner* repeat from * to * around. Join with sl st in top of ch3 sp. Fasten off.

If you’re not into stichin’ and bitchin’, you can still make cool evil eye items for your home or to wear as jewelry.   The easiest way to do this is with flat blue marbles or blue glass beads and acrylic craft paint.  The marble/bead will be your base.  Then paint a circle of white on your base, making sure not to cover the entire surface.  When the paint dries, paint a smaller circle of blue on the white.  When that dries, paint a small circle of black in the center.  This is the pupil of the evil eye.

 Using blue comes from the Middle Eastern tradition, but blue can be substituted with red or orange, which comes from Hoodoo.  This website has tons of wonderful evil eye items that can be used for craft ideas:


I think polished nails are absolutely sexy, and if done correctly, can be quite magical.  There are tons and tons of evil eye design tutorials out there on the Web, but these are my favorite:

What better way to ward off the evil eye than to be able to flip off the person looking at you with malevolence with a middle finger painted with an evil eye?  To further enhance that magic, henna can be applied to your hands (and other parts of your body), so that you create a living Hamsa hand/ hand of Fatima.

Henna can be purchased loose and then mixed or as a paste.  In a future post I’ll cover all the different magical uses of Henna and my super special Henna recipe.  But for now, if you want to explore Henna on your own, check out and  These are the most historically accurate sites on henna out there.  Get out your e-reader and have fun browsing around the free books and patterns.  There are evil eye patterns on those sites from all over the historic henna-using world.  I like and respect Catherine Cartwright-Jones’ scholarship enough that I have one of her researched henna patterns tattooed on my body (just a little something to honor a past life spent in an Ottoman harem).

Don’t want any outward symbols but still want evil eye protection?  There’s are options for you, just not at this time of year.  During the Halloween season in the U.S. stores abound with wonderful evil eye options for those who either want to ingest their evil eye or have it disappear into thin air.  Any kind of eye ball candy makes the perfect ingestible evil eye. Before you eat, you can say, “Evil eye inside of me, watch, protect, and discourage for me!”  There’s even evil eye beer!  Bubbles are also a great, invisible evil eye option. Bubbles in eye ball containers can be charmed and blown around the house, person, or car for protection.  In addition to yourself and your home and car, don’t forget to protect your computer.  If you type “evil eye screen savers” into your favorite search engine, a plethora of images will come up that you can use to protect your computer, or you can just steal the image below.

There are tons of options out there for mal de ojo protection.  Don’t get caught unprotected!

These folks will give you the evil eye!

untitled by Conroy Maddox

Mystic Artisans

Passion And Soul

Tonia Brown:

Quadrivium Supplies:  

Hyperdreams Interactive Stories

Orgasm of Opportunity

There are several cool things that we will be adding to the Barbed Pentacle this year, plus a really sexy contest.  The first thing that we will be adding is a blog roll.  We’ve seen them on other sites, and those blog rolls are horribly flawed.  First of all, they always look like somebody just vomited up a long list of blog names on the side of a blog.  Second of all, they never tell you what the blog is about.  You just have to judge on the name.  Let’s face it, a lot of really interesting blogs do not have interesting names–or, even worse, their names are really misleading.

To combat this, our blog roll will actually be useful.  It will appear as a separate page in the top bar, it will include a blurb about the blog and a logo or icon.   So, if you’d like your blog to appear in the blog roll, please use the form below to tell use the name of the blog, the URL (web address), and a sentence or two about the blog.  Or, if you’d prefer, you can email all of that plus a logo (optional) to

PS.  The blog does not have to be about sex nor Paganism.  Any blog is welcome!

The next wave of the orgasm of opportunity is a directory of festivals for 2014.  Festival time is upon, and nobody wants to be stuck at home.

To be included, please use the form below or email me at the following information: Name of festival, group sponsoring/promoting the festival, location, date(s), ages welcome, logo (optional), website for more information, and a sentence or two describing the festival.  While we like Pagan and sexy festivals best, any festival will be included.

And now for the super sexy contest!  Many festivals have um, certain areas set aside for adults to engage in fun and private activities.  If your festival has a sex shack, we want to know all about it!!!!  Send us photos of the area (but not participants) and a description.  All entries are due by October 20, 2014.  Mistress Marmot will judge the entries for:             1) sexiness 2) versatility 3) cool factor 4) ease of use 5) decorations 6) sexual protection.  The winner will be announced on October 31, 2014.  First place winners will win a year’s worth of advertising on The Barbed Pentacle for your festival and group and possibly swag for your group or festival staff.  Second place winners will win 6 months’ worth of advertising, and third place winners will win 3 months’ worth of advertising.  All entries should be emailed to no later than 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time on October 20, 2014.  Good luck!

These folks are just creamed their pants:

Mystic Artisans

Quadrivium Supplies:

Passion And Soul

Tonia Brown:

No Hide Floggers:

Hyperdreams Interactive Sex Stories:



Zora Neale Hurston: Hoodoo Heroine

According to Google, today is Zora Neale Hurston’s birthday, an early popular documentarian of hoodoo, voodoo, and other folk magics.  If you have never read any of Hurston’s delicious stories or anthropological texts, then start Googling.  When I first started down my Pagan path,  I didn’t have access to all these fancy Pagan how-to manuals written by fluffy folks who live in an Azure Green world.  But I did have access to Zora Neale Hurston’s books at the public library.  The first book of hers that I read was Tell My Horse, about anthropological adventures in Haiti tracking down Voodoo practitioners.

As things progressed, I found my way to Their Eyes Were Watching God, which is a wonderful unintentional version of the Descent of the Goddess imbued with sex, magic, and word tapestries.   I haven’t looked at cantaloupes the same way since (put that in your pipe and smoke it!).

Almost all of her books, even her novels, are liberally littered with bits of magic that can easily be incorporated into your current practice.  Look at it like trying a new spice blend on your hamburgers.  if you’re not up for making your own brews, Quadrivium Supplies ( has several oils listed that are mentioned in Hurston’s books, specifically ‘Red Fast Luck’ oil.

“The way we tell it, hoodoo started way back there before everything. Six days of magic spells and mighty words and the world with its elements above and below was made.”         –Zora Neale Hurston

These folks have the mojo:

Mystic Artisans

Quadrivium Supplies:

Passion And Soul

Tonia Brown:

Hyperdreams Interactive Sex Stories:


Oh Lucy, what am I gonna do with you?

Happy Saint Lucy’s Day!  If you’re blind, literally or figuratively, she’s the lady to see.  She brings light into a dark room.

The St. Lucy story, as told by The Barbed Pentacle:

So one day there was this girl, Lucy, who lived over in the Roman Empire.  She didn’t really fit in.  Kind of did her own thing.  Had more money than sense, some might say.  All would say that she just wasn’t quite right.  Her neighbors felt like it would only be a matter of time before she OD’d or ended up in jail.

Like a lot of teenage girls, she liked candles and trying out New Age religions.  She tried Yoga for awhile but ended up going with a movement started by this Jesus guy.  Nobody really liked his followers; the government was pretty sure they were a cult and would often plan Waco attacks on them Roman style.  Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! took on a whole new meaning, Dorothy, when the Romans got a hold of a Christian.  So, of course since it was cool and dangerous, Lucy started following the teachings of Jesus.  Lucy decided that she liked Jesus so much that she would marry him, even though he was dead.  People shook their heads.  There was nothing wrong with marrying a god.  People did it all the time in Rome.  But they thought if you were going to deny yourself physical fucking, that a sacrifice of that nature should at least be for somebody cool, not some Jew on a cross.

Lucy’s momma wanted to do something about Lucy’s behavior, but she wasn’t sure what to do since she was a single mom who was sick all the time.  She was afraid that Lucy would get caught being a Jesus whore one day and end up getting eaten out by a lion.  So, her mom decided to marry her off to a wealthy Pagan.  She was pretty sure that would tame Lucy.

Like most creepy teenage girls, Lucy started to hear voices and have dreams.  It was probably just her hormones or some bad beer, but Lucy thought that in one of her dreams Saint Agatha appeared to her.  Lucy should have learned from Agatha’s actions.  Agatha got involved with the wrong crowd like Lucy and got killed by the Romans and spent her days popping into people’s dreams trying to convince them to visit her shrine and to exit through the gift shop.  It wasn’t hard to convince Lucy to visit the shrine.  Agatha told Lucy exactly what she wanted to hear, what any teenage girl would want to hear: “If you come and visit with your momma, she’ll be healed so you’ll have more free time and you’ll get to be as famous a me!”  Agatha was famous for telling her fiance to fuck off.  Unfortunately for her, her fiance was a Roman officer, so he cut off her tities and had her locked up.  If he couldn’t have them, no one could.

Lucy’s mom finally did take her to the shrine and, just as Agatha had predicted, her mom was cured.  Lucy and Agatha became BFFs and Promise Ring sisters.  Lucy’s mom was very impressed, so when Lucy said, “Hey, Agatha told me to give away my starter money to the poor.” her mom went right along.  What kind of fucked up mom follows the advice of a ghost who’s in your kid’s head?  Well, as you can imagine, things did not go well.  Mr. Handsome Pagan found out that Lucy and her mom were giving away Lucy’s starter money that he was suppose to get when they got married, and just like a little pussy, he ran off to tell the big bad leader of the neighborhood.

Perhaps the boy friend should have taken a cue from Ricky instead of being a tattletale. It would have ended better for Lucy.


In the mean time, Lucy’s fanaticism accelerated. Lucy’s fanaticism pushed her so far that one day a man told Lucy, “Hey lady, you got pretty eyes.”  Lucy went a little Van Gogh and plucked them out for the guy.  She said, “Here, if you like them so much, take them.  Now you can see them all the time.”

That poor guy freaked the fuck out and proclaimed, “Beware!  That bitch is crazy!”  To reward her crazy, um, faithfulness, her god gave her some lizard blood and she regenerated her eye balls.  Her new eye balls were even more beautiful than the originals.  But word got out in Syracuse, the first one not the second, about the eye incident, and everybody pretended not to look at her pretty eyes.

Finally, Lucy’s fiance had his day in court with Head Roman Guy.  Head Roman Guy summoned Lucy to court.  When she arrived, HRG ordered her to burn a sacrifice to the Emperor.  It was a test:  was Lucy going to be a proud Pagan or a cautious Christian?  According to the HRG, she failed the test.  According to Agatha, the best ghost BFF ever, Lucy passed with flying colors.  Lucy refused to burn a sacrifice.  So, HRG decreed that Lucy be taken to a whore house to live and work for the rest of her life.

When the guards came to take Lucy to the whorehouse, she played reverse “Light as a feather/stiff as a board” and the guards were unable to move her.  They tried every which way that they could, but they could not get Lucy to budge.  All her Christian buddies threw up their hands and exclaimed, “Praise God!  It’s a miracle!.”  Then HRG ordered Lucy to be burned at the stake.  The guards tried and tried to light the wood, but it was mysteriously wet.  All of Lucy’s Christian buddies threw up their hands and exclaimed, “Praise God!  It’s a miracle!”                                                                                           Some say that it was during this time that the Romans cut Lucy’s eyes out as a torture, but we like the story of crazy Lucy plucking them out herself.  After not being able to burn Lucy, HRG screamed, “Well, damn bitch!  I’m about tired of trying to kill you and hearing your buddies hollering ‘Praise God!  It’s a miracle!’  So, if you don’t wanna suck cock in the whore house,  you can suck on this!”  And with that, HRG stabbed Lucy in throat.  And Lucy died.                                                                                                                                  So, the moral to this story is:  Keep your eyes, be far-sighted, and don’t make the same mistakes that crazy Lucy did.

Supposedly Lucy wears a crown of candles because when she was running around getting into trouble she would go into the catacombs with her arms full of bread and such for the Christians hiding there. Because her arms were full and it was dark, she wore candles on her head to light the way. Wonder how she got the wax out of her hair?

These folks want your eyes:

Mystic Artisans

Passion And Soul

Tonia Brown:

No Hide Floggers:  (The Hello Kitty Floggers are 20% off!)



Happy Krampusnacht!  It’s our favorite day of the year here at the Barbed Pentacle.  If you’re not familiar with Krampusnacht, we have a whole section devoted to the festivities in our archive section (look right and scroll down).   Tonight is also the last night of Hanukkah.

This year seems to have been the year of Krampus projects.  While all of these projects have expired, the artist involved I’m sure still have products for sell and would appreciate some clicks to their sites.

Project 1:   Krampusnacht Edmonton

Edmonton, Canada will be holding their second annual Krampusnacht tonight at 8pm.  If you want to be Krampus are a Pertchen, they are still looking for volunteers.  Or if you just want a little taste of Krampus’ switch, I’m sure somebody in the holiday entourage will oblige you.

Project 2: Krampus Hoodies and Cards by  Benjamin Holdredge :

Benjamin wanted to jump start his graphic design business and start a seasonal Krampus merchandise site.  Unfortunately, his kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful.  It’s a shame because his hoodies are really kick ass.  They may or may not be available still for purchase.


Project 3:  Project Krampus by Aramis September

This project was brought to our attention by a reader.  For this project, Aramis wants to start printing and selling Krampus cards, his first solo project as an artist.  Indiegogo runs their projects differently than Kickstarter, so although this project was successful and has ended, you can still contribute if you want–in essence ordering a product.

Happy Krampusnacht!

These folks will last eight nights for you too!:

Mystic Artisans

Passion And Soul

Tonia Brown:

No Hide Floggers:

Leave your shoes out tonight to see if St. Nick leaves you some gold.

All I Want for Yule is a Werewolf and a Cat (and several other things….)

Since tomorrow is Black Friday, the traditional start of the mayhem of the gluttony of capitalism, we here at the Barbed Pentacle thought that we should join right in.  Presenting the Barbed Pentacle 2013 Yule Gift Giving Guide–everything you need to buy for all the unappreciative people in your life.  So, without further ado……..

Play Pretties

Mystic Artisans   The creative duo of Don and Toni were the winners of the “Just Smack Me!” spoon decorating contest. All of Mystic Artisan’s items are one of a kind, moderately priced, and absolutely fucking mind-blowing.  They do custom work and sell already made items.  Looking for a keepsake or ritual item that will become an heirloom?  Talk to Tonie and Don!  Look for an anniversary interview with the pair soon.

Sacred Vessel Pottery  

Sacred Vessel Pottery creates utilitarian and decorative pieces for the home and ritual.  According to their Facebook page, “Our Wares are Created to Enhance the Spiritual Practices of All Paths & Religions.”

Work in Progress

For sacred tobacco use

They have a wide variety of pieces from the very small to the huge and magnificent at a variety of prices.   You can buy work already made or commission just the perfect piece.

Quadrivium Supplies A past sponsor, Quadrivium Supplies is a seller of new and traditional Hoodoo, Voodoo, and other spell oils.  All oils are made from the highest grade materials at just the right Zodiac time and moon phase.  All oil recipes have been well researched and tested. The oils are perfect for candle magic, gris gris and poppet magic, or for just general annoiting.  Visit for a complete list of oils and ordering information.  Here’s a previous post about Quadrivium Supplies:

Knotjokin Rope Floggers   Knotjokin Rope Floggers, a past sponsor, features a variety of extremely interesting rope implements for the experienced player or for light ritual use. To shop and order:   Custom orders are also accepted.  Here’s a link to a previous post about Knotjokin Rope Floggers:

No Hide Floggers   No Hide Floggers are vegan-inspired floggers created from decorative duct tape.  Made by a Wiccan High Priestess, these pieces are suitable for both play and ritual. No Hide Floggers is a current sponsor.  Look for an interview with the proprietor soon.  For selection and ordering information:  Custom orders are also accepted.

Library and Media

Tonia Brown  Tonia Brown is an author who writes a mixture of zombie, horror, steam punk, and sex stories.  She is widely published and is becoming quite the recognizable lady!  She is also the host of the radio show “Tonia Time”. For more information on all of her writing, her thoughts, projects, and her new releases, click on   To order her books, go to  (It’s all there!)  Be on the look out for an upcoming review of Devouring Milo soon.   Dr. David Hillman Dr. Hillman, the bad boy of Academia and guest blogger, never disappoints and always has something salacious to say.  Non-fiction for the fiction lover, his easy-to-read style is perfect for anyone delving into the world research.  Don’t let his style fool you.  All of his books are chocked full of well researched, cutting edge material that will rock your world and completely change your way of thinking. Book review:
To purchase Dr. Hillman’s books, visit  For more information on Dr. Hillman  Guest posts by Dr. Hillman

Lee Harrington and “Passion and Soul” Lee Harrington, nationally known author and lecturer on BDSM and alternative spirituality, has a variety of books on the market that make the perfect Yule present.  How to find them?  Lee will also does personal workshops and sessions for your special someone.    Here’s the Barbed Pentacle’s review of Lee’s latest work:


It is done folks!  ”House of Oddities” has been premiered.  It’s now available online and will soon be available on DVD!  The film, a documentary about the Atrocity Exhibition in Pittsburg, PA, is a nice professionally produced and directed film.  If you are a collector and admirer of alternative art, this is the film for you.  For more information about the project  For information on purchasing the film

Other Books of Note from New Authors

Duchess Mackinnon Endless Night:  Sex and Vampires, Oh My!  A nice soft stroke story to carry with you in the airport as you travel this holiday season.  Nice and fun, you’ll still be able to read and enjoy it after you’ve had several cocktails or some tranqs to deal with your relatives.  Buy it at    

Heather Morris “Italian Vocabulary from My Little Black Book”  This volume, from Barbed Pentacle fan Heather Morris, was created from her years of notes on Italian that she encountered in her magical work.  This book is perfect for anyone who has been mired down in Italian during their Stregan magical work or who wants to travel to Italia.  

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Looking for just the right gift for the discerning friend, or just looking for a unique way to pamper yourself?  Then consider shopping at the Barbed Pentacle Cafe Press Store or commissioning a private piece for your own enjoyment.  Barbed Pentacle apparel can be found at

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Despite the fact that the time stamp reads a little after 1 AM, where I’m sitting in my very plush chair it is still technically Wednesday.  Enjoy!

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