Just waiting on the strippers!

Welcome to the party!!!!  August is the Barbed Pentacle’s birthday month, and we are going to have a blast!  There’s going to be giveaways, guest posts, and lots and lots of fun stuff.  And the best part of all?????  We’re at our new home!  We’re still decorating and unpacking, so things will be changing for a bit, but this will be our new home.  Make sure to check out the giveaway page often!  You never know, you could be a winner!

Schedule for birthday giveaways:

Banner giveaway! From today until August 25, 2012,  The Barbed Pentacle will be hosting a special banner giveaway! To enter, post this banner on your blog, Facebook page, Google + account, or other social networking site, and email me a link to your work (chirp_sparrow@yahoo.com). The more places you post this, the more entries you’ll have. The prizes? Four lucky members of the online street crew (or one really lucky person or any variation thereof) will win a sexy anime pin-up poster! Don’t forget to email the link to your posting (chirp_sparrow@yahoo.com)!

<a href=”http://barbedpentacle.blogspot.com/2012/07/get-ready-for-par-tay.html” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://mbmfiles.com/Jul2012/120715-wmFaTR9l522S.jpg” alt=’Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!’ border=0 /></a><br><a href=”http://www.mybannermaker.com/”>Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com!</a>

Guest Blog Giveaway: July 31-Aug 25, 2012:  You’re invited to write a guest blog for “The Barbed Pentacle”.   The blog entry can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, artwork, or music.  It can be about pretty much anything as long as it’s gritty and Pagan (I’ll leave the meaning of those two words up to your interpretation).  You can publish under your name or a pen name.  There’s no word limit, but I do reserve the right to illustrate your blog with pictures that may or may not have anything to do with your blog entry.  I will accept entries from today until August 15.  Please email your submissions to chirp_sparrow@yahoo.com with “Guest entry” in the subject line.  Everybody who sends something in will be entered to win a “Self Love or Love Somebody Else” kit.  The more you send in, the more times your name is entered.

Week one giveaway (Aug. 1-Aug. 6, 2012): Tonia Brown’s book The Cold Beneath http://www.amazon.com/The-Cold-Beneath-Tonia-Brown/dp/1477556516

Email me at chirp_sparrow@yahoo, with “week 1 giveaway” in the subject line to enter.

Week two giveaway (Aug. 6-Aug.12): Very awesome ritual kit from Raven’s Willow Enchantments http://www.facebook.com/ravenswillow.enchantments

Email me at chirp_sparrow@yahoo.com, with “week 2 giveaway” in the subject line to enter.

Week three giveaway (Aug. 13-Aug. 19): A “Charge of the Goddess” clothes pin set for play and ritual.

Email me at chirp_sparrow@yahoo.com, with “week 3 giveaway” in the subject line to enter.

Week four giveaway (Aug. 20- Aug. 26): A huge tub of “Sex on the Beach” incense cones from Raven Willow’s Enchantments http://www.facebook.com/ravenswillow.enchantments

Email me at chirp_sparrow@yahoo.com, with “week 4 giveaway” in the subject line to enter.

Week five giveaway (Aug. 27-Aug. 31):  Who knows????  Your product could be here.  Email me at chirp_sparrow@yahoo.com for more info.

Email me at chirp_sparrow@yahoo.com, with “week 5 giveaway” in the subject line to enter.

Quadrivium Supplies  http://www.quadrivium-supplies.com

Erotic Sensations http://eroticsensations.us/

This and That–A Game Plan

The “Blessed Be Thy Feet” series of blogs will be winding up soon, except for updates soon from the Mormons (hopefully) and the Muslims (definitely).  This means that I am currently interviewing folks on the following subjects for upcoming blogs: death and dying, raw foods (yes, that can include sushi), figging, hair rituals, menstrual blood magic, blood bonds, animal sacrifice, legal mind altering substances (mainly looking for recipes here–send yours in!), hunting, fur fetishes, and just some general interviews about stuff.  If you’re interested in being interviewed, have suggestions or comments, or would like to put your name in for the dress drawing (see the Feb. 4th entry for rules), please email me at chirp_sparrow@yahoo.com.  Please remember that because of the world we live in, interviewees can remain anonymous in this blog if they choose.  Don’t let your name being published deter you from sharing your thoughts about things.  Also, don’t forget to vote on what you’d like to see next.  The poll is located on the right hand side, next to this blog.
If you all haven’t figured it out already, this blog is now a part of the Pagan Blog Project.  Check them out.  It’s a neat idea, and there’s a lot of great blogs listed.
Pleasing your deities should be the focus of all you do.  May your lips always be firmly suctioned around the Lord’s cock and your tongue lap luxuriously at the velvet folds of the Lady’s cunt, and may their strong thighs always be your earmuffs and pillars to grab in the orgasm of life!