Tonia Time!

Listen now!!!!!  (but not at work or around minors)

Tonia Brown, one of the sexiest voices on the airwaves today, had her new radio show premier on Saturday night!  Unfortunately, I was away on my own personal Barbed Pentacle retreat where only handcuffs and pillow cases were allowed, so I was not able to let you all know about the glorious event.  But I’m telling you now.


The beauty of Internet radio is that you can listen to archived episodes any time you want.  Tonia Time will air weekly on Saturday evenings at 9pm at!home/mainPage.   The show will have a variety of guests covering a variety of topics and off topics.

So, who was the guest that got to pop the show’s cherry?  me

Quadrivium Supplies

Erotic Sensations

Labor Day Libertine