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There are several projects that I’ll be working on in the coming months that I would like some help with.  If you would like to help, please just let me know.  Feel free to pass this along.

  • I’m looking to interview folks who are in deity/spouse relationships, Daddy/daughter deity relationships, and other unique BDSMish deity relationships for a series of blogs that will be published late November/December.  If you would rather write a guest blog about your experiences, that would be wonderful too.
  • I’m looking for women who have been vaginally fisted by either other women or other men or both, or women and men who enjoy vaginally fisting women for a research project. I’m looking for a broad spectrum of women, from those who have only tried it once to those who do it all the time.


  • I’m looking for men and women who enjoy any sort of cervical play.  This is also for the above mentioned research project.

If you are interested in helping out and sharing yourself, or if you know someone who might be interested, please contact me at  Please put “Share Me” in the subject line so I can find your email in the spam box.  Some of the data for the cervical research project will be used here, on “The Barbed Pentacle”, but a majority of it may be used in other venues.  As always, for all the above projects, you may remain anonymous.  Thanks!

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So you think what you’re doing is different: A Pagan Service Announcement

Tennesse Waltz (click it!, that’s not my spelling error)

Often times in life you find yourself doing things that you know others will frown upon (perhaps like reading this blog or masturbating to “The Tennessee Waltz), or you find yourself thinking, “I’m the only one in the world who would think to do this and find it enjoyable.”  If these thoughts have ever occurred to you, then you need to watch Taboo on the National Geographic Channel.

 Taboo is not a new show, but it’s always cutting edge (something literally), and full of surprises.  Some of the episodes cover topics that have been covered here in blog posts, some of the episodes cover things that I would never dream of covering, and some future episodes are covering topics that I am already lined up to cover.  It’ll be interesting to see who gets to cover them first and how that coverage compares.

Don’t have satellite?  National Geographic has a majority of the episodes for free online:  (click “Full Episodes”). So, as you click on the above link, know that you’re not alone.  There are other people out there engaging in your particular taboo, and if not, there are people out there engaging in taboos that blow yours out of the water.

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Passion And Soul:

Pain, Blood, Drugs, and All Those Fun Things: Taboo or Mystique?

            As discussed in my previous blog, pain and the Sadomasochistic practices that bring it about can fall into many different categories.  Some of these fit categories that most folks are comfortable talking about in public and fit into the “safe” side of Wicca and Paganism, but some of the categories do not.  As was also discussed in a previous blog, while these practices represent the dark side of how things work that doesn’t make them evil.  It makes them real.

Taboo and mystique walk hand in hand.  If something is taboo and forbidden then of course it gets whispered about and a certain mystique starts to grow around it.  The more we are told that we shouldn’t want something then the more we want it.  What is it like to get scourged?  Oh, I shouldn’t want to know because it’s painful.  Pain shouldn’t cause me pleasure.  My patron God shouldn’t make my knees weak and my vagina wet.  What if the thought of your God does make you wet while you’re getting scourged in ritual?  Is that not an act of love and pleasure and therefore the most meaningful kind of worship?
            The “Charge of the Goddess” teaches us not only about acts of love and pleasure, but it also teaches us about inner mysteries.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for within yourself you will never find it outside of yourself.  If the thought of a blood rite doesn’t make you feel swimmy headed and wonderful while you’re planning your handfasting, then it probably won’t when it actually happens. 
Personally, I think some taboo associated with the topics touched upon in this blog may be appropriate.  It certainly does heighten the mystique.  But also some things are not suitable in a family situation.  It just depends on you, your beliefs, your partner(s), and your group(s). 
            However, beware of too much mystique.  If something is built up beyond imagining, then the real thing will never measure up.  How are you going to feel if the pig doesn’t go down easy and you have to shoot your sacrifice three times?  It happens because it’s real.  If you’re easily disappointed when mystiques get shattered, then perhaps some of these taboos should take place in an inner or astral temple.  As anyone who works with these wonderfully imaginative religious places can tell you, the mystique rarely falls short of reality when you commune with the God and Goddess in your head. 
Aren’t you glad it’s the maiden and not the crone?