Slender, Sexy Switches

For long time readers (and those who know me best), it’s no secret how I adore switches.  The sound, the sensation, the agonizing anticipation of peeking through the window to see a lover cutting one, the horrible indecision of having to cut one for yourself, the absolute fun of gauging what kind of swish factor to inflict on a waiting sub, I love it all.  And my absolute favorites are the floral switches of the spring blooming shrubs!  Forsythias, also called yellow bells, are what I dream about all winter long.  If you’ve not read the previous Barbed Pentacle posts about switches, you can now:

On Mach 30, 2014, I will be presenting a class “Slender, Sexy Switches” at the LoftNC at 3:30pm.  This is, of course, for those who are 18 and older.  If you are interested in attending, please email the house mistress at for more information (pricing, location, etc.) and to RSVP.  If you would like to attend, please feel free to bring switches of your own, if you like, pruning shears, pocket knife, and fine grain sand paper.  We’ll be learning about choosing and preparing switches and rods, neat ideas for using them in play, safety and after care, and you never know, there may even be a demo.

For more information on The LoftNC, check out them out on FetLife:  and at their website:

************************************Updated: 3/29/14***************************

The house mistress at The LoftNC decided to sacrifice my class to progress, basically.  I received a Fetlife message this evening, dated 4 days ago, that due to space issues at the Loft that my class was being canceled and would be rescheduled at a future time.  Yep, I’m sure you can smell that too, and there are no cows anywhere around you.  So, I’ll keep you posted.  Thanks for your support, those that RSVPed.  And if you have a venue that you’d like me to teach at, just drop me a line at

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Aphrodite is a heavy-handed MILF!

This was posted on Facebook by Church Militant.  I liked it because it’s true.  I’ve seen a lot of bitching this year on Facebook by Pagans bemoaning all the commercialism attached to Valentine’s Day and the fact that they feel left out because they did not properly budget for this year.  Those aren’t really their words, but that’s the basic gist.  What they said was “Whine, whine, whine, bitch, bitch, bitch, moan, moan, moan.”  If you’re a Pagan, you really shouldn’t care about celebrating Valentine’s Day.  Instead, you should be focused on celebrating Lupercalia!  All you need to do on Lupercalia is fuck and fuck and fuck some more!  If you’re really going to be fun, get out your play toys and beat some fertility into each other.  Which brings us to the lovely Aphrodite, one of the patronesses here at the Barbed Pentacle.

Evidently, Cupid is a very bad boy and Aphrodite is a heavy-handed MILF, at least according to classical art.

This picture is like a reverse pinata–blindfold the kid and beat him with a stick.

The greeting card companies never market cards with Cupid on it that say, “Pray that Cupid isn’t mischievous this year and sets you up with a psychopath” because that’s one of the fucked up things that Cupid likes to do for fun.

Often Ares or Mars, Aphrodite’s long-time lover, gets in on the action.

Sometimes, though, Aphrodite and Cupid gang-up on Ares.

It’s like if Rapunzel were in to flagellation! Ares looks like he’s smiling.

However, the MILF always gets what she deserves in the end.

The ways of exploring the relationship between Aphrodite, Cupid, and Ares are endless. If you want to go the S&M route, roses are a good choice to use as an implement, as are arrows.  Field arrows aren’t very expensive and offer lots of options.   The shaft can be used like a rod or cane on a willing sacrifice, the fletching is nice for tickling, and the point, well, it has all kinds of possibilities.  If Love hasn’t been kind to you, you can always beat it.  The ancients were fond of creating sculptures and such to represent deities and ideas.  If the harvest was poor or some sort of natural disaster occurred, the sculptural representative received the physical brunt of the supplicants’ displeasure.  There’s no reason not to continue this tradition.  At the very least, it’ll be fun and make you feel better.

What will I be doing for Lupercalia?  I’m going to wear red and let the Big Bad Wolf eat me up!

My theory is that the story of “Little Red Riding Hood” is a vague carry over from ancient Lupercalian celebrations.  I haven’t done any research toward substantiating my theory yet, but maybe one day.

Looking for something to read on Lupercalia?  Try Tonia Brown’s Devouring Milo.  I’ll admit, I haven’t gotten very far in the book yet because I’ve been thankfully too busy blessedly spreading my fingers as a sexy word whore, but what I read was fantastically gory.

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Happy Krampusnacht!  It’s our favorite day of the year here at the Barbed Pentacle.  If you’re not familiar with Krampusnacht, we have a whole section devoted to the festivities in our archive section (look right and scroll down).   Tonight is also the last night of Hanukkah.

This year seems to have been the year of Krampus projects.  While all of these projects have expired, the artist involved I’m sure still have products for sell and would appreciate some clicks to their sites.

Project 1:   Krampusnacht Edmonton

Edmonton, Canada will be holding their second annual Krampusnacht tonight at 8pm.  If you want to be Krampus are a Pertchen, they are still looking for volunteers.  Or if you just want a little taste of Krampus’ switch, I’m sure somebody in the holiday entourage will oblige you.

Project 2: Krampus Hoodies and Cards by  Benjamin Holdredge :

Benjamin wanted to jump start his graphic design business and start a seasonal Krampus merchandise site.  Unfortunately, his kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful.  It’s a shame because his hoodies are really kick ass.  They may or may not be available still for purchase.


Project 3:  Project Krampus by Aramis September

This project was brought to our attention by a reader.  For this project, Aramis wants to start printing and selling Krampus cards, his first solo project as an artist.  Indiegogo runs their projects differently than Kickstarter, so although this project was successful and has ended, you can still contribute if you want–in essence ordering a product.

Happy Krampusnacht!

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Leave your shoes out tonight to see if St. Nick leaves you some gold.

Say It With A Switch: Integrating floral switches into your play and ritual

If you have not read the section in BDSM Rituals entitled “Cut Me a Switch, Bitch”, please do so now:

“The Rhodora”

On being asked, whence is the flower.

In May, when sea-winds pierced our solitudes,
I found the fresh Rhodora in the woods,
Spreading its leafless blooms in a damp nook,
To please the desert and the sluggish brook.
The purple petals fallen in the pool
Made the black water with their beauty gay;
Here might the red-bird come his plumes to cool,
And court the flower that cheapens his array.
Rhodora! if the sages ask thee why
This charm is wasted on the earth and sky,
Tell them, dear, that, if eyes were made for seeing,
Then beauty is its own excuse for Being;
Why thou wert there, O rival of the rose!
I never thought to ask; I never knew;
But in my simple ignorance suppose
The self-same power that brought me there, brought you.

          —Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Spring is fast upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere.  In many areas, trees are starting to bloom.  Blooming trees are a big part of why I love spring.  Just the sight of them brings to mind all kinds of exciting ideas.  There’s no reason why these lovely reminders of the Goddess’ Ascent should not be used in both ritual and play or both together.  Nothing is more beautiful than being showered with flying blossoms in a ritual.

A really neat way to incorporate floral switches (or wands if in a vanilla setting) is to use the Victorian Language of Flowers.  There are many different floral languages, some predating Shakespeare, but the Victorian version (and there’s even several different Victorian versions) is usually the easiest to access online.
The meanings that I’ll be using in this blog are from, which uses the meanings that most English Victorians would have recognized and agreed with.

Before I move on with some common flowering trees and their meanings, I need to touch upon usage.  You can create a Simple, or a one element spell, with a switch or bunch of switches from a single tree.  You can also complete more complex spells and messages with switches from several different types of trees.  Think of it in terms of a bouquet of switches for your partner.

Some Floral Switch Suggestions: A Brief Guide
* Denotes trees with nice straight branches of just the right thickness and smoothness for good switches

*Acacia–Friendship;  *Acacia, Rose or White–Elegance;  *Acacia, Yellow–Secret Love

Almond, Common–Indiscretion;  Almond, Flowering–Hope

*Rose of Sharon– Consumed by Love

Apple Blossom–Preference

Ash Tree–Grandeur; Mountain Ash–Prudence

Aspen Tree–Lamentation



*Bay Tree (Laurel)–Sharpness; Laurel, Mountain–Ambition

*Beech Tree–Prosperity


*Camellia Japonica, Red–Unpretending excellence; *Camellia Japonica, White–Perfected loveliness

*Crepe Myrtle–Eloquence;  Myrtle–Love

Cherry Blossom–Spirituality, Beauty; Cherry Tree–Good education; Cherry Tree, White–Deception;  Winter Cherry–Deception

Chestnut Tree–Do me justice, Luxury


*Forsythia (these are my favorite for floral switches)–Good nature, Innocence, Anticipation (Aren’t those all the things you want in a good sub?)


*Hazel–Reconciliation, Peace;  *Witch Hazel–A spell


Hydrangea–A boaster, Heartlessness,You are cold

Lemon Blossoms–Discretion

*Locust Tree (green)–Affection beyond the grave

Lilac, Field–Humility; Lilac, Purple–First emotions of love;  Lilac, White–Majesty, Purity, Innocence

Lime or Linden Tree–Conjugal fidelity
*Mimosa (Sensitive Plant)–Sensitive, Bashful, Modesty

Mulberry Tree, Black–I shall not survive you; Mulberry Tree, White–Wisdom
Orange Blossom–Woman’s Worth, Bridal festivities;  Orange Tree–Sweetness, Generosity


Pomegranate Flower–Mature elegance

Poplar–Courage; Poplar, White–Time

Peach Blossom–I am your captive

Pear Tree–Comfort

Plum Tree–Keep your promise;  Plum Tree, Wild–Independence

*Rhododendron, Rosebay–Danger, Beware

*Willow, Water–Frankness, Freedom; *Willow, Weeping–Mourning;  *Willow–Forsaken;  *Willow, French-Bravery and humanity  (I really like to use Pussy Willows for switches, but they weren’t in the Language. Pussy Willows are nice because not only can you cause welts, but you can soothe and tickle the welts with the soft pussy buds. And of course, pussy willows are nice against my pussy.)

  As with any sort of S&M and or sex ritual, be responsible.  Use safe words and condoms and respect boundaries.  No under aged participants or spectators.  Outdoor sex should be on private property.  Bondage should allow for blood flow.  If you break skin, use first aid to treat it and clean your equipment properly.  And for heaven’s sake, avoid the spine and kidney area! 

Happy Krampusnacht!

Who is Krampus and his hermaphroditic counterpart Frau Perchta?  They are the epitome of Yuletide Dom(mes)!

As you can tell from the video, Krampus hails from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and into France and Northern Italy.  Pretty much anywhere they speak German or once spoke German, he makes an appearance.

Although now most folks associate him with St. Nick and Santa and see him as a minor devil, he was originally a Pagan nature spirit in his purest form that was associated with the Winter Solstice.  His original purpose wasn’t to necessarily punish people, although he was a bringer of justice.  His original purpose was to scare off winter and bring about spring.

He is a carry over of the horned nature and pastoral gods like Pan and Cernunnos and of the trickster god Loki.  This can clearly be seen in his appearance and in the etymology of his name–”claw”.    Originally he brought chains to bind up winter and any roaming negative spirits.  He wore bells to wake the Earth up from it’s slumber and to ward off negativity.  He was also a bringer of fertility.  He is often portrayed riding a broom, which was a common sympathetic magic performed in fields to show the crops how high to grow.

In the same spirit of Lupercalia, he bears a birch rod.  The rod is seen as a phallic device. With every lick he imparted his fertile seed to the community.  The beatings with the birch can also be seen in the same light as beating the bounds of ones home to ward off evil, which may be how his whippings were twisted into a punitive context by early Christians.

And why does Krampus have his tongue out?  The better to eat you out with, my dear!

Even Krampus is a switch!
The Christian version of Krampus is still a big deal in German speaking countries and the pockets of the world where Germanic folks settled.  Instead of celebrating him on the Solstice, he is celebrated the night before St. Nicolaus’ Day.  Every year there are huge Krampus runs in the Alps, where everyone turns out.  The runs were originally done by young men to chase away winter and to bring about the spring.  However, in some areas the runs were more like an enactment of the Wild Hunt than of a Yule Vigil. Kids today look forward to Krampusnacht and stoically bear whatever beating they may receive.
Carting the babies off to Hell.

Krampus’ counterpart and sometime companion is Frau Perchta.
As previously stated, Perchta is a hermaphrodite, but often carries herself as a woman.  She represents both man and woman, both light and dark.  She is an incarnation of the goddesses Holda, Holle, and Frigg and vaguely of Brigid.  Her name means “blaze”,  and she is seen as a spinster who checks on the girls to make sure they’ve spun all the materials that they have available. She is also a leader of the Wild Hunt in some areas.  Sometimes Perchta is pretty and sometimes she is not!
Instead of beating you with a birch like Krampus, Frau Perchta slits open your belly, steals your guts, and replaces them with straw.  Dommes are always more sadistic than Doms!  If you’re on her good side, you can leave her an offering (she likes herring) and she’ll bestow upon you riches and fertility.  Around the solstice before she visits, folks usually smudge the house and barns to chase away evil spirits but to also cleanse the air of any germs.  Sage is a wonderful antiseptic.
Krampus and Perchta
Now to review just who Krampus is:

Winter’s a long cold season.  Make it more fun by enacting some of these old traditions with your partner(s).  One night you can be Krampus and the next night the naughty one. Or maybe you’re always Krampus!   If you’ve never prepared a birch rod before, there are instructions in the BDSM ritual section to the right of this post.  Chains should be tight enough not to get caught and tangled in things but loose enough to allow for blood flow. Clips for chains are safer than locks.

If you decide to go into Frau Perchta territory, make sure that you are experienced with edge play, and have antiseptic and other first aid materials near by.  If you are not experienced with edge play, an alternative is to blind fold your partner and use a plastic or wooden knife.  Both can be made to have sharp edges that don’t cut.  If your hoodwinked partner thinks you’re still holding a real knife, it will feel like a real knife to exposed skin.  Using a sterilized pin to simulate a knife point works well too.  Since Perchta means “blaze”, wax play would be an appropriate tribute to her as well.

There are a myriad of other Solstice traditions out there that are meaningful and fun as well.  The wild hunt is one of them.  This can be enacted by partners or a group and be something as simple as wild hide and seek or something more complicated and serious.  There’s also the battle of the Holly and the Oak Kings (or it can be Queens).   The Holly represents the waning year and the Oak represents the waxing year.  In some myths there is also an Ivy girl/boy who is a mediator.  An idea for this tradition is a mock Holly and Oak king battle, with the weapons being oak and holly switches.  The looser can be bound with strands of ivy for the real fun to start.  Holly leaves can also be used on the skin like a Wartenburg wheel or spurs.

Have fun and remember:

As with any sort of S&M and or sex ritual, be responsible.  Use safe words and condoms and respect boundaries.  No under aged participants or spectators.  Outdoor sex should be on private property.  Bondage should allow for blood flow.  If you break skin, use first aid to treat it and clean your equipment properly.  And for heaven’s sake, avoid the spine and kidney area!
May your Krampus put you in the best chains with the loudest bells, wield the stoutest birches, and be super horny to put that long tongue to good use!