Who Has Priapism?

This is a guest blog by Dr. David Hillman, who is the author of  The Chemical Muse: Drug Use and the Roots of Western Civilization (St. Martin’s, 2008) and Original Sin: Ritual Child Rape and the Church (Ronin, 2012).  He has a lot of varied interests, getting censored and pissing off the Vatican makes him hard, and he’s probably cooler than the person sitting next to you right now.  Check his books out–they’ll blow your mind.   

Many of you out there practicing variations of BDSM are showing a renewed interest in combining sex, religious worship and Greco-Roman gods.  This is thrilling because you have hit upon a deep vein of cultural gold that springs from the ancient world; through your unique sexual practices, you are acquiring a deeper knowledge of ancient cult, far deeper than what is perceived in modern universities and colleges that boast Classics and Ancient History departments.  You are the real investigators, and you are finding Aphrodite, Pan and Priapus in a way that only their ancient followers could.  You may not know it, but you are about to hit the mother lode.

Just one example: let’s talk about Priapus.  Who is Priapus? 

Any prudish, missionary-style adhering, modern scholar would tell you we don’t know much about his cult.  That’s because they refuse–even today–to study the large body of poetry associated with the worship of the god with the three-foot erection.  That’s right; walking around Italy in antiquity meant you would see lots of publicly displayed statues of this god, all of which were adorned with a large, angry erection–with a particularly bulbous and intimidating glans. In one wall painting that survived the disaster at Pompeii, Priapus is pictured weighing his hefty penis in a balance; the other side of the scale contains a large bag of fruit.  Young girls passing these statues would rub the penis for good luck in getting pregnant. 

So what did Priapus do with his huge erection that never went away?  He used it.  But he didn’t just use it like any other divinity uses his or her genitalia.  No, Priapus’ penis was a weapon.  You see, Priapus was the god of the Cosmic Garden.  He was a “watcher” who protected the fruit of life from thieves and anyone unwilling to acknowledge a divine or natural order to the universe; in short, he prosecuted anyone unwilling to venerate the goddess Nature.  The Greeks and Romans called this sort of person the “god-fighter” or the “atheist.”  Yes, the first time the term “atheist” enters into our Western vocabulary it was used to denote the Christians, who refused to honor the gods….particularly Mother Nature.  So who is the enforcer?  You guessed it, Priapus.  And what did the god do to violators of Nature?  He fucked them in the ass–and that’s a literal translation of the Latin. 

Yes, Priapus was all about chasing down anyone disrespecting of the gods–those who absconded with the fruit of his garden–and fucking them in the ass.  The whole process of Priapus’ justice is nothing but terrifying.  Priapus chases down the ungodly, and does things that they would never willingly want done….unlesss…

And what did the priestesses of Priapus do? 

Well, we know from Petronius, the Roman poet, that they used his statues in sacred, women-only ceremonies to apply drugs vaginally.  And we know these drugs were able to soften the cervix and induce abortion.  And we know it was pleasurably painful enough to put the priestesses into an orgasm-induced state of oracular ecstasy. 

So I applaud you BDSM practicing folks.  Keep it up!  And remember, you are just resurrecting rites long established by the very people who invented science, free speech and democracy.  Let me leave you with some sayings right out of the mouth of Priapus.  They were beautifully translated from the Latin by Sir Richard Burton in the 19th century:

“Take heed lest thou art caught.  If I do seize thee…thou shalt be so stretched that thou wilt think thy anus never had any wrinkles.”

“I will seize thee, and when thou art caught my girl, I will enjoy thee.  And the whole of this, large though it be, and stiffer than twisted cord, than the string of the lyre, I will surely bury in thee to thy seventh rib.”

“The greatest advantage in my penis is this, that no woman can be too roomy for me.”

“So long as thou snatchest nothing from me with audacious hand,
thou mayest be chaster than Vesta herself.
But, if thou dost, these belly-weapons of mine will so
stretch thee that thou wilt be able to slip through thy own anus.”

Check out Dr. Hillman’s books: The Chemical Muse: Drug Use and the Roots of Western Civilization http://www.amazon.com/The-Chemical-Muse-Western-Civilization/dp/B00342VG0E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1352693224&sr=8-1&keywords=the+chemical+muse   

 Original Sin: Ritual Child Rape and the Church   http://www.amazon.com/Original-Sin-Sex-Drugs-Church/dp/1579511449/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1352693399&sr=1-2-fkmr1&keywords=Original+Sin%3A+Ritual+Child+Rape+and+the+Church

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Share Yourself

There are several projects that I’ll be working on in the coming months that I would like some help with.  If you would like to help, please just let me know.  Feel free to pass this along.

  • I’m looking to interview folks who are in deity/spouse relationships, Daddy/daughter deity relationships, and other unique BDSMish deity relationships for a series of blogs that will be published late November/December.  If you would rather write a guest blog about your experiences, that would be wonderful too.
  • I’m looking for women who have been vaginally fisted by either other women or other men or both, or women and men who enjoy vaginally fisting women for a research project. I’m looking for a broad spectrum of women, from those who have only tried it once to those who do it all the time.


  • I’m looking for men and women who enjoy any sort of cervical play.  This is also for the above mentioned research project.

If you are interested in helping out and sharing yourself, or if you know someone who might be interested, please contact me at chirp_sparrow@yahoo.com.  Please put “Share Me” in the subject line so I can find your email in the spam box.  Some of the data for the cervical research project will be used here, on “The Barbed Pentacle”, but a majority of it may be used in other venues.  As always, for all the above projects, you may remain anonymous.  Thanks!

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Cannabis Roots: Feed Your Head, a supplement

While the focus of this series has been mainly on legal to semi-legal substances that can be used in ritual, I thought that some of you may enjoy Cannabis Roots: The Hidden History of Marijuana, which will air tomorrow live from 11 am-6 pm Pacific time on Pot TV.  Cannabis Roots is a ticketed event being held in Vancouver, Canada that will feature scholars of all sorts whose presentations will explore the important role that pot has played in world history, particularly the histories of many world religions.  Make sure to check out Dr. David Hillman’s lecture at 3 pm which will be about Bacchus, Aphrodite, sex, and drugs–you know, all the good things.  Of interest too will be Professor Carl Ruck’s lecture, also on Ancient Greek themes.

To watch the conference (and remember it’s live, so don’t mess up on the time): http://www.cannabisculture.com/cannabisroots

For a summary of Dr. Hillman’s lecture: http://www.cannabisculture.com/content/2012/09/28/Satisfying-Flame-Desire-Marijuana-Priestesses-Drugs-and-Cycle-

For a summary of Professor Ruck’s lecture: http://www.cannabisculture.com/content/2012/09/28/High-Thoughts-Aristophanes-Parody-Socrates-Pot-Head

************************************************************************************************* November 2013 update:  Dr. David Hillman’s lecture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVjT3Wwbb0k

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Samhain Invitation Tea: Feed Your Head, Part 4

My first experience with hallucinogens (besides the lovely trips I’d take as a little kid huffing nitrous oxide at the dentist’s office) was with eating nutmeg before bed to induce vivid dreams.  I had come across some reference to sailors getting trippy on nutmeg, and I decided that it would be fun to experiment with the spice.  Once you get past the initial nausea, it’s not too bad.

Nutmeg fruits want to be sexually alluring, but they just don’t quite pull it off.


This tea is good to serve at Samhain because it helps to open you up to the different possibilities of the thinning of the veil.  If you’re doing divination, it will help with that.  If you’re doing ancestor work, it will help with that.  If you’re looking for spirits, it will help with that.  If you’re just drinking away the night, add booze to the tea–preferable tequila or absinthe.

The recipe:  Serves 4 to 6 people or one really adventurous person with a strong stomach.

2 liters boiling water (or a kettle full), 1 cup honey, 3 grated nutmegs, 3 cinnamon sticks, 2 teaspoons dried yarrow, 1/4 cup rosehips (fresh or dried), 2 tablespoons dried mugwort (or wormwood), and 2 tablespoons dried hops

Steep concoction for 10 minutes and strain.  Serve chilled 10 minutes before ritual.

I’ve always been a little creeped out by how half a nutmeg looks. The little dark lines look like chicken veins or something. Of course, I suppose, you could divine things from the veins.

Do not use this tea if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, or trying to conceive.  Some of the herbs can cause pre-menstrual bleeding.  So keep a panty liner handy a day or two after ritual.


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Massaging the Moon

In the spirit of the Mabon (the fruit harvest) and the Harvest Moon, we’re going to explore ways to harvest sexual fruits in the bedroom.  Sex and fruit have been linked from the beginning of time.  Look at a plum and a naked woman.  Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?  See where this juice is running?  And it’s not only the visuals of fruits that invoke sexual thoughts in humans, it’s also the textures of the flesh, the taste, and the aromas.  Erotic Sensations has launched a new line of edible, fruity massage oils just in time for the fruit harvest: http://eroticsensations.us/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=5.  These economically priced non-staining, latex free, oil free ”oils” are good for massages or lubrication and are made from a vegetable base with no sugar added!

Personal and couple massage is a perfect way to celebrate and take advantage of the full moon and its energy.  To take advantage of the moon’s energy, make sure that the massage takes place near a window or sky light where the moon’s light is streaming in or have the massage take place outside under the moon.  As you stroke and knead, draw the moon’s energy into yourself and let it flow into you (for personal) or your partner through your fingers and palms.  Ritual massage is good for energy work, healing, and sex magic.  Adding in scented or flavored massage oils adds an interesting magical layer.

Erotic Sensations currently offers seven different flavors for your ritual needs.  As you massage with these oils, the oils will warm up when friction is applied by rubbing or heat up instantly when you blow on them (just think of the sensual possibilities there!).

Banana:  This scent is good for any working dealing with male or solar energy.  Bananas also represent the desire to give up material possessions.  As you massage with the oils, visualize being comfortable and happy with less possessions and clutter in your or your partner’s life.

Cherry: The scent of cherries is wonderful for doing personal massage work to attract suitors, particularly females.  It’s also good for aiding in divination, a traditional activity at the full moon.  See if you can devise a method of divination using cherry massage oil and your partner’s reaction to certain massage techniques or the way his or her muscles react to your touch.

Peach: This massage oil is good for work dealing with love (yourself, your partner, or others), spiritual fertility, and wishes.  If you feel a little empty or a little spiritually unfulfilled, spread a little peach massage oil on something nice to fill yourself up.  As you massage yourself, ask the Lord and Lady to come and plant the spiritual seeds with in you that you want to grow.

Passion Fruit:  This oil should be a no-brainer just based on its name.  Besides passion, passion fruit massage oil is good for winning love through a good massage or strengthening a friendship with good firm strokes.

Pina Colada:  The magic of pina colada massage oil is that it combines the properties of pineapple (which Erotic Sensations also sells separately) and coconut.  Both pineapples and coconuts are associated with chastity, so this oil is particularly good if you’re abstaining from partnered sex for a while and need a little fun.  Coconut massage oil works well too if you’re giving a massage to rid somebody or yourself of impurities or if you’re trying to massage into a person or yourself some wisdom.  Pineapple massage oil is good to take with you if you and your honey are going to Vegas or some other casino mecca since it helps attract prosperity and luck (or it could be used as a good way to relax before a job interview).  The oil is also good for protection.  Going on a long trip and you’re worried about leaving your partner all alone?  Massage a protection spell into their flesh with pineapple massage oil.

Strawberries: Strawberries are notorious for being thought to be aphrodisiacs.  This massage oil is good if you are doing a self-massage to have good luck in love or romance, or if you’re giving a massage to a partner that you think you may want to pursue further.

Not sure how to properly give a massage?  These web articles can help out:

http://www.lhj.com/health/stress/relaxation-techniques/how-to-give-a-killer-massage/  (I love the lesbian drawings–because we all know that’s what they are!)



 If you’re interested in pursuing erotically-charged magical massage, but you just don’t have the money right now to order supplies, enter this month’s giveaway: http://barbedpentacle.com/giveaways/.  There’s a set of massage oils up for grabs, as well as a wonderful set of bath supplies from Erotic Sensations.
Have the oils but need help getting in the right frame of mind for magic?  These posts should help:



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Tonia Time!

Listen now!!!!!  (but not at work or around minors)


Tonia Brown, one of the sexiest voices on the airwaves today, had her new radio show premier on Saturday night!  Unfortunately, I was away on my own personal Barbed Pentacle retreat where only handcuffs and pillow cases were allowed, so I was not able to let you all know about the glorious event.  But I’m telling you now.


The beauty of Internet radio is that you can listen to archived episodes any time you want.  Tonia Time will air weekly on Saturday evenings at 9pm at http://www.tmvcafe.com/#!home/mainPage.   The show will have a variety of guests covering a variety of topics and off topics.

So, who was the guest that got to pop the show’s cherry?  me

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Art, Passion, and Heart Told Tales

Magaly’s having another party!  Come see who all is attending: http://pagan-culture.blogspot.com/2012/06/art-passion-and-heart-told-tales.html.
Click here for my contribution, “Mattress Burn.”  Have fun!
These folks know all about some mattress burns!
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Ruffled Feathers

Like a lot of things in my life lately, I’m a little late to the party. That’s OK. I’m here now. In support of the The Pagan Values Blogject , I’ve written a short series of what pretty much amount to rants about the current state of Paganism. I try, for the most part, to shy away from straight out rants on this blog. Rants just don’t fit into the purpose. Instead, I slip them in to my blogs in insidious and snarky ways. However, during the month of June, the Pagan Values Project, invites Pagans to share their ethics, values, and virtues with the world at large and to rant about the importance or lack of these things in the Pagan community.
So, with out further ado, here’s my list of rants about the Pagan community and the things I see as important.
  • Yes, despite the nature of my blog, I do have ethics, values, and virtues that I live by and that I expect other people to live by too.
  • Despite what many people may think, I’m very old fashioned and in some ways quite conservative.

  • I don’t necessarily have problems with folks who are fluffy bunny Pagans in general, I have a big problem with fluffy bunnies who are narrow minded. Part of why I started this blog was to broaden the horizons of those fluffy bunnies who think ideas such as mine have no place in modern Paganism.
  • Pagans need to fully embrace that sex and procreation are part of nature based religions, but that while everyone should fully embrace this, it’s not appropriate to have literal representations at all events. It’s OK to have family rituals and adult rituals, but please make sure that it’s not for some lame fluffy bunny reason like “the intensity of the power raised in circle will be too much for children” or “the deep personal journey of the guided meditation is not appropriate for the child.” Please, those are bullshit reasons not to have children at ritual. Be an adult and say you don’t like children because you think they’re disruptive.

  • It’s alright if the grittier side of Paganism is not for you–and please feel free to judge away because I’ve already judged you–but stab me in the chest instead of the back. Pagans seem to think that back stabbing, bickering, and witch wars are perfectly acceptable. It’s not acceptable. We shouldn’t be fighting more than the Baptists. If you can’t say something to someone in person because you don’t have the balls, then you shouldn’t say it online. Electronic testicles don’t count in the real world. They only count in your false reality.
  • Sacrifice is important. The aversion to all manners of sacrifice is the reason why America and Pagans often fail. Submission, Perseverance, and Endurance is the path to Deity. Think of the Chinese Kung Fu master in the Kill Bill movies. He is Deity and Bea Kiddo is on the path to enlightenment.

  • There’s a time for modesty and a time nudity. Sometimes your blouse needs a safety pin and you need to wear a sweater.
  • Be authentic or you’ll never truly be able to interact with Deity.
  • If there’s going to be a viable Pagan community that is going to be taken seriously, then people need to be active and involved. The includes charity and volunteerism. While Pagan clergy should not be paid for their services, especially if they don’t hold a divinity degree, Pagans should be the ones to fund their covens and groups. This world no longer works on the bartering system. Dig in your pocket and find a dollar. That being said, clergy and others should not live off their groups. Religious education should be free, and the only people who should be allowed to make a living from holding a Pagan event is somebody who is honest enough to bill themselves as a promoter instead of hiding being a clergy title and a group affiliation.

That’s my rant for now. Jilting clergy will be up next, and irresponsible polyamory will end the series.

May you never thirst, part 3: You’re a grape because you’re full of whine!

What do fancy dinners, Wiccan rituals, Ernest Hemingway, and my favorite punch all have in common? Wine! Pagans and yuppies in particular seem to be fond of wine. For some reason, and I suspect that it goes back to mistaken thoughts about ancients and carry overs from Christian communion, many Pagans feel that they can only use wine for cakes and ale. This of course is ridiculous, but wine is still the most popular beverage in circle. Wine is incredibly easy to make, which probably explains why most of the world’s cultures have some version of it. Kordwainer, who has been Wiccan for 20 years, makes wine at home.

Several years ago he was looking for a new project to take on. ” A friend of mine suggested that I look into wine making. It was good timing too, because there were a couple of learning opportunities right around the bend. I ended up attending a workshop by the agricultural extension service and enrolling in a short class at a local farm just a month or so later. ” Since learning about wine making, Kordwainer has made several batches of wine, from both kits (like making a cake from cake mix) and crushed fruit (like making a cake from scratch), some of which have been used in rituals for cakes and ale and libation.

Wine holds a sacred spot in Kordwainer’s religious beliefs. “I am, in particular, a devotee of Dionysos, God of wine (among other things). He is the Divine aspect that resonates most deeply with me and I see His story played out in the actual wine making process itself,” explains Kordwainer. “In a body of Myth associated with Orphic cults, we are taught that humanity was originally made partly of the remains of the infant Dionysos and partly of the Titans who kidnapped and dismembered Him. When Zeus discovered that the Titans had killed the child and were preparing to make a meal of him, He showered the entire scene with His lightning, destroying both the attackers and the victim. Hermes swooped in and carried away Dionysos’s still beating heart, from which He was later reborn. The soot and ash that was left over served as the raw material from which Zeus formed mankind. The material was a mix of the remains of the baby and His murderers, therefore each of us has something of the God in us as well as more base and wicked impulses.

“Dionysos’s bodily destruction at the hands of the Titans is mirrored in the crushing of the grape, and the gradual separation of the new wine from the must and lees reflects His role in elevating our own spirits, drawing out more of our Divine nature and leaving behind our titanic influences.

“What I’ve enjoyed more than anything else has been muscadine wine. I love the flavor, and the grapes themselves have an untamed quality that I admire. I think of them as embodying more of the wild Dionysian spirit.”

As I stated above, wine is really easy to make. It is also completely legal to make at home, as long as you don’t sell your wine or make more than around 100 gallons. Of course, like anything, there’s always somebody willing to sell their sqeezings regardless of the law.Kordwainer said that his initial investment was about $200, which included yeast and fruit for his first batch and a bundled kit from a wine shop. The typical kit includes a primary fermenter, two secondary fermenters, a hydrometer (a tool that measures sugar/alcohol levels), and some tubing for racking. With this set up, you’re ready to start making your first batch.

According to Kordwainer, “You basically start with some sweet liquid, like fruit juice, and place it in a controlled environment where you can manage things like temperature and exposure to oxygen. Fruit pulp or whole crushed fruit is often left in the juice to help provide aroma and color. This juice/fruit combo is called “must”. Into your must, you introduce some yeast and give it time to convert the sugar into alcohol, making sure to keep an eye on the process. 

 ”At some point you’ll have to separate the wine from the sediment (called the “lees”) or the wine will take on some unpleasant flavors or odors. The separation is accomplished by draining the wine into a new container, leaving the lees behind (this is called “racking”). You’ll probably have to rack a batch of wine at least twice before you get an acceptable level of clarity. 

“When the wine is clear, and the fermentation process is complete, you’ll hopefully have a very dry wine. Any sweetness left at this point means that the fermentation process was halted before the yeast could eat all the sugar, and that can be a bad sign. Most winemakers will sweeten their wine at least a little after the fermentation process is done and before final bottling, but for fans of dry wines, it’s not strictly necessary. It is important to stabilize the wine (kill any remaining yeast) before bottling, though. If fermentation restarts after the wine is bottled, it can have explosive results (literally). 

“You have to make sure the sugar level in your juice is high enough to get the potency you want in your wine, and you have to be careful about what strains of yeast you use and make sure that the risk of contamination from other bacteria is minimized. My best tip is Sanitation is king. Keep everything sanitized; even the slightest contamination can ruin a batch of wine. Next, I’d advise you to do your homework. Read some books, take a class or attend a workshop if you’re able to. Try to at least partially understand what you’re trying to accomplish on a chemical level. I’m no chemist, but the little bit I learned has really help immeasurably. Finally, I’d say to be prepared to exercise some patience. Wine takes a long time to mature. You’re looking at 3 or 4 months at least before a batch is drinkable, and letting it mature longer after bottling greatly improves its quality.” 

Just as wine and ritual seem to be a natural pairing, food and wine seem to be quite natural as well. While many wine aficionados spend endless hours biting their nails over pairing just the right wine with their food, Kordwainer says that it’s not a big deal. “It’s a bit like magick, actually. In a way, wine/food pairing follows the law of attraction. Like calls to like. Red meats go with red wines; and white meats like poultry or fish go with white wines. Rich foods pair nicely with more robust wines, and milder food match with lighter wines. Of course, the most important rule is to drink wine you enjoy with food you enjoy, preferably in enjoyable company. “ 

Just as pairing the right wine to the right cuisine is important, pouring wine properly is also important. “There are differing opinions about that. There are a LOT of variables, honestly: the exact temperature at which to serve the wine, the shape of the glass, how long to let it breathe before pouring, whether or not to use a decanter, etc. Pouring a glass of wine can be an art, or even a science. To add to the confusion, it can all change for different varieties of wine. You pour a still wine into the center of the glass, but you pour a sparkling wine against the edge to keep it bubbly. White wines are more commonly served chilled than reds, although sweeter red wines sometimes break this rule.

 ”My own favorite serving method is highly unorthodox, but it does have some historical justification. The Greeks, in accordance with the edicts of Dionysos, always mixed their wine with water. To them, the drinking of unmixed wine was a sign of barbarism. I prefer to mix my wine with club soda and serve it over ice. I also favor sweet, full bodied wines which work out well with this method. I know that there are some cultured wine buffs who would have my head, but I pour it to drink and enjoy, and I think that’s the real secret to the perfect glass of wine.” 

With that said, imbibe some wine and try not to act like a maenad (at least not too much!).

Intercourse in Ritual

“There is something so amazing about a sexual climax, where you are so engulfed by the sensations, that I think you actually transcend your own self and ego … and all that you identify with at that point, and [you] achieve a new level or consciousness that is totally pure.” –Martina

There’s tons of books and websites and workshops out there about sex magic and tantric sex.  That’s not what this entry is about.

Intercourse in ritual is a natural extension of Hieros Gamos, the sacred marriage and union of the God and Goddess.  There are many different ways that sex can be used in ritual to enhance the ritual and magic.  And sex, as it’s being used here, means with two or more people or solitary.  Masturbation works just as well as partnered sex.  Here’s a short, short run down of some different ideas to get you into the Beltane spirit.

Sex to call the quarters
Consider using different positions, toys, or acts to call in the elements and quarters.

Sex to Invoke the Lord and Lady
Consider using different positions or toys to invoke the God and Goddess.  If you’re having sex with a partner of the opposite sex/gender affiliation, when invoking the Goddess, the girl can be on top.  When invoking the God, guy on top.

Sex to raise energy
In many different sex magic traditions, sex is used to generate the energy behind the magic, with the spell being completed upon climax.

Literal Hieros Gamos
Instead of an athame and chalice, use your body as it was meant to be used!

If your tradition calls for libations to be poured during ritual, sexual fluids are a wonderful libation liquid and are much more meaningful than cheap wine.

Sex to ground
While sex can be used to raise energy, sex can also be used to dissipate energy.  As you climax, feel all that extra energy from ritual seep into the ground and leave your body.

Sex as the whole ritual
For those with stamina and creativity, sex can be the whole ritual act.  Foreplay can be used to call in the elements and invoke the Lord and Lady, food can be added in for cakes and ale, and climax after climax can be added in for magical acts, libations, and grounding.

Let my worship be within the heart that rejoices, for behold, all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.

With the Lady’s words in mind, outdoor sex should be done on private property, no underage participants should be present at rituals that involve sex or sexual acts, and all sexual acts should be consensual.

These folks have sex in ritual:
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