If Looks Could Kill…..

The evil eye.  Just the mention of it sends shivers to a great majority of people.  Although the old adage says “If looks could kill…”, many people, Pagans and non-Pagans, know that looks can kill–in a way.  If a look is directed at a person with enough malice behind it and with enough frequency, the universe often responds.  How can one protect themselves from these baneful glances?  Evil Eye Magic!

The evil eye motif has become rather fashionable of late as celebrities have embraced this ancient custom by making it chic to wear evil eye jewelry and nail designs.  The design works not only for those afflicted, but for those not yet afflicted as well (and let’s face it, everyone at one point or another has felt the evil eye radiating out from another person’s eye sockets).

How can you tell if you’re under the influence of the evil eye?  According to the Stregas, take a cup of water and some olive oil.  Put the cup on your head (you might need another person to help with this) and drop a little of the olive oil into the water.  If the oil stays in droplets, then you’re clear.  If the oil spreads out in a rainbow hued sheen, then you’re afflicted.  What to do?  Smudging yourself with sage may work, but clearing yourself with a selenite wand or an egg works better.  To do this, take the selenite or egg, and starting with your head, move the object slightly above your skin, in the aura area, letting all the negativity that was aimed at you flow out of you and into the egg/selenite.  Then work your way down, not forgetting to do both front and back.  If after one cleansing you don’t feel clean, then do it a couple more times.  The selenite trick is fairly well known in the main stream Pagan world.  The egg cleansing comes from the Hoodoo and brujeria traditions.

How can you protect yourself?  Use an evil eye!  There are so many variations on this symbol, that the ways you can create one for you is absolutely endless.  Almost every culture in the world has their own version of the evil eye, and volumes could be written on the subject.  Just look on an American one dollar bill.  The “all seeing eye” of Masonic fame?  An evil eye!  The version of the evil eye that most Westerners are familiar with is of Middle Eastern/North African ancestry.  This version, along with the Hamsa hand/Hand of Fatima, spread east some into Iraq and Iran, and very far into the West with the Moorish Invasion.  The Moors took this tradition to Spain where it was brought to the New World and added to the indigenous symbols against the evil eye.  Ever wonder about the God’s eye/Sun’s eye motifs or the crescent symbol often seen in South Western jewelry?  Evil Eyes!

So, now that you have the facts, there are many ways that you can integrate evil eyes into your life.  In today’s world, eyes are always on you, so it pays to have evil eyes everywhere.  If you are crafty and like to stitch, here is an evil eye cross stitch pattern:


If you like to crochet, here are instructions put together by our very own Ms. Finch:

Terms:  Ch- Chain Stitch; Ch sp- Chain Space; Dc- Double Crochet; Sc- Single Crochet; Sl St- Slip Stitch

This pattern uses the magic circle and tapestry techniques.

You can learn about these here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLuSVyKvoU and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wGsqonuccc

Colors used:  A-Black, B- Multi blue, C- Bone, D Leaf Green


Using ‘A’, Magic circle, Row 1: Ch3( counts as dc here and throughout.) , 11 dc in magic circle, join with sl st in top of ch3. (12 dc)

Row 2:  Ch3,1dc,ch1 in 1st dc, 2dc,ch1 in each dc around. (12 2dc) Join w/ sl st in top of ch3. Fasten off.

Row 3:  Join B in any ch1 sp. Ch3 2dc (3dc made) 3dc in ea ch1 sp around. Join with sl st in top of ch3. (12 ch1 sp)

Row 4:  Ch3, dc in each dc and ch1 sp around (48 dc) join w/ sl st in top of ch 3.

Row 5:  Ch2, sc in each dc around. (48 dc) join w/ sl st in top of ch2. Fasten off.

Row 6:  Join C in any sc. Ch3, 3dc, ch2 in same sc as join * sk nxt 3 sc- 4dc,ch2 in nxt sc* repeat from * to* around. Join w/ sl st in top of ch 3 sp. (12 ch2sp)

Rows 7 & 8 are done in tapestry stitch.

Row 7:  Sl st to next ch2sp- 4dc,ch2 in nxt ch2sp- 4dc,ch1 in nxt ch2 sp- drop ‘C’. (do not fasten off carry strand along work until needed.) Join ‘D’- ch1- 4dc,ch2,4dc (corner 1 made) in nxt ch2sp- ch2-4dc,ch2 in nxt 2 ch2sp- 4dc,ch2,4dc (corner 2 made)- ch1- drop ‘D’- pick up ‘C’- Ch1- 4dc,ch2 in nxt ch2sp- 4dc,ch1 in nxt ch2sp- drop ‘C’ pick up ‘D’- ch1-4dc,ch2,4dc (corner 3 made)- 4dc,ch2 in nxt 2 ch2sp-dc4,ch2,dc4 (corner 4 made)-ch2- join w/ sl st in top of ch3. (4 4dc with ‘C’, 8 4dc with ‘D’.)

Row 8:  Sl st to next ch2sp- 4dc,ch1 in nxt ch2sp-ch1-drop ‘D’ pick up ‘C’-ch1- 4dc,ch1 in nxt ch2 sp- Drop ‘C’ pick up ‘D’- ch1- 4dc,ch2 in nxt ch2sp-4dc,ch2,4dc (corner 1 made) in nxt ch2sp- ch2-4dc,ch2 in nxt 3 ch2sp- 4dc,ch2,4dc (corner 2 made)- ch2- 4dc,ch1 in nxt ch2sp-drop ‘D’- pick up ‘C’- Ch1-4dc,ch1 in nxt ch2sp-Drop ‘C’ pick up ‘D’- Ch1- 4dc,ch2 in nxt ch2sp-4dc,ch2,4dc (corner 3 made)- 4dc,ch2 in nxt 3 ch2sp-4dc,ch2,4dc (corner 4 made)-ch2- join w/ sl st in top of ch3. ( 4dc with ‘C’, 4dc with ‘D’.)

Row 9:  ch3-*dc in each dc and ch sp to 1st corner ch2sp-dc4,ch2dc4 in corner* repeat from * to * around. Join with sl st in top of ch3 sp. Fasten off.

If you’re not into stichin’ and bitchin’, you can still make cool evil eye items for your home or to wear as jewelry.   The easiest way to do this is with flat blue marbles or blue glass beads and acrylic craft paint.  The marble/bead will be your base.  Then paint a circle of white on your base, making sure not to cover the entire surface.  When the paint dries, paint a smaller circle of blue on the white.  When that dries, paint a small circle of black in the center.  This is the pupil of the evil eye.

 Using blue comes from the Middle Eastern tradition, but blue can be substituted with red or orange, which comes from Hoodoo.  This website has tons of wonderful evil eye items that can be used for craft ideas:  http://www.evileyestore.com/


I think polished nails are absolutely sexy, and if done correctly, can be quite magical.  There are tons and tons of evil eye design tutorials out there on the Web, but these are my favorite:





What better way to ward off the evil eye than to be able to flip off the person looking at you with malevolence with a middle finger painted with an evil eye?  To further enhance that magic, henna can be applied to your hands (and other parts of your body), so that you create a living Hamsa hand/ hand of Fatima.

Henna can be purchased loose and then mixed or as a paste.  In a future post I’ll cover all the different magical uses of Henna and my super special Henna recipe.  But for now, if you want to explore Henna on your own, check out http://www.mehandi.com/ and http://www.tapdancinglizard.com/.  These are the most historically accurate sites on henna out there.  Get out your e-reader and have fun browsing around the free books and patterns.  There are evil eye patterns on those sites from all over the historic henna-using world.  I like and respect Catherine Cartwright-Jones’ scholarship enough that I have one of her researched henna patterns tattooed on my body (just a little something to honor a past life spent in an Ottoman harem).

Don’t want any outward symbols but still want evil eye protection?  There’s are options for you, just not at this time of year.  During the Halloween season in the U.S. stores abound with wonderful evil eye options for those who either want to ingest their evil eye or have it disappear into thin air.  Any kind of eye ball candy makes the perfect ingestible evil eye. Before you eat, you can say, “Evil eye inside of me, watch, protect, and discourage for me!”  There’s even evil eye beer!  Bubbles are also a great, invisible evil eye option. Bubbles in eye ball containers can be charmed and blown around the house, person, or car for protection.  In addition to yourself and your home and car, don’t forget to protect your computer.  If you type “evil eye screen savers” into your favorite search engine, a plethora of images will come up that you can use to protect your computer, or you can just steal the image below.

There are tons of options out there for mal de ojo protection.  Don’t get caught unprotected!

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The Diddler Beside You: A PSA and PVB contribution

Do you know who is standing beside you in circle?  I mean REALLY know that person.  Does it matter?  Maybe.  We all have skeletons in the closet, and while most of those skeletons have nothing to do with our chosen religious groups, some of them do–despite what you may think.  And yes, I’m flying into an area that some of you may see as hypocritical air space, but it needs to be done.

If you are a sex offender, i.e. on a sex offender registry or have ever been on a sex offender registry, you have a moral obligation to inform your religious group–regardless of whether or not that group allows children to participate.  You may have actually done the crime, you may feel that you were wrongly accused, you may have actually been wrongly accused, or you may have just gotten caught literally with your pants down, but you have an obligation to tell the religious leaders of the group that you’re attending.  Often times this is a legal obligation, but it is also a moral obligation and just a common courtesy.

Why am I bringing this up?  Well, it’s June, so I get to write more opinion based entries in support of the Pagan Values Blogject (http://paganvalues.wordpress.com/), but it’s also an issue, not just in the Pagan community but in many religious communities.  Some Pagans who are on the list don’t feel that it’s necessary to tell anyone or explain anything, even when they maintain that they were wrongly convicted of diddling someone they didn’t have permission to diddle.  And it’s sad, but the people who actually are wrongly convicted are usually the ones who are forth- coming and willingly fulfill their obligation to tell.

Some Pagan group members feel that they shouldn’t question their members about this, that they should just welcome everyone in–even when they legally should not because of minors in attendance.  We’re not Christians; we’re not obligated to love everyone and certainly not to forgive.  And given the nature of our religion (i.e. the Great Rite, Beltane, sky clad, etc.), we need to be more cautious and selective than the Christians and other religions about who attends our functions.

We are often shocked when we realize that a sex offender has been in our midst.  While it’s easy to blame the sex offender (as I just did in the previous paragraphs), it’s the groups’ members’ responsibility too.  Each state has a sex offender data base.  There is also a national database.  However, sometimes looking into someone’s background can been a headache.  Most sex offenders only have to stay on a list for ten years.  The national database does not include everybody from all the states.  The state databases often are not accurate.  And even more confusing and unsettling is that sex offenders often move from state to state and a lot of the times they will neglect to register in the state that they currently reside.  Some states don’t even require sex offenders from other states to register.

So where does this leave us?  Sex offenders don’t have to worship with you.  Paganism, but Wicca in particular, can be a fulfilling solitary religion.  If you are clergy (and I’m speaking in the ordained or trained sense, not the “priesthood of the believer” sense), though, you are obligated by the nature of your calling to provide religious support to anyone who asks, but you’re not obligated to invite them to your group.  Some cities have groups specifically for folks who cannot attend ritual with children.  If there is a group like that in your city, you can recommend that group to the sex offender.  If there’s not, then you could suggest the sex offender start one.  However, chances are that the sex offender is going to be really angry when you ask him or her to leave.

What if you’re not clergy?  Some groups already have policies in place regarding how they handle matters such as sex offenders in their midst.  If your group doesn’t, then they should seriously think about adopting one.  If you find out that a group member is on a registry or was in the past, it’s your moral obligation to discreetly tell a clergy member.  Don’t be a gossip (because in this situation that can have legal ramifications too), but somebody in charge needs to know for legal reasons.  What if your group decides to allow a sex offender to worship with them because there’s no legal reason why they shouldn’t stay, but you feel uncomfortable?  Then you need to leave.  Nothing’s tying you there, and if you feel that you can’t leave, then you’re probably in a cult.

And when you’re browsing the registry, looking up members, don’t forget to look up for your priests and priestesses too.  Sex offenders lead family oriented Pagan groups all the time.  If something seems wrong, call the police.  You pay taxes.  Make them work!


Mystic Artisanshttps://www.facebook.com/mysticartisans

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Tonia Brown:  www.thebackseatwriter.com

Christian food is nourishing too!: A Pagan Service Announcement

Right now, there are many people in America who are struggling to make ends meet and feed their families.  Some of these people are Pagans, Heathens, and other non-Christians.  Often times, people decide that they do need assistance from agencies other than those run by the state and federal governments.  In many areas, these agencies are run by Christians.  Some non-Christians take offense to this and act in foolish and pig-headed ways.  If you and your family are starving and freezing, you are stupid not to take whatever help is offered–even if you have to smile and listen to someone tell you about the joys of Jesus.

What you find at a Pagan food bank.

Despite what you may have heard or what you may believe, Christian food is just as nourishing to you as it is to a Christian.  You will not burst into flames if you eat it.  Likewise, Christian emergency fund money will pay your electric bill just as efficiently as anybody else’s legal tender.  Also, despite what you may have heard or what you want to believe, many Christian run food banks don’t care what your religious beliefs are, nor will they refuse to help you if you are not a Christian.  Some places will indeed ask if you have taken Jesus as your Savior, but often times answering “no” will not mean you won’t get food.  Usually people are denied food at these places because when asked about their beliefs they become belligerent, defensive dumbasses that care more about proclaiming their Pagan beliefs than feeding their children.

If you are questioned about your religious beliefs at a Christian food bank, there are many ways to politely respond to their questions without being a hungry asshole.  If someone asks you if you know Jesus or if you have taken Jesus as your Savior, you can say, “No, but I’m open to hearing a little more about him,” or you can say “I feel that I’m just not ready to take that step yet.”  Both of these responses are truthful to your beliefs and they are respectful to the Christians.  You may get preached at a little or get handed a tract, but isn’t that just a small price to pay for not having to buy groceries with money you don’t really have?  If you get asked if you have been Saved, just reply with an honest “No” and let it go (unless you come from a Presbyterian background, then you can honestly answer that you’re predestined).  If you are asked if you believe in a Heaven or Hell, don’t launch into a diatribe about how you don’t believe in Hell or how wonderful the Summerland is going to be.  Just simply respond, “I’m not sure, but I would love to hear about your belief in Heaven and Hell.”  There’s no harm done in listening, and before you know it, you’ll have your groceries in the car and your emergency fund money in the electric company’s bank account!

If you have noticed, you’ve not once had to say that you’re Pagan (or other non-Christian religious adherent).  If you’re smart and sensitive to your surroundings, you will not wear obvious Pagan jewelry or t-shirts at the Christian food bank, and you’ll have enough sense to cover up any Pagan tattoos.  What should you do if a Christian says,  “It doesn’t sound like you’re a Christian, what religion are you?”  As with all the previous answers, the perfect answer is simple and leaves room for the Christian to proselyte if he/she wishes too.  Try answering in this manner: “I follow a Nature-based belief system that has great respect for all the religions and believes that many paths are valid, including Christianity.”  Or, you can give the simplest answer of all: “I’m non-denominational.”

How can you find food banks in your area?  The easiest way is to call your local Health Department, Agricultural Extension Office, or Department of Social Services.  Just tell them that it’s been a hard month and you need some temporary assistance with food.  If you don’t feel comfortable with this, lie and say you’re calling on behalf of a friend.

Usually you are denied food because with the bad economy nobody is donating food.

In a related bit of advice:  If you receive any sort of state or federal assistance, whether it’s Medicaid, SNAP, or Pell Grants, don’t be a dumbass and complain in public (like on social networking sites) about how much you hate certain local industries just because they irritate you, i.e. the Christmas tree industry or tourism.  The tax money from these industries helps to pay the public assistance that you’re receiving, and nobody feels like their tax money should go to you when all you do is appear to be an ungrateful brat who needs his or her ass beat!

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So you think what you’re doing is different: A Pagan Service Announcement

Tennesse Waltz (click it!  http://chriseaglemusic.weebly.com/)(no, that’s not my spelling error)

Often times in life you find yourself doing things that you know others will frown upon (perhaps like reading this blog or masturbating to “The Tennessee Waltz), or you find yourself thinking, “I’m the only one in the world who would think to do this and find it enjoyable.”  If these thoughts have ever occurred to you, then you need to watch Taboo on the National Geographic Channel.

 Taboo is not a new show, but it’s always cutting edge (something literally), and full of surprises.  Some of the episodes cover topics that have been covered here in blog posts, some of the episodes cover things that I would never dream of covering, and some future episodes are covering topics that I am already lined up to cover.  It’ll be interesting to see who gets to cover them first and how that coverage compares.

Don’t have satellite?  National Geographic has a majority of the episodes for free online: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/taboo/  (click “Full Episodes”). So, as you click on the above link, know that you’re not alone.  There are other people out there engaging in your particular taboo, and if not, there are people out there engaging in taboos that blow yours out of the water.

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