Thanksgiving, also known as the National Day of Mourning, is the start of the Feed the Glut of Consumerism Season.  We’ve been through Thanksgiving Night Sales and Black Friday.  Now we are on #SmallBusinessSaturday, one of the few days of FGCS that I actively support.  Pagans and Heathens seem to be really good at starting small businesses and holding festivals that support vendors.  And that’s great, unless you have an extreme glut of vendors all selling the same stuff from Azure Green.  If you’re online, it can be extremely hard to stand out from everybody else.  How can you blow away all the chaff and be the kernel left in the winnowing basket?  One thing you can do is to advertise with Pagan and Heathen blogs, like The Barbed Pentacle.  Another thing you can do is, if you’re a business, join the Pagan Business Network.  If you’re a consumer, check out the folks who are members of the Pagan Business Network, and buy from their members.

Now, I’m not saying that you should only buy from Pagans and Heathens or that you should buy only from people in PBN, but I do believe that you should look first at buying from Pagans and Heathens or Pagan friendly businesses–not just for gifts and ritual goods but also for other services, like mechanics, IT professionals, etc.  Other faith communities activity exhort their adherents to patronize each other professionally, and I think we should too.  Despite what critics may claim, it doesn’t have to be viewed as an exclusionary tactic.  Instead, it should be viewed as an important means of community building and strengthening.

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