Nails and other detritus: A Pagan Service Announcement

The proper disposal of nail clippings and other personal detritus has become a major problem in the Pagan community.  Improper disposal of personal detritus can lead to you being placed in a jar on somebody’s shelf, having a poppet made of you, or being framed for a crime you didn’t commit.  You don’t want a poppet made of you, do you?

No, I didn’t think so, nor do you want to be singing the song, “But that’s not really my DNA” to the police.  They never believe you.  Not only is improper disposal of personal detritus gross, but it’s irresponsible.  Personal detritus is the easiest way for another magically inclined person to have control over you.

There are several proper ways to dispose of personal detritus.  First of all, make sure to collect all your nail clippings, loose hair (even from shower drains), pieces of dead skin or scabs, and boogers for proper disposal.  If you make this a daily habit, then the threat of someone controlling you will be greatly diminished.

Now it’s time to dispose of the detritus.  You can burn the waste and scatter the ashes.  You can bury the waste.  You can flush the waste.  My favorite is to let it all fly out of the car window as I’m speeding down the road.

To summarize, get your detritus out of your enemies’ hands and back to nature where it can decompose.
These folks always properly dispose of nail clippings: