Feel the Burn (oh, so good!)

Need just the right gift for a picky person who has it all?  Looking for a unique ritual item?  Want to jazz up your kitchen with cool spoons and trivets?  Look no further than Mystic Artisans, the winners of the Just Smack Me! Spoon contest.

In business since 2005, Mystic Artisans is the baby of Don and Tonie Ervin, wood burning and etching artists based in the Piedmont of North Carolina.  They sell from their Facebook page and local festivals pre-made items and custom orders.  While they can each wood burn and etch, Tonie is the queen of the wood burner and Don the etch master.

They have items priced for every budget.  Unlike some vendors out there, they believe in creating art for art’s sake and payment is just a secondary perk.

Mystic Artisans will tackle almost any project on wood or stone.  ”It’s a balance between what strike’s our fancy and what we think people would like to see us try our hand at. Sometimes we do things because they are a personal challenge (i.e. The Killing Joke) and sometimes we are doing commissions or working on things that customers have suggested we might be good at.”

Mystic Artisans is a true partnership.  Because of their preferred specialties and talents, they try to work on projects together in ways that will complement each other’s abilities.  ”Oh we work very well together! Tonie is a great at painting, but terrible at coloring with markers and pencils. So Donald steps up and colors all her wood-burnings for her.  Donald is a wiz at stone cutting but has trouble painting more delicate creations so Tonie helps him out with that. We also push each other’s talents. Before we reveal any artwork to the community it always gets a once-over and scrutinized by the other half of the partnership!”

“We try to be respectful to any and all religions in general. Most of our best fans are from the pagan community and we do some of our best custom work for those people. However, we have also been asked in the past to create work with religious themes for non-pagan customers as well. “To each his own” is our rule of thumb. However we do believe that if we were asked to do custom work that would insult or disparage our own personal pagan beliefs, a line would be drawn.”   Don and Tonie are both active in Pagan groups in their community and often vend at Pagan events.

Although Mystic Artisans have a formula that works, they are constantly  planning for the future.  ”[We want to] Get our own website started. Attend more local festivals, do lots more custom work! We are wanting to get into papier-mâché masks. We have painted some that we have picked up from local craft stores and have had a lot of fun doing them, so we want to make some from scratch. Donald is also wanting to get into prop-replica building. We are also considering making our own inks and writing pens. We have a friend we are talking to who makes his own stationary paper and we are making a deal with him to print our original images on handmade stationary that we can carry to events to sell! We always have something going on!”
Mystic Artisans is always up for custom work, including the kinky and gritty.  Contact them on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/mysticartisans

All I Want for Yule is a Werewolf and a Cat (and several other things….)

Since tomorrow is Black Friday, the traditional start of the mayhem of the gluttony of capitalism, we here at the Barbed Pentacle thought that we should join right in.  Presenting the Barbed Pentacle 2013 Yule Gift Giving Guide–everything you need to buy for all the unappreciative people in your life.  So, without further ado……..

Play Pretties

Mystic Artisans   The creative duo of Don and Toni were the winners of the “Just Smack Me!” spoon decorating contest.  http://barbedpentacle.com/2012/12/spoon-contest-winner/ All of Mystic Artisan’s items are one of a kind, moderately priced, and absolutely fucking mind-blowing.  They do custom work and sell already made items.  Looking for a keepsake or ritual item that will become an heirloom?  Talk to Tonie and Don! https://www.facebook.com/mysticartisans  Look for an anniversary interview with the pair soon.

Sacred Vessel Pottery  

Sacred Vessel Pottery creates utilitarian and decorative pieces for the home and ritual.  According to their Facebook page, “Our Wares are Created to Enhance the Spiritual Practices of All Paths & Religions.”

Work in Progress

For sacred tobacco use

They have a wide variety of pieces from the very small to the huge and magnificent at a variety of prices.   You can buy work already made or commission just the perfect piece. https://www.facebook.com/SacredVesselPottery

Quadrivium Supplies A past sponsor, Quadrivium Supplies is a seller of new and traditional Hoodoo, Voodoo, and other spell oils.  All oils are made from the highest grade materials at just the right Zodiac time and moon phase.  All oil recipes have been well researched and tested. The oils are perfect for candle magic, gris gris and poppet magic, or for just general annoiting.  Visit http://www.quadrivium-supplies.com/ for a complete list of oils and ordering information.  Here’s a previous post about Quadrivium Supplies: http://barbedpentacle.com/2012/08/the-wonders-of-magical-oils-a-3-am-infomercial-barbed-pentacle-style/

Knotjokin Rope Floggers   Knotjokin Rope Floggers, a past sponsor, features a variety of extremely interesting rope implements for the experienced player or for light ritual use. To shop and order: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Knotjokin   Custom orders are also accepted.  Here’s a link to a previous post about Knotjokin Rope Floggers:  http://barbedpentacle.com/2013/02/damn-it-lupercus-im-knotjokin/

No Hide Floggers   No Hide Floggers are vegan-inspired floggers created from decorative duct tape.  Made by a Wiccan High Priestess, these pieces are suitable for both play and ritual. No Hide Floggers is a current sponsor.  Look for an interview with the proprietor soon.  For selection and ordering information: http://jinglepets-nohide.blogspot.com  Custom orders are also accepted.

Library and Media

Tonia Brown  Tonia Brown is an author who writes a mixture of zombie, horror, steam punk, and sex stories.  She is widely published and is becoming quite the recognizable lady!  She is also the host of the radio show “Tonia Time”.  https://www.facebook.com/ToniaTime?filter=1 For more information on all of her writing, her thoughts, projects, and her new releases, click on http://thebackseatwriter.blogspot.com/   To order her books, go to http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=tonia%20brown&sprefix=tonia+b%2Caps&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Atonia%20brown  (It’s all there!)  Be on the look out for an upcoming review of Devouring Milo soon.   Dr. David Hillman Dr. Hillman, the bad boy of Academia and guest blogger, never disappoints and always has something salacious to say.  Non-fiction for the fiction lover, his easy-to-read style is perfect for anyone delving into the world research.  Don’t let his style fool you.  All of his books are chocked full of well researched, cutting edge material that will rock your world and completely change your way of thinking. Book review:  http://barbedpentacle.com/2013/02/christ-jesus-youre-leaking-titty-milk/
To purchase Dr. Hillman’s books, visit http://www.amazon.com  For more information on Dr. Hillman http://roninpub.com/orisin.html  Guest posts by Dr. Hillman  http://barbedpentacle.com/2013/02/damn-it-lupercus-im-knotjokin/    http://barbedpentacle.com/2012/11/who-has-priapism/

Lee Harrington and “Passion and Soul” Lee Harrington, nationally known author and lecturer on BDSM and alternative spirituality, has a variety of books on the market that make the perfect Yule present.  How to find them?  http://passionandsoul.com/author  Lee will also does personal workshops and sessions for your special someone.    Here’s the Barbed Pentacle’s review of Lee’s latest work: http://barbedpentacle.com/2012/11/tip-your-bootblack-a-review-of-playing-well-with-others/


It is done folks!  ”House of Oddities” has been premiered.  It’s now available online and will soon be available on DVD!  The film, a documentary about the Atrocity Exhibition in Pittsburg, PA, is a nice professionally produced and directed film.  If you are a collector and admirer of alternative art, this is the film for you.  For more information about the project http://barbedpentacle.com/2013/07/fuck-corporate-hollywood/  For information on purchasing the film http://barbedpentacle.com/2013/07/fuck-corporate-hollywood/

Other Books of Note from New Authors

Duchess Mackinnon Endless Night:  Sex and Vampires, Oh My!  A nice soft stroke story to carry with you in the airport as you travel this holiday season.  Nice and fun, you’ll still be able to read and enjoy it after you’ve had several cocktails or some tranqs to deal with your relatives.  Buy it at http://www.amazon.com/Endless-Night-Duchess-MacKinnon-ebook/dp/B00GACAVT2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1385539004&sr=8-2&keywords=duchess+mackinnon    

Heather Morris “Italian Vocabulary from My Little Black Book”  This volume, from Barbed Pentacle fan Heather Morris, was created from her years of notes on Italian that she encountered in her magical work.  This book is perfect for anyone who has been mired down in Italian during their Stregan magical work or who wants to travel to Italia.  

To purchase  http://www.amazon.com/Italian-Vocabulary-Little-Black-Book-ebook/dp/B00FQQ1VJ2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1385540247&sr=8-1&keywords=Italian+from+my+little+black+book

Wares from the Barbed Pentacle

Looking for just the right gift for the discerning friend, or just looking for a unique way to pamper yourself?  Then consider shopping at the Barbed Pentacle Cafe Press Store or commissioning a private piece for your own enjoyment.  Barbed Pentacle apparel can be found at http://www.cafepress.com/thebarbedpentacle

Treat yourself with your very own personalized stroke story:  http://barbedpentacle.com/sponsors-click-click-click-click-click/209-2/personalized-boudoir-stories/  


The Highest Compliment You Can Give Is Censorship

Yes, I’m still alive.  Yes, I’m still publishing salacious material that most countries would ban.  In case you cared (which knowing you, you probably didn’t), my Lammas to Mabon hiatus was due to being tied up in a corn field somewhere in the deep South watching all the sexy dove hunters sashay around in their camo, with their big guns and dead little birds.

This is Banned Book Week, probably my favorite week of the year.  If you’ve never heard of Banned Book Week, you’re the reason why it was created.

Chances are, whether you’ve done so consciously or not, you’ve probably read a banned book–especially if you read metaphysical/Pagan books.  If you’ve never checked out the Banned Book Week website, I encourage you to do so:   http://www.bannedbooksweek.org/.

Today we are also starting something fun, Woodman Wednesdays!  I think Francesca Woodman took some really provocative images, so each Wednesday I’ll share some.  It’ll be fun.

These folks read banned books (and some have even written them!):

Mystic Artisanshttps://www.facebook.com/mysticartisans

Come visit, shop, and order your Yule presents from Mystic Artisans at Piedmont Pagan Pride Day, Sept. 28, 2013, Charlotte, NC.  http://piedmontpaganpride.com/

Passion And Soulhttp://passionandsoul.com/

Tonia Brown:  www.thebackseatwriter.com  Check out Devouring Milo, Tonia’s newest work: http://www.amazon.com/Devouring-Milo-ebook/dp/B00DWZYWKO


Smack Me With a Spoon! Auction

Back in December, in honor of the Winter Solstice, we here at The Barbed Pentacle held the “Smack Me With A Spoon!” wooden spoon decorating contest in honor of Perchta/Holda/Frau Holle–our resident domestic discipline goddess.  The lovely wood burners at Mystic Artisans were the winners.  http://barbedpentacle.com/2012/12/spoon-contest-winner/

 As was mentioned during the contest, the winning spoon will now be auctioned off.  Instead of being a drag and using eBay, we are going to have a Facebook auction on Friday, June 21.  All proceeds will benefit Smile Train.  

Rules (very important to read these!)

The auction will take place from 12 am Eastern Daylight Savings Time til 11:59 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time, Friday, June 21, 2013.

The auction will take place at https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Barbed-Pentacle/185787251532552 .

To bid:  all bids must be posted in the comments section of the “Smack Me With a Spoon! Auction Now!” post.  The winning bid at 11:59 PM gets the spoon.  I will contact you on Sunday, June 23, 2013 for your address and to give you the Barbed Pentacle’s Paypal info.  You will have 1 week to pay for the spoon.  If you do not pay within one week, the spoon will go to the next highest bidder.  Once again, all proceeds will go to Smile Train (http://www.smiletrain.org/).

Questions: chirp_sparrow@yahoo.com

These folks will be bidding:

Mystic Artisanshttps://www.facebook.com/mysticartisans

Passion And Soulhttp://passionandsoul.com/

Tonia Brown:  www.thebackseatwriter.com