Corn Hole!? Happy Lammas!

Happy Lammas!  In my Wiccan tradition, today is the day that we celebrate the Celtic god Lugh, the first harvest–grains, and the abundance of life.

(Just looking at the wheat makes me all hot and bothered!)

Lugh is the god of skills and athletic feats. I think it’s neat that the summer Olympics are going on right now since festivals that showed off feats of skill were a traditional way to honor Lugh.  Lugh is also the god of light and commonly referred to as “Long Arm”.  Hmmmm, bet he was good at reach arounds!

In honor of Lugh and Lammas, many Wiccans bake bread and make corn dollies to represent the “corn” harvest.  While some folks make corn dollies to look like actual dolls, corn dollies were traditionally made in a phallic shape from the last wheat sheaf harvested which was thought to hold the spirit of the harvest.

Lots of possibilities, huh? You can use them to tickle and to fuck!  For really easy directions on making your corn dollie, go to:

Once you’ve made your corn dollie, have a ritual to honor Lugh and the harvest.  This ritual can be with just you or with a partner or group.  First invoke Lugh, the god of light and grain and strength.  Invite him to come to you (or come into you, if you feel comfortable with that).  Now, run your corn  dollie’s fringes up and down your body, feeling the tickles and scratches.  When you’re ready, and you’ll know, lubricate the corn dollie well, choose an orifice, and have fun.  Some caution should be taken.  Use lots of lubrication since the wheat can be a little rough.  Also, don’t get so lost in the moment that you break your corn dollie inside of you or that you injure yourself with it.  It’s not Pyrex.  You have now made love to the year’s harvest, and that wonderful energy will ensure a good harvest for next year.  For more Lammas ideas, check out the “Threshing the Corn Mother” ritual in the “BDSM rituals” page:

I want to send out a big special thank you to Dr. Weird and Butternut for all the help they have given me and the Barbed Pentacle over the last several weeks.  Without their support, we would not have such a nice looking new home!  I’d also like to thank my special partner for arranging things for the new home.  Thanks baby!

These folks are making corn dollies:

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