Inanna’s Jeweled Nipples

I hope that all of you out there has had a wonderful Samhain and is enjoying the descent of the Goddess.  While I have my own things and traditions that I do every year to celebrate Samhain, usually involving bones, blood, and boners, this year I focused on jewels and jewelry.  I made a beautiful Dark Goddess bracelet for myself out of black pearls, garnets, and hematite, with a scarab at its focal point.  I’ve had the scarab bead since I was in first grade and went to the King Tut exhibit at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC.  Then later that day I got to see my first dead body at Discovery Place.  They had a complimentary exhibit about mummification, and they had on display in a glass box a partially unwrapped mummy.  Somehow or another I’ve managed to keep the scarab safe and with me all these years, and until this Samhain I never had the urge to use it.

The Descent Goddess, Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, She who is known by a multitude of names and incarnations, is often depicted with either bared breasts or bejeweled breasts, symbolizing not only sexuality but also her loss self and ego at the gates of the Underworld.  And who doesn’t love pretty titties with glimmering jewels on them?

Making sacred jewelry is a great way to connect with deity.  However, not everybody has time or talent to devote to the practice.  There is nothing wrong with commissioning pieces of sacred jewelry.  Although many “traditional” magic practitioners insist that all magical pieces should be hand made by the user or significantly altered, that is just not always practical or possible.  If you commission a piece, is the intent not the same?

Helaine,  the artist and owner of Subsensual Jewels, is just the person to help you out with a commissioned piece so that your own sacred breasts can be just as glittering as Inanna’s were.  Rather have a glittering vulva or scrotum?  Not a problem.  Helaine has come up with this ingenious design for non-pierced nipple and genital jewelry.  Instead of the loops of metal and elastic that you typically see in non-pierced nipple jewelry, Helaine uses magnets.  Not only do these magnets keep the jewelry in place, but they can also be magically used to attract things to you: love, desire, money, etc. (Beware what you attract!)  Now is the perfect time to put in your custom order for sacred kink jewelry because Subsensuals had such a successful summer of vending that they are sold out of jewelry and Helaine is busy making new pieces to sell.  Want a set of Lapis nipple jewels to celebrate Inanna?  She can make them!  Want a pretty piece of hematite to attach to your genitals to keep you grounded enough to succeed at Tantric sex?  She’s got you covered!  She loves taking custom orders, and the prices for custom pieces are comparable to her already made pieces, but she prefers to use her own materials rather than materials sent in by customers.  This is so that she can ensure that the materials used are safe for contact with a person’s delicate skin (although I hope that one day she’ll make me a pair of Wolfsheim nipple adornments from my wisdom teeth since I never wear blouses that require cuff links).  The sensation of the jewelry itself can be used with a partner or by yourself to draw up energy in a ritual.  Place the jewelry on your body during the invocation of your intent and then as you build up your magical energy, the physical sensations will grow until it’s time for you to release your energy for your magic when you remove the jewelry.  To cleanse your jewelry in between ritual uses, rinse under cold water, dry well with a towel, and recharge your pieces under the light of the moon.

As you can see, your custom sacred kink ritual jewelry is only encumbered by your imagination!  Visit Subsensuals website: to contact Helaine about a custom piece or visit her and Subsensual Jewels on Facebook, Instagram, or FetLife.

Still not sure?

  • “At first I did not even feel them on. They were very comfortable, in fact I wore them underneath my top at the munch and no one even knew it. Over time the magnets kept drawing closer and the intensity grew stronger. As I passed one hour the pain started to really set in between 60-90 minutes it was very strong. Overall I absolutely Love them!!!!!”

  • “I just have to take a moment to talk about some of the body jewelry made by Subsensuals….If you are looking for a specific erotic look that is unique to your Submissive you are certainly in the right place. My experience with the nipple jewelry was most erotic, it was both erotic for the submissive and myself. The jewelry allows for that look but also allows the build of sensation as you come into and build with in a scene, whether its prior or during. It allows time for placement and time for the submissive to accept the slow and growing build as the magnets continue to pull in tighter and tighter… A perfect gift for that someone special in your lifestyle.”

Now let’s dance around and pay some bills:

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Damn it, Lupercus, I’m knotjokin!


Forget not, in your speed, Antonius,
To touch Calpurnia; for our elders say,
The barren touched in this holy chase,
Shake off their sterile curse.
The first time that I encountered the festival of Lupercalia, and the ritual races and fertility beatings that accompanied them, was in 10th grade English class.  Since I was already exploring a different path to sexual bliss than most of my classmates, I was really intrigued by the opening scenes of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.  If you’re not familiar with the holiday of Lupercalia, you’re really missing out.  It’s our favorite holiday here at The Barbed Pentacle!  In honor of that, Dr. David Hillman–of past Barbed Pentacle appearances and the author of The Chemical Muse and Original Sin–has written a guest post explaining the holiday (just in case you were ignorant!).

The Lupercalia: Rome’s BDSM Holiday

by Dr. David Hillman

It’s February again….Release the naked guys with their whips!  And good luck ladies; if you are fortunate this year, a crazed group of muscle-bound, oiled, pagan teenage boys will catch you in the streets and stripe your bleeding back with strips of leather while you clutch your bare breasts and scream in painful ecstasy.  Congratulations, you are now no longer just girls, wives and mothers; your titillation, screaming and wounds make you  the purified devotees of nymph-chasing Pan, and Lupa, the great Roman She-Wolf.
And don’t worry, the randy youths will be accompanied–as they always are–by the leading holy men of the city; priests of Faunus, artists and statesmen, with their rugged George Clooneyesque good looks…guys the likes of Mark Antony himself; a little sanctified eye-candy for everyone involved.

And yes, the Lupercalia was indeed one of Rome’s oldest and most distinguished high holidays.  It was a time of sexual fervor, when nubile young men cavorted at a public banquet, worked themselves into a drunken mania, and then shed themselves of their clothing, oiled each other up, and ran around the streets of Rome in a mob, chasing ladies while wielding nothing more than whips and hard-ons.
And what was the purpose?   Enlightenment!  Yes, that’s right.  The purpose was cosmic enlightenment…an understanding of the musical harmony of Nature.  The screaming girls formed the chorus of existence, and the pain was a religious tool used to acquire wisdom.  After all, as the Orphics taught, Pan was a primal manifestation of Apollo, the sun-god who brings light into the world–of course he also brought his youthful good looks and divine rock-star talent along with his wisdom.  Yep, you got it; the take home message was that pain-induced sexual ecstasy brings self-knowledge.  I knew you’d get it.
Oh….and I’m not making up the screaming part; the vocalization of orgasmic ecstasy, like the shout of a warrior about to give his life in battle, or the cries of a woman giving birth, were considered to be forms of worship in antiquity.  So getting a woman to bare her skin and shout while you whip her is…well…sort of a sacred act.
Obviously, the Roman Lupercalia mystifies modern classical scholars, who are happy to “live” in a monotheistic universe; we proud academics neither understand the purpose nor the spirit of these festivities.  Modern educators will tell you in a puzzled manner that they really don’t know the ins and outs of the Lupercalia.  Of course, their ignorance is part Christian prudery and part comedic irony–for the god worshiped at the Lupercalia, Pan, was called Inuus by the Romans.  And what’s so ironic about that?  “Inuus” in Latin means “the penetrator,” something the Christian world would rather forget–unless you happen to be a Catholic priest in the rectory with a nervous young boy, who according to long-established Church tradition, requires a form of sodomy-induced “sexual cleansing” to save his soul–a practice that esteemed early church fathers like Cyril, the archbishop of Jerusalem, instituted in order to purge the world of festivals like the Lupercalia.  Wow, that is ironic!  (FYI, Cyril preferred his pre-pubertal boys to be dressed up like girls when they were escorted to see him.)
Try not to make sense of why the Christians banned the celebration of the Lupercalia…just roll with the historic moral irony.  What’s really the point? The god pair Pan/Apollo were protectors of pre-pubertal kids, and the purification ceremonies performed in the Lupercalia were celebrations that preserved the ancient world’s focus on child safety by means of natural, adult sexual enlightenment; so the early Christians ended up prohibiting a festival meant to protect innocent children, while simultaneously adopting the ritual rape of young boys by their own priests.  Don’t read it again, you read that right.
And yes, it kind of makes twisted ironic sense that a Pope who sheltered so many pedophiles would pick this week–the week of the Lupercalia–to shed his own holy garments.
For any decent Lupercalia celebration, you need a good scourge.  While traditionally the scourge would have been made from a bloody goat skin, modern celebrants can be much more hygienic and order a toy from Knotjokin Rope Floggers.
How long have you been making rope floggers and other toys?  How long have you been in business?
I made my first Rope Mace Flogger in the summer of 2009 and gave it to a friend who pimped it out at the parties she hosted, leading to a bit of a local craze.
Soon after that, I was asked to vend at an APEX (Arizona Power Exchange) event which was quite a success, as their events usually are.
Don’t let any “professional” appearance fool you. I am still transforming from hobbyist to small business and have only been selling online for a few months. Though I’ve made a handful of online sales, “business” is slow, and my pricing doesn’t leave much room for profit (especially considering labor) just occasional gas money, or a nicer meal than I had planned.
Hardly a business, but I welcome change.
What gave you the idea for making toys out of rope?
I didn’t set out to make floggers (emphasizing plural), honestly.
I learned the monkey fist knot as a challenge to myself; the flogger part was almost an accident. Being generous and single on purpose, I gave it to a friend versus letting it collect dust. The other flogger styles were and still are my way of not being a one trick pony. Honestly, I loathe making Boney 9 Tails and Meat Grinders, but it’s not about me.  It’s about the consumer. Ask Joe Dirt.
What kind of rope do you use for the toys?  How long does it take you to make the toys?
Though I prefer natural fibers for rope bondage, for toys, I only use synthetic rope –for too many reasons to list, including the fact that a 5 ounce bird cannot carry a coconut no matter how it grips it.
It takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 2+ hours to make a flogger depending on the style. Happy Pants Floggers are quick but rough on my hands. Meat Grinders and Boney 9 Tails take forever and are even rougher on my hands.
You make more than just floggers.  Where do you draw your inspiration for creating the other toys?
I wasn’t sure how to answer this at first. To me, everything is a flogger…even one of my straight laced size 11 Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars will do in a pinch. Then I remembered all the people who hold my toys and say “what’s this for?”
A piece of rope can be a flogger, but it could fray if you didn’t knot it. Adding knots to high quality rope and finishing it the way I do just makes for a more attractive, reliable, reusable, sanitary, durable, fun toy than a knotted piece of rope or a dog toy.
What I’m doing may be a little different, but it’s not necessarily new per se. Pardon my French.
How many different types of toys do you make?
I lost count, honestly. I experiment often, and there are quite a few “one of a kind” pieces floating around out there.
Currently, I sell:
Rope Mace Floggers
Happy Pants Floggers
Boney 9 Tails Floggers (named for the human skeleton I tie into the design, not the number of falls)
and several other multi-fall floggers including my newest creations:
Meat Grinder Floggers ~multi-fall floggers with metal beads on the ends of the falls. My most recent Meat Grinders have 9 beads on 10 falls, plus some extras on the “hands” of the Boney 9 Tails “body”, making for 96 metal bits of pleasing punishment on a 2 way flogger.
(As with all of my floggers, the handle is also an implement and will fit inside a condom.)
I also have a small line of Glow-In-The-Dark toys including Happy Pants, Maces, and Multi-Mace pieces. They’ve been quite a hit since I introduced them a few months ago. That’s right; I said hit.
What tips do you have for people who are interested in selecting one of your toys for purchase?
My toys provide a plethora of sensations, but I do not have your superior intellect and education.
(See: Three Amigos. Really, see it. It’s a funny movie! *The fact that I just dated myself does not make this masturbation.* (Wait, yes it does. You like that?)
To answer your question by Knotjokin; I mean not joking, it really depends on the sensation you prefer. If you like: *THUD* -
There is no better toy than a Rope Mace Flogger. Nope. None.
If you like: *THUD+STING* -
Happy Pants Floggers are the way to go. The thinner/the stingy-er, er. A heavy hitting sadistic friend calls the thinner Happy Pants Floggers “little bastards” for their pain inflicting potential.
If you like: *STING* -
Boney 9 Tails and Meat Grinders are where it’s at. Ouch. Man, oh man; ouch.
Maces and Happy Pants will leave bruises if used heavily.
Both Boney 9 Tails and Meat Grinders will leave welts and even draw blood (especially Meat Grinders) if used heavily.
Rope Mace Floggers are surprisingly therapeutic on tight or sore muscles when used lightly. You don’t have to use the handle; you can choke up on them and use short, slow swings. I love the “ahh” look people make when they feel them like that…especially on their backs. I do it with almost every piece I finish, to be completely honest. Ahhh!
I also love hearing my name screamed from a sub in another room at a party ~after being struck by a sadist holding a Rope Mace Flogger…preceded by “fuckin”, of course.
(True story, sorta. I was outside and didn’t actually hear it, but I sure heard about it later!)
Do you take custom orders?  And if so, how do people/groups go about placing a custom order?
I welcome custom orders and have made a few recently, including a pink Meat Grinder purchased by a female dominant as a gift to her submissive husband for Valentine’s Day. I’m still flattered and proud to be a part of their celebration of love. Pretty cool.
You can hardly throw a rock without hitting a site where I can be contacted nowadays. Aside from and my store, I’m on Facebook, Fetlife, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Copious, etc…
Though my ETSY store is the best way to contact me, all of the above will work.
What is your favorite toy to use that you make?  And do you use it as a dom, sub, or switch?
It would take an incredible woman to make me consider any role other than dominant, with sadistic tendencies. Absolutely incredible.
With that said; I prefer Rope Mace Floggers. They’re just fun to wield, ya know?
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The Wonders of Magical Oils: a 3 am infomercial Barbed Pentacle Style


Have you ever needed an extra “boost” for your magical spells?  Just a little something extra to get the job done?  Often times, people turn to magical oils for that extra bit of energy.  While it’s perfectly acceptable, and often times a lot of fun to magical oils on your own, the time and cost of ingredients is often prohibitive. Some people may frown on buying magical tools and oils, but buying a magical oil is often more cost effective and definitely less time consuming than making your own.  And let’s face it: time is money.  In today’s world, money is something that is in horribly short supply.  Quadrivium Supplies has the thrifty answers to all your magical needs.  Stay tuned as the wonders of magical oils are revealed!

Thank you for joining me, Sparrow Brown, today as we discover the wonders of magical oils.  Magical oils have been used by practitioners for thousands of years to give their spells that extra push.  Today I have with me the very talented Catherine, of Quadrivium Supplies, to reveal the wonders and mysteries of this often overlooked occult tool.  Thank you for being here today, Catherine!

Thanks for having me.



 So Catherine, what is the difference between ritual oils, spell oils, and oils you can wear?

In ritual oils and spell oils, it’s mostly vocabulary – some people call
them one thing, some people call them another.  In my experience, they’re
both magically charged oils used for a magical purpose, so they’re the same
thing.  Oils you can wear are blended for scent, not magical purpose, and
(hopefully) checked for skin interaction.  Spell/ritual oils are usually NOT
checked for skin-safety, which means that they may include irritants like
essential oil of red pepper, cinnamon, oregano, rose, or other caustic oils.
Due to the fact that spell/ritual oils are made from tables of
correspondences that attribute metaphysical properties to each plant, they
are (or should be) 100% natural, with no synthetic ingredients.  Scent oils
are often made from synthetics, because true essential oils often just
aren’t safe for the skin.

 How long have you been making oils at Quadrivium Supplies?

I’ve been making oils for about five years.  I started making them

commercially when a friend who owns an occult bookstore said that they were
having a really hard time finding all-natural magical oils.  I ended up
involving a renaissance astrologer to add an extra dimension to the oils,
mixed up some test batches, made a lot of really terrible-smelling things,
and then in February of 2012, started selling my oils commercially.  I
incorporated under the name Quadrivium Supplies because there’s always the chance I might want to do something more than oils someday.

How long does it take to make a typical batch of oil, from start to

I’m not going to go into my Electional oils, because that will involve
telling you about consulting with an astrologer and him drawing up charts
and telling me the strength of various elections, because Electional oils
don’t make up the bulk of my inventory.
For all oils, obviously, I first decide what kind of oil I want to make -
what I want it to do.  The first thing I consult is my personal table of
correspondence, which indicates the magical properties of certain plants or
scents.  Different traditions have different tables of correspondence, and I
use a mixture of Pagan, hermetic, and hoodoo correspondences that I’ve found work best for me over the years.  Then  I decide what is going to go into a blend.  Normally, there’s one or two major oils, and up to four lesser oils, but it really depends.  If a particular scent isn’t going to work in an oil,
I can still get the magical attribute into the oil by including a solid
piece of plant.
For a normal oil, I make six to eight different blends of different oils in
different proportions, and write down the recipes.  I let those oils sit and
mellow for a while, sniffing them occasionally, and then I toss the ones
that don’t blend well together.  That usually gives me about three oils to
try, and I give them to testers, people from various magical traditions here
in Chicago and around the country who’ve agreed to test my oils.  I get
feedback pretty quickly from them, and may end up changing the recipe based on the feedback, and sending it out for another round of tests.  When I’ve got one recipe that gets fairly consistent good results, that’s what I stick
MAKING the oil – as in, mixing the essentials, putting in the solid matter,
and topping it off with almond oil, takes about five minutes.  Developing an
oil can take me up to three months.

In a minute, Catherine will explain to us what inspires her to come up with all these wonderful spell oils.  But first, let’s learn how you can get your very own spell oils from Quadrivium Supplies.

Don’t be the only one not to use the Occult’s most valuable secret weapon.  Order now, and you’ll have just the right magical oil that you need for the upcoming Blue Moon.  Here’s how to order:



Welcome back.  Catherine, what are your sources of inspiration for your oils?


I’ve been influenced by all the different magical traditions I’ve studied -hermetic and Pagan, for the most part, with a fair amount of grimoire work and ceremonial magick as well.  I’ve never formally studied Hoodoo, but I’ve read a lot about it and have a huge amount of respect for the practitioners.I get inspired by what people need.  For example, I had a friend who was relocating to a new city and had to find a house in a weekend.  They were flying in, looking at houses, and flying out the next day.  This was a huge amount of pressure on her, and I put together a Housing Oil that involved a variety of other herbs and scents with a few drops of Red Fast Luck.  They put in a bid on the first house they saw, which was perfect for them, and it was accepted.  That’s what inspires me – helping someone who’s looking for an extra edge to whatever they’re doing, if it’s looking for a date, a job, a house, or anything else.

What is the “proper way” to dress a spell candle with oil?


Some traditions maintain that if you’re performing a working to draw something to you – love, money, a job, etc. – then you want to hold the candle with the tip pointed towards you and the base pointed away and anoint it from base to tip, “drawing” the oil towards you.  If you’re working to get rid of something, you do the opposite.  You hold the candle with the base pointed towards you and the tip pointed away, and anoint from base to tip, “pushing” the oil away.  Another tradition says that you start in the middle of the candle and go to both ends at the same time.  Personally?  I tend to anoint candles in the “drawing to” and “pushing away” fashion.


Where do the ingredients for your oils come from?


I use a small wholesale essential oil supplier whose work I trust, herbs and
resins from a number of suppliers (Draconis Arcanum - - is a store that I have a good relationship
with, and they always carry very high-quality merchandise), and herbs from a friend of mine who grows them for me on her organic farm in Ohio.  I’m lucky in that I live in a major metropolitan area, and even luckier that one side of my neighborhood is Hispanic and the other side is Polish, so there’s a wealth of natural health stores that stock bulk herbs.  I’ve had to learn
the names for a lot of herbs in both Spanish and Polish.  The plus side of
buying them locally is that I can check the quality before I buy, which is
why I’ll only buy from vendors I really trust online.

What should people do if they have questions about your products or magical oils?


I welcome any and all questions about magical oils and how to use them.  I teach classes on the topic and hey, *I* find it fascinating.  As long as my time permits, I’ll happily email people advice, even if they’re not customers.


Catherine, thank you for joining us today.  And thank you all for joining us as we discovered the wonders of magical oils. Make them an integral part of your magical practice, and you’ll see an increase in your spells’ productivity that will amaze you. 


Make sure that your magical larder is well stocked by clicking on  Quadrivium Supplies offers a wide selection of reasonably priced magical oils made from the highest quality materials available.  Operators are standing by to fill your order.  Visit with Catherine of Quadrivium Supplies in person on Saturday, August 25, 2012 at the Occult Bookstore in Chicago, and in October 2012 at the Central Illinois Pagan Pride event.

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