To Hunt the Cunt and Other Country Matters, Part 2: Hares

The musician Maddy Prior and Ian Anderson headed to out shoot something, perhaps hares.

Hares, and rabbits to a lesser extent, have traditionally been associated with Witchcraft,  fertility, and goddesses.  The most famous hare of them all is of course the Easter Bunny, which was originally Eostre’s Hare (whose mistress may or may not have been a worshiped goddess).

Hares?  Rabbits?  Isn’t that like the same difference? Hares and rabbits are two different creatures.  Despite the common American misconception, hares are not simply English rabbits.

This website,, explains in laymen’s terms the main differences between the two animals.  And America does have hares–we call them Jackrabbits.

In cultures all over the world, hares and rabbits have been associated with goddesses and the supernatural.  A popular hare magical symbol is the Tinner Rabbits, reminiscent of the Pagan triskele that often is used to symbolize the different triplet natures of Pagan deities.

In some cultures there is the “Hare in the moon,” and in  April’s full moon is known as the “Hare Moon”.  Hmmm, Hares+Moon=Goddess (Fertility+Rebirth).  Based on this formula, the ancients often saw hares and rabbits as acting as messengers between the divine and humans.

Where did the fertility and rebirth idea come from for the hare?  Rabbits and hares are a renewable resource, if managed correctly and not over hunted. Cottontail rabbits typically have 4 to 5 litters a year with an average of 8 kits per litter (by the way, kit is short for kitten–what rabbit people call bunnies). Hares also produce large frequent litters and have the ability to superfetate, or conceive while pregnant.

Hares also like to engage in some rough foreplay prior to copulation–hence all the stories of crazy March Hares.

The hare’s supernatural status rose, especially in the Celtic lands, with the belief that they were not only messengers but could travel in both the human and the Otherworlds because they burrowed underground.  Druids and later “witches” were thought to shapeshift into hares for magical work.  Because of this belief, according to Julius Cesar (since we all know his works on the Celts are just so very reliable), it was considered taboo amongst the Celts to eat hare in case you were eating someone who was just shifting.

Despite this belief, many cultures eat hares and rabbits.  As was stated above, if populations are managed correctly, they are a wonderful renewable resource that is fairly easy to hunt.  They can be hunted with weapons, traps (live or kill), sight or scent hounds, and even hawks and other birds of prey.

They die fairly quickly (and they can literally die of fright), and they can be skinned with your bare hands–no knife required.  Hares and rabbits are also just the right portion size so there is little waste due to uneaten food.  For more information on eating rabbits, check out

Hares and rabbits lend themselves well to ritual.  In ancient times live rabbits and hares were used in divination based on how they ran away from a person once they were released, which can still be performed by modern practitioners.  The rabbits’/hares’ job as messenger can be used as well, with the participants telling the animal what messages they need carried to the Goddess.  After all the messages have been conveyed, the animal would be released to do its job.

Rabbits and hares can also be used in death and rebirth rituals.  Since rabbits are quick and easy to kill and butcher, they can easily be dispatched in circle (to much dramatic effect), their entrails read for guidance, and then their flesh cooked on a spit on the ritual fire for cakes and ale.  In death, the animal gives us life, and a connection to our deities and the Otherworlds.  Some people may even take this one step further and incorporate a similar ritual into their shamanic practices.

For more information on hare lore, check out this great online resource:

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To Hunt the Cunt and Other Country Matters

Hamlet: Lady, shall I lie in your lap?
Lying down at Ophelia’s feet.
Ophelia: No, my lord.
Hamlet: I mean, my head upon your lap?
Ophelia: Ay, my lord.
Hamlet: Do you think I meant country matters?
Ophelia: I think nothing, my lord.
Hamlet: That’s a fair thought to lie between maids’ legs. (Hamlet III.ii.111-20)
My Mistress’ Cunny

1. My mistress is a hive of bees
In yonder flowery Garden:
To her they come with loaden thighs,
To ease them of their burden.
As under the bee-hive lieth the wax,
And under the wax is honey,
So under her waist her belly is placed -
And under that, her cunny.

2. My mistress is a mine of gold,
Would that it were her pleasure
To let me dig within her mould
And roll among her treasure!
As under the moss the mould doth lye,
And under the mould is mony,
So under her waist her belly is placed -
And under that, her cunny.
3. My mistress is a morn in May,
Which drops of dew down stilleth:
Where’er she goes to sport and play,
The dew down sweetly trilleth.
As under the sun the mist doth lye,
So under the mist it is sunny,
So under her waist her belly is placed -
And under that, her cunny.

4. My mistress is a pleasant spring,
That yieldeth store of water sweet,
That doth refresh each wither’d thing
Lies trodden under feet.
Her belly is both white and soft,
And downy as any bunny,
That many gallants wish full oft
To play but with her cunny.
5. My mistress hath the magick sprays,
Of late she takes such wondrous pain
That she can pleasing spirits raise,
And also lay them down again.
Such power hath my tripping doe,
My pretty little bunny,
That many would their lives forego,
To play but with her cunny.



A lot of men like cunts.  Some women like cunts.  All women have cunts.  A great majority of people came from cunts.  Cunts are an important part of Wicca and Paganism.  Despite all this, and the literary and musical evidence presented above, cunts and coneys are not linked in the way many people (myself included) think.  In college, my history of the English Language professor told us that the word cunt was derived from the word coney, an older word for rabbit or hare, and rabbit words like conejo, that have Latin roots .  I believed her.  I had no reason not to.  In fact, I’ve propagated that misinformation on many occasions.  However, according to Karl Hagen, in his article “The Etymology of ‘Cunt’”, this is not the case.  If you’re up for some English geeky reading, check out the article:

Despite this, there is a certain fascination with cunts and an unmistakable link to rabbits, cats, beavers, and other animals.  Is it just because all of the above are furry unless shaved or that all of the above like to be petted (I don’t really know about outside beavers, but my beaver likes to be petted)?  It’s a curious rabbit hole to go down upon.  Perhaps, just like the animals associated with the cunt, the ladies who possess them can be quite fun to “hunt”!  
In this new series, we’ll be exploring several things: rabbits and hares in nonexistent modern Pagan mythology, hunting/fishing/and trapping and how it fits in with Paganism and the Wiccan Rede, fur fetishes, and PETA. 
As I said above, a great majority of humans originally transitioned from their mother into this world via a cunt, and a great majority of humans were made when their mother’s cunt received their father’s penis.  To the ancients, cunts were something of a mystery.  Life sprang from them.  They were spots of great pleasure and great pain.  They could bleed with out actually being injured.  The mysteries behind the cunt were blended with other mysteries of the world, which were attributed to the Goddess–since science wasn’t there to explain away everything.
The exposed cunt became a fertility symbol in many cultures that would be openly displayed and honored along with images of penis.  Even today, fertility in one form or another drives everything, just as it did in ancient times.
Irish Sheila Na Gig
But in time, science did develop and start to explain away all the mysteries of the cunt, and the Goddesses behind the mystical cunt were gradually forgotten.
Scientist even started recording cunt anomalies.  The largest cunt thought to exist belonged to Anna Swan, a giant from Scotland.  Interestingly enough, she also bore the largest baby ever born.

So, if you enjoy simple country pleasures, go hunt a cunt and honor the Goddess in the simplest and purest way possible–fuck her silly!
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Squeeze My Melons and Plow My Furrow, Part 3: Honey, I Hit Dinner–Vehicular Hunting

Some people buy turkey breast at the store.  Some people purchase a whole turkey from a CSA farmer.  Some people hunt turkeys in the spring.  Lee hits turkeys with his truck, brings them home, and eats them.
Lee practices vehicular hunting, which is when a person intentionally or unintentionally hits an animal with their vehicle and then takes it home to eat.  This is different from the mean motherfuckers who purposely swerve to hit cats, or the fringe eaters who take home found road kill to consume.  Vehicular hunters simply choose to hunt animals with their vehicles as the opportunity presents itself.  Lee is not only a vehicular hunter, but he’s also Pagan.
Lee, who has been hunting this way for 17 years, first realized the ideas for vehicular hunting when he was 13 and his mother hit a rabbit.  Instead of just leaving it in the road, she stopped and took it home for supper.  Three years later he got his first chance to try it.  
I was driving home from work one day, taking the back roads as always (back then we still had plenty of dirt roads) when I saw a hen turkey crossing the road. I floored it, and the turkey began to run on across the road, so i swerved to hit it. (You don’t swerve on a dirt road going 55.) I lost control of the car, and the car went spinning around in the road coming to a stop, hitting a mail box, sending the mail box flying up in the air, and landing beside my car. I jumped out to see how bad I was in the ditch. I was lucky. I jumped back in and hauled ass home. That’s when the fever hit me.”

While a turkey was Lee’s cherry animal, since then he has hunted with his vehicle rabbits, deer, more turkeys, and an accidental owl.  Lee isn’t sure how many animals he has in his kill count.  ”How many times have you masturbated?” Lee responded,”It’s the same.. .you don’t keep count.”
Lee’s connection to the Divine has played a part in his hunting practices.  Following in the footsteps of his God, he continues to hunt with his vehicle. 
“Most gods were opportunist gods. I know mine was,” Lee contends.  ”If he had a truck that could graze a hare and kill it, he sure would of been in one and hung his rabbit stick from the rear view mirror. Shit! He would be sailing down the road with a nymph sucking his cock and two more nymphs in the back seat of his extended cab waiting their turn, a big 24oz of beer in the holder, smoking a big doobie, jamming to David Allan Coe, with his hounds on back of the truck, tongues flapping in the wind–and a jar of ‘White’ stashed under his seat. Yep, that’s my god.”

Because vehicular hunting is highly illegal, with legal ramifications ranging from heavy fines to losing your vehicle, Lee cautions to keep your kills to yourself.  He knows of several folks who have been caught. ”Keep something to cover/hide the animal under,” Lee advises, ” it’s illegal as hell. And they will fine you. Never swerve to hit an animal. Always keep straight and down gear.”
Happy Hunting!

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The grittier side of Paganism, or what this blog is about

While I practice with several different groups, I classify myself as Wiccan.  Wicca is a religion of balance, which often takes the form of opposites.  For every light, there is a dark, and so forth.  For some people, though, the light is all they want to see in Wicca and other Pagan religions.  They want to forget that many of the deities that they worship have light and dark sides to them.  And dark, by the way, doesn’t equate to evil.  On the contrary, the dark is often very necessary for the light to exist and is simply a sterner side of a deity or the world.  The nature that so many Pagans profess to enjoy and love is very dark.  The Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” is a prime example of this.

With that being said, in this blog I will strive to explore some of the grittier (or perhaps dark) sides and practices of Wicca and Paganism.  Just because I write about something doesn’t make it true; just because I write about something doesn’t mean that a majority of believers practice it; just because I write about something doesn’t mean that I necessarily practice or condone it.  This blog will be part editorial, part research project, and part informative site.

Over the course of the next several months I hope to delve into such subjects as S&M and Wicca/Paganism, blood sacrifice, the Great Rite (in its original form), hunting and the Wild Hunt, and avatars/deity possession.

Please note:  If you are at a ritual and any thing takes place that you are not comfortable with, you always have the option of leaving.  You should also tell somebody about your misgivings.  If anything vaguely sexual takes place in a ritual that involves someone under the age of 18, you should contact the police.