Tie on that Apron and Flour Up Your Bosom, Ms. Kay, Part 2

In our last post it was established that Phil Robertson has some issues with homosexuals.  Supposedly, his issues come from his deep religious beliefs and the Bible, but I really suspect that they come from homo-erotic urges that he felt back when he frequented the football field and locker rooms.  I mean really, American Football is all about tight ends, tight pants, and smacking guys’ asses.  You can’t have your hands that close to a guy’s crotch to receive his ball and not feel something.

This is the Queen of Heaven.  Both Phil Robertson and the Queen of Heaven like guns.  Both Phil Robertson and the Queen of Heaven like to eat barbequed animals.  Both Phil Robertson and the Queen of Heaven have extremely healthy sex drives.  Both Phil Robertson and the Queen of Heaven are Southerners from the Deep South.  Both Phil Robertson and the Queen of Heaven are passionately devoted to their religious beliefs.  Both Phil Robertson and the Queen of Heaven are men.  But the Queen of Heaven’s name is Wes.  He lives in Texas, owns guns, has a high profile job (more powerful in a lot of ways than Phil Robertson), comes from God’s chosen people, saves lives all the time for fun–in his spare time–with the EMS, and is a dedicated devotee to Hera, the Queen of Heaven.

In plain clothes at a BBQ joint, Phil Robertson and Wes in his EMS shirt would probably nod and exchange their “man smiles”, and chat randomly while they wait for their food.  They may even discuss their love for God and country.  But Phil Robertson wouldn’t speak nicely to Wes as the Queen of Heaven.  Instead Phil Robertson believes that the Queen of Heaven and other queens are “…full of murder, envy, strife, hatred. They are insolent, arrogant God-haters. They are heartless. They are faithless. They are senseless. They are truthless. They invent ways of doing evil.”  Yes, the Queen of Heaven and all the other homosexuals and sexual “sinners” in the world spend all their time trying to invent ways of doing evil (really?).  I don’t.  I spend all my time watching you blow up stuff on Duck Dynasty and pull your flour covered wife into the bedroom for your own sexual sins.  But, that’s for Part 3.  Watching Ms. Kay makes me crave dumplings.

Worship with the Queen of Heaven: http://nshrine.com/shrine/Heras_Queen_of_Heaven

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