Kink Magick Tools by Dark Lightning

 I have to say, I am so excited about this post.  Dark Lightning is a wonderful Top and kinky ritual tool maker that lives in California.  I got so incredibly wet when I was adding his pictures to this post.  My clit and nips are still hard!  All the tools in this post were made by Dark Lightning, except for the spoon. The spoon was made by one of our lovely sponsors, Mystic Artisans. You can find Dark Lightning on FetLife at  Not on Fetlife, but you’d like to send Dark Lightning an email or ask him questions?  You can contact him at

Have you ever wanted to lift your BDSM play toys into magical and ritualistic tools, but were unsure where to start?

Intention can change a common toy into a powerful tool.

What I refer to here is about raising BDSM play into the ritual magic realm. Transmuting pain into an energy source and seeing your sub as a magical partner in ritual will take your BDSM play to new heights. No sense wasting good energy.

It begins with converting toys into ritual tools. This can be anything from a sophisticated electrotism sex toy, leather floggers, canes or something as simple as clothes pins, needles or scented oil. The difference is the intent and whether the toy has been consecrated for magical work. But of all the tools/toys in Kink Magick, the most precious and valuable is what BDSM play calls the submissive or slave. In my own practice, I found the word submissive did not have the meaning I felt it should. A partner relationship is far more powerful and magical than master/slave. And so I choose to use the word famulus instead. This a Latin term referring to a magician or sorcerer’s assistant.

With my sub now lifted to a sorcerer’s assistant, the play becomes a sacro-magical ritual, so complete and intimate that it is like music from a master saxophonist, where the instrument, player and music become one and the same quintessential being. Magically speaking, they are now a canvas for sigils and ritual markings, a tool for receiving and releasing energy and, most critically, an active living partner in the work. The sub becomes more than an object to receive pain, lifted from something done, to a partner in which magic is being done WITH, which ignites the enchantment.

You may already have many toys which could become magical tools, or perhaps you would like to create one from scratch or get a new one specifically for Kink Magick. For example, The Barbed Pentacle had a contest sometime back on decorating a simple wooden spoon and creating a beautiful BDSM play toy.

So why not take this a step further, and follow a similar creative process with the intent of not just making a play toy, but creating and consecrating it as a personal Kink Magick Tool. This can be done with any BDSM toy, (premade or personally created), transforming it from a mundane object into a magical instrument, strategic for deep magical workings.

So let’s walk through some steps.

Begin by deciding what purpose your tool will serve: Is it to be the bringer of the element fire, or perhaps a channel and guide for another energy you would like to generate? This is for you to choose.

You can get creative modifying an existing toy or start from scratch and make it completely yourself. This will require either raw materials or a ready-made gizmo or contrivance that can be shaped to your desire. You can look at local or online adult toy stores for something ready to go or, like the spoon transformed in the Barbed Pentacle contest, many things can be found in hardware stores, kitchen sections of department stores and of course discount and thrift shops.

For the creative mind, many common, mundane items will be seen as implements for twisted pleasures and magical energy workings. Once you find one that sings with potential, you can begin the process of morphing and consecrating it for your ritual use. It is up to your own creative interests and skills as to how you accomplish this. Perhaps in a later article I will go into a detailed how-to.

Next, create your pre-tool once you have the materials and time you need for tool creation. You noticed I used the term pre-tool because until the final step, it is not yet a Kink Magick tool. So create away.

After you put the final touches on it, you can consecrate your soon-to-be tool for its magical work. This can be via an elaborate dedication ritual or a simple statement as you place it aside for ritual use. At this point, it is a Kink Magick tool for ritual use only. This is an important step, since as you use the tool in ritual, it will become charged with the energy of the intent. For example, you wouldn’t use a tool consecrated for air if you are invoking water energy. These private ritual tools would not be something you would take to a local dungeon for causal play.

Next, it is good practice to plan and implement your first ritual use. Developing a personal connection with the new tool in advance is recommended. Feeling what it was created to do and how it is to be used solidifies the link. You can use the senses to increase the intimacy. You can meditate for connection. Feel free to use whatever process works best for you. The tool is personal and yours to empower and energize as you choose.

Now your tool is ready for ritual workings. Rituals can have many different types of intentions: otherworld Journeys, charging sigils or talismans, manifesting wants, needs or desires, rites of passage, mystical guidance and more. Kink Magick can also be used for developing more awareness and consciousness; for living a more liberated dance in the world rather than trudging through it. One of the things that will quickly snuff the life out of a magical working and the moment is losing one’s conscious presence and awareness during a ritual, so increasing these attributes for BDSM use is wise. Being aware of energy is also important for successful work. It is not like driving a car with your autopilot on while your mind and thoughts wander into who knows where. It is about focus, discipline and intent. These can be gifts for growth. Ritual experiences can offer unintended teachings and learnings. Yes, the Universe will even use BDSM to teach the top.

Basic skills and techniques in Kink Magick and the use of tools can be taught in workshops, but these are only pointers, opinions and starting points if you wish to really learn the craft. The real expertise and mastery comes from personal experience, both success and failures. Like anything we learn and do there, should be a constant effort to experiment, assess and seek triumph.

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Fluffy-Assed Motherfucker

Welcome to The Barbed Pentacle’s Second Birthday Bash!  Oh, and Happy Lammas!  I hope you’re eating some nice yeast bread while reading this post.  As part of the birthday celebration, we here at The Barbed Pentacle have once again promised to publish any guest submissions for the whole month of August.  Here’s our first guest submission, by Vine and Ivy author, Tony Brown (  Now, Tony got a little hyper in his diaper and posted a self-censored version of this blog earlier in the week, but we have the exclusive, uncensored version!

Now, as you may remember, I am not a big fluffy bunny fan.  I like eating bunnies with French fries and a beer.

But I also like iguana tail too.

In Defense of Fluffy  by Tony Brown

I hear a lot of complaints about “fluff” in the Neopagan/Wicca/Witchcraft communities.  People don’t like the fluff. They aren’t happy about all the fluffiness in books and on the web. They worry about being associated with the fluffy people. And in a Pagan tradition that stretches back to Demosthenes, they contemptuously compare them to timid rabbits. What, if anything, can be said in defense of these “fluff-bunnies?”

Well, first of all, if we’re going to talk about fluff-bunnies, it’s probably a good idea to start by defining the term. I define “fluff-bunny” like this: a Pagan with a naïve view of their own religious identity. Their traits include inexperience, superficial understanding of spiritual concepts, lack of historical knowledge and a somewhat childlike worldview. Their knowledge of the NeoPagan movement’s worldview and historical background is generally shallow or unrealistic, and is sometimes based almost entirely on fantasy elements. They are often very enthusiastic, despite lacking any deep knowledge of exactly what they are being enthusiastic about.

I have a soft spot for fluff-bunnies.

They’re inexperienced, yes. But according to William Blake, the flip-side of experience is innocence, and isn’t a little innocence kind of refreshing now and then? They’re ready to see and believe incredible things. The world is wide open for them. They haven’t complicated their ideology with all the necessary caveats and exceptions that experience teaches us. They have not yet learned to hedge their bets, and betting blind can make the game pretty exciting. I admire their ability to leap without looking, or maybe I’m just jealous of it.


Their understanding of spirituality may be a bit superficial, even a little shallow. But isn’t it always the deep water that gets murky? Understanding of anything always begins with the superficial. Before we learn the complex aspects of a subject, we must first grasp the basics. We learn to add and subtract well before we even approach the subjects of trigonometry and calculus. Each level of understanding is built upon those that precede it. What seems obvious and superficial to a graduate student may still be a fundamental lesson that a freshman needs to learn. Expecting them to skip ahead isn’t reasonable.

They lack a firm grasp of NeoPaganism’s history, but that’s a subject that’s hard to grasp firmly even for our best scholars. Our history is a tangled thread, running through a dark labyrinth of family traditions, hidden teachings, oathbound secrets and just plain old lies. The way we understand our history has matured as our movement has matured, and that understanding continues to be updated. What seems naïve and unrealistic now, was considered unimpeachable a few decades ago, and the facts we accept today may be subject to revision tomorrow.

In my experience, these are people who generally mean well. They’re not trying to hurt anyone, and if they’re given the chance they’re likely to be cheerful, helpful and genuinely nice, if somewhat annoying. They’re the kind of folks I wouldn’t mind having in my neighborhood, even if it meant dodging an occasional hacky-sack. Maybe I’d have to politely decline the odd invitation to a Navajo shamanic rebirthing ritual or sit through a five hour croning circle facilitated by a channeled Pleiadian Star Goddess. That’s the kind of crap I can put up with.

Because I like their enthusiasm. I like their energy and optimism. I like their ability be whole-heartedly foolish. I like that they still have things to learn, and I like that they have things to unlearn too. I like them because they remind me that I still have things to learn (and unlearn) as well. I like them because I remember being one of them, and I realize that part of me still is.


Most of us still have a little fluff left in us, and I think that’s a good thing. It’s what lets us still react with childlike wonder to the mysteries of our faith. It’s what keeps us dancing, even when the tune starts to fade. It’s what lets the Gods lead us just a little farther than it is safe to go, and it’s what keeps us going when the cynic in us wants to give up.

It’s not always easy to keep the wonder alive, to always see something new and profound by the firelight. And it gets harder as time goes by, so the fluff we have left becomes ever more precious. Once it goes away, it doesn’t grow back. I’m happy to still be as fluffy as I am, honestly. I’m every bit as proud of my fluff as I am of my scars.




And there is another line of defense for the fluff-bunnies. As Mel (the cook on Alice) once said, “the best defense is a good offense!” Simply put, when stacked up against the other extreme, the bunnies often come out ahead. Where the fluffies might be compared with timid rabbits, these folks are more like gnarled reptiles (let’s call them scaly-lizards). Just like before, we’ll start with a definition.

A “scaly-lizard” might fairly be defined as a Pagan with an overly rigid standard of religious identification. They share traits such as a narrowly focused body of experience, an inflexible interpretation of spiritual concepts, a dedication to revising history and a misanthropic view of the world. Their knowledge of the NeoPagan movement is often insular and biased, sometimes becoming nearly completely self-referential. They are almost always deeply cynical, in spite of their professed spiritual advancement.

Where the bunny might be called innocent, the lizard is merely unapologetic. What opens one eye with wonder, narrows the other to a suspicious slit. The fluffy view of spirituality might be shallow, but that doesn’t automatically make the scaly view a deep one. Their rigidity and pretentious orthopraxy only add layers on top of their shallow base, carrying them no deeper into the mysteries. All they’re really accomplishing is obfuscation, not illumination, and shoveling extra bullshit into an already messy process isn’t very useful.

A fluff-bunny might buy into a romanticized view of prehistoric Europe, or subscribe to a discredited theory about the survival of Pagan practices, but the lizards are pushing their own historical revisionism. Among other things, they want to write the follies of our origins out of the story. They ignore or misrepresent the flaws in the foundational sources of our traditions. It’s almost as though they’d like us to forget who the first “fluffies” really were. And while a lack of knowledge is eminently forgivable, a lack of intellectual honesty is significantly harder to overlook.

Generally speaking, these are not people I want as neighbors. It is their tendency to be ill-tempered, judgmental, pedantic and basically anti-social. Their most laudable quality may in fact be their lack of sociability. Because, when it’s all said and done, there really are some people that we shouldn’t have to put up with.

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Primal Shamanism

This is a guest post by CrystalLynn of “Of Eve and Iktomi”
What does Spirituality mean to me?  It means running and running, naked through the dark forest behind our pasture.  It’s the sinister sex in my husband’s eyes right before the chase begins.  It’s holding my children close and stroking their hair when they need the protective, nurturing energy that only their mother can provide.  It’s lying down like a sacrifice on the Goddess Rock when I need to ground myself.  It’s saying the funeral rite for an animal that decided to leave this world too soon.  It’s a family reunion every Samhain.  It’s a dream- or a Journey- where I can glean information and insight into my, or my friends’, problems.  It’s scratching, biting, growling- the sweet ecstasy of sex and the bloody exhilaration of the fight.  It’s invoking the Warrior.
In other words, it’s Primal.
I am what you might call a Primal Shaman.  I do very few organized rituals.  I do rituals and quests in my dreams or visions.  But the raw spirituality that I tap into goes much, much deeper than my human intellect can penetrate.  Which is not to say that I’m not an intellectual person.  I very much am.  I overthink things.  I know the logical fallacies, am fascinated by math and science and literature and art, and also theology, spiritual discourse, and mythology.  I give a nod to Athena every once in a while- but in my heart, my core, my soul, I am Primal.  My body is the heartbeat of the tribal drum.  My spirit is the lilting tear of the tribal flute.  In order to Journey, I need to hear the footfalls of animals, the echo and mirror of my animal self.  The One who instinctively knows that death is coming.  The One who fights to protect my family.  The One who can intuitively tell when there’s a problem.  The One who understands the pulse of the Earth and the ripples of the Water.  The One who calls Fire and Wind to fight for change.
I live on a small farm, close to nature.  Death is a page turn away from life, here.  We are not sheltered.  We see animals suffer and die, and it pulls on our gut in sorrow.  We see nature fight to stay alive, and it makes us want to fight for life even more wholeheartedly.  We wield the knife when it is our turn to end a life in order to put food on the table.  Holding the animal down, swiftly ending the life in a shower of blood, hearing the last breath, it is Life, and it feels right and natural.  And at the same time my heart is full of sorrow at the need to take a life.  It is full of respect for the one who sacrificed his life so that I can live.  Modupe*.  Thank you.  We, the Hunters, honor your spirit.  Sometimes I need to end a life when the life becomes too full of suffering.  In that case, death feels like a sweet release, the last breath is full of relief at last.  Sometimes I need to end the suffering of a young life, and my anger brims over at the unfairness of life.  But even the anger is natural and right.  This is my funeral rite for those who died before their time:
May your body find relief and union with the Earth, which birthed you.
May your spirit find fulfillment on its journey.
May you find rest and peace wherever you now dwell.
And, if it is your destiny, please return to this Earth in a stronger body.
In the same way, we witness a lot of births here.  As a Mother, I never fail to find the event miraculous.  Suddenly, Life appears where before there was only bloody tissue.  Being a Mother is a very Primal thing as well.  We are Warriors and Nurturers all at once.  We follow instinct and intuition.  Adrenaline and anxiety are part of our every day life.  Our babies drink from our body and are strengthened.  We experience a soul-connection with our children.  Our children come from our own body, and we are forever joined.  Just as with our mates, we are forever joined in a soul-bond.
To be Primal is to be intimately connected, not just with our children and mate, but with the Elements- the Earth which gives us food; there is nothing more Primal than walking barefoot in the garden and plucking a ripe tomato from the vine.   The Water which nourishes and cools us, like the breath of life after a hard day of work under the hot sun.  The Fire of passion which ignites the spark of life.  The Wind and Air which carries the changing seasons, heralding the start of a new cycle.

In my belief system, we have only one Soul, but multiple Spirits.  ”Worship” to me is not about prostrating ourselves before some distant power- it is about connecting with the different Spirits that live in us, and the Spirits outside which help to teach us.  I have the Spirit of the Warrior in me.  I have the Spirit of the Mountain Lion.  I have the spirit of the Rabbit.  I have the spirit of the Spider.  Animal spirits are archetypes- a way to describe a certain energy and personality.  I’ve known animals that had human Spirits, too!  Maybe your pet has the Spirit of a human child- animals raised in a human household often do.  And humans, like me, who live close to Nature often have very Primal Spirits.  My husband has the Spirit of the Tiger, and also the Warrior.  My daughter has the Spirit of the Dragon, and another which is cat-like.  My son has the Spirit of Coyote.  (Yes, I have a 3 year old with a Trickster Spirit.  My protective instinct has been tested over and over again!)
The hoofbeats of the running horses shake the ground.  The wind blows through their manes, making them toss their heads.  The hills grow thorns, wild and free, and the ocean waves crash upon the rocks.  Everything that has Power is Primal.  Everything that defies control is Free.  Ours is the Spirit of the Rebel, the Spirit of the Hunter, the Spirit of all those who would run as fast as the Wind, who would growl with the heat of Passion.  Our gods are nameless, named, and the ones who name.  We are as Old as the Earth and even older.  We can close our eyes and feel our roots go to the core of the earth, and feel our Soul soar past the sky to the deep Void of the Universe.  We dance, we kill, we give birth, we sing with raw emotions that tug at something inside you.  Some part of you that is afraid of the predator, some part of you that longs to dance with us, and truly feel Alive.


*Modupe (Moe-due-pway) is the Yoruban word for “Thank you”.  Ase (Ah-shay) is the Yoruban word for “So mote it be.”  It is an acknowledgement of the spiritual energy that is at play.  I use the Yoruban language because it is a very spiritual, primal language that speaks to me.
These folks are pretty fucking primal too: