Playing Well With Others: Something you should have learned in kindergarten

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Playing Well With Others is a new book by Lee Harrington ( and Mollena Williams ( about the personal hows and whys and whats of getting starting in the Kink community.  Yes, this is a how-to book, but it’s not your typical manual.  Look for a book review soon.

In the mean time, check out their Whistle Stop book tour:  They have all kinds of fun stuff planned in a city near you.  To help make the full tour available, they need some help.  They currently have a Gofundme campaign underway.  They are only $220 short of their goal.  In exchange for pledges, you get all kinds of cool stuff–much cooler than that crap you get on PBS!  Find some Samhain cash and make a pledge!:

There’s a workshop for everybody!:

These folks know how to play well with others:

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