A Moon Lit Twist

Esbats can be a drag.  If you worship by yourself, these are often the observances that fall by the wayside first–especially if you’re from the school that observes both the new and full moon.  If you’re from the school that believes that esbats occur only when there’s a need, then I’m sure that you’ve found that regardless of the need, there rarely seems to be time.  With groups, esbats can easily get a coven stuck in a rut.  While a certain consistent pattern of worship is comforting to most people, spice is what makes the ritual stick with you once the circle has been opened.

Tonia Brown, a fellow smut sister, has come up with a clever solution: Esbat the Novel.  In her recent blog post (http://thebackseatwriter.blogspot.com/?zx=bc7c15fb073d58fa), she describes how her worship group periodically combats the esbat doldrums.  The ideas presented, “Esbat the Musical” to her “Esbat the Novel,” should hopefully whet your creative edge when helping to plan your next esbat, whether it will be a solitary affair or a group affair, family friendly or strictly X-rated.

If you fall into the camp of often being too busy to take the time to do a full esbat on your own (which is a shame because the meaning of an esbat is so fluid and loose that you really have no excuse), then consider reading Tonia’s creation that she has posted.  It’s perfect for Wiccans on the go that need to perform a silent esbat during their lunch hour, while they’re stuck in line, or while they’re suppose to be working but they’re really playing on their cell phones.

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