Happy Krampusnacht!  It’s our favorite day of the year here at the Barbed Pentacle.  If you’re not familiar with Krampusnacht, we have a whole section devoted to the festivities in our archive section (look right and scroll down).   Tonight is also the last night of Hanukkah.

This year seems to have been the year of Krampus projects.  While all of these projects have expired, the artist involved I’m sure still have products for sell and would appreciate some clicks to their sites.

Project 1:   Krampusnacht Edmonton

Edmonton, Canada will be holding their second annual Krampusnacht tonight at 8pm.  If you want to be Krampus are a Pertchen, they are still looking for volunteers.  Or if you just want a little taste of Krampus’ switch, I’m sure somebody in the holiday entourage will oblige you.

Project 2: Krampus Hoodies and Cards by  Benjamin Holdredge :

Benjamin wanted to jump start his graphic design business and start a seasonal Krampus merchandise site.  Unfortunately, his kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful.  It’s a shame because his hoodies are really kick ass.  They may or may not be available still for purchase.


Project 3:  Project Krampus by Aramis September

This project was brought to our attention by a reader.  For this project, Aramis wants to start printing and selling Krampus cards, his first solo project as an artist.  Indiegogo runs their projects differently than Kickstarter, so although this project was successful and has ended, you can still contribute if you want–in essence ordering a product.

Happy Krampusnacht!

These folks will last eight nights for you too!:

Mystic Artisans

Passion And Soul

Tonia Brown:

No Hide Floggers:

Leave your shoes out tonight to see if St. Nick leaves you some gold.