Prosperity through Sacred Whoring

Finances and sex have always gone together.  The world’s oldest occupation?  The Lords and Ladies of Finances and Prospertity greatly enjoy sex.  Think Wall St. of the 1980′s.  And they want sex through YOU, not you through your partner.  And not just you with your hands.  They want you through an insertable.  This is because there are deities of finance and prosperity that identify with a variety of sexual orientations, and they want you to share in those sensations to facilitate worship and connection.  They want you to be their sacred whore.

One of the horniest of the Deities of Wall Street is Lord Ganesha. 

I first came into sexual contact with him a few months back when I had enjoyed some Indica that Ganesha would approve of.  I had just gotten the Nirvana 3-way, 3-speed vibrator,    and decided to try it out. (Hear me use it:  It was wonderful!  Ganesha stampeded through me and gored me at full force.   All the kinky little kid feelings that I had had growing up and seeing Dumbo’s mother spanking a spoiled kid with her trunk came flooding back, and hard moral thoughts of deity-driven bestiality poked me incessantly at three different speeds with KY hot sauce and some cunt intensifier cream.    I was in that awesome “Wah-wah” universe that pulses with color and atmospheric sensations, like a mental water bed.    He came to me hot and heavy, in the same aqua blue color as my vibrator.  He fucked my cunt with his trunk first, ramming and tickling.  Then my Lord turned his head so that his trunk was still inside of me, but now one tusk was pressed against my clit and the other one was sliding in and out of my ass.   Did you know that an elephant’s trunk can move both side to side and back and forth at the same time?  It is absolutely orgasmic, with Lord Ganesha’s hands squeezing and grabbing, caressing and smacking, pinching and tickling.  Lord Ganesha says that all the Prosperity deities have agreed that in sexual worship of them that all the orifices should be busy praising and worshiping them.  The first set of lips to call their praises, the second and third set of lips to quiver in response.  If this causes you shame because that type of stimulation is new and frightening, then know that they see that shame as humility, since all prosperity petitioners, especially the most successful and confident, should remember that the blessings come at the grace and leisure of the Lords and Ladies in charge, not just by luck, birthright, or work.

Lord Ganesha removes and insures obstacles.  Hermes  Agoraios  sets up the market place in your favor. Lady Luck and Lord Gamble make sure that the Fates have been bribed.  Frau Perchta makes sure that you’re going to work hard enough to deserve this prosperity or she’ll slit your belly and make you shit for days.  Athena makes sure that your industriousness and knowledge of industry standards are up to date.  Lord and Lady Gold, Silver, Platinum, all the Commodities, Dollar, Euro, Pound, Peso, and Yin makes sure that your currency is multiplied and not depleted. St. Expeditus helps things to happen in a timely fashion.  Lord Pluto, of course, bankrolls it all.  And don’t forget your personal posse that works as your personal mob soldiers.

Like all mobsters, all these deities really care about is money, sex, and success.  You be their whore, they’re bankroll your project; you give them the loot, and they give you back a percent.  They expect respect, obedience, and good-will sacrifices as good public relations strategy.

Thursday Financial/Business Prosperity Ritual

Relax with an intoxicant of your choice.  If you can’t drink like a Russian (metaphorically or literally) then you have no business sitting at the table. Select some prosperity incense or herbs to burn in a heat-proof chamber pot, piss pot, or slop jar.  This is because you always want to have at least a pot to use as a toilet. Then recline on your spread out Hell money that you will offer later as an offering. As you become very relaxed, select one or more sex toys that will penetrate the orifice(s) that are below your belly button.  If you have a penis, a pocket pussy is appreciated as well.  Relax and think about the Deities of Financial and Business Prosperity as you begin to masturbate for their enjoyment and pleasure.  If some of it is a little painful at first, remember, some lovers are rough.  Fill your mouth with a large lollipop (any flavor) that you have previously run under water until sticky and then rolled in unground salt.  These
Deities love sweet and salty treats and want your mouth to be filled with the dueling but complementary tastes.  Call out to them, envision what you Need and what you would like. Remember to show Them how you will randomly sacrifice to them for the benefit of mankind by showing them charities and alms that you will support and giveaway.  Chant their names until one deity appears behind your eyes and takes over the show.  Then increase your chanting of your needs and wants to the rhythm of your coming orgasm.  The closer to coming that you are, the more plaintive your pleading cries should be.  It’s not unusual for multiple deities to come to you during this ritual.  Prepare to be a train whore.  When you can no longer orgasm and your lollipop is gone, drink some water and eat a sweet and salty treat while you burn Hell money or fake play money in your piss pot.  If things are urgent or desperate, then you should burn a small amount of legal tender to show why your request should be put before the requests of others.   Later, when you’re out and about, make sure to leave a salty and a sweet treat at an ATM machine or bank for somebody who is down on their luck.  When the deities deal with your case, make sure to thank them and to fulfill your charity and alms promises as quickly as possible.  They appreciate weekly, preferably Thursday, worship and protection payments.  Kiss the ring, bitch!

Today’s ritual wasn’t quite as intense as the first time, but it was still beyond satisfying.  I used my Ganesha vibrator, introduced new anal beads (I slipped the retrieval loop over the clitoral stimulation vibe to vibrate the beads), and then ended by using a new anal plug with the main part of the vibrator nestled behind it and my perineum.  Lord Ganesha enjoyed me first and then Athena took her turn.  She enjoyed my anal stimulation like she a had penis of her own.  Perhaps she does.

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Cannabis Roots: Feed Your Head, a supplement

While the focus of this series has been mainly on legal to semi-legal substances that can be used in ritual, I thought that some of you may enjoy Cannabis Roots: The Hidden History of Marijuana, which will air tomorrow live from 11 am-6 pm Pacific time on Pot TV.  Cannabis Roots is a ticketed event being held in Vancouver, Canada that will feature scholars of all sorts whose presentations will explore the important role that pot has played in world history, particularly the histories of many world religions.  Make sure to check out Dr. David Hillman’s lecture at 3 pm which will be about Bacchus, Aphrodite, sex, and drugs–you know, all the good things.  Of interest too will be Professor Carl Ruck’s lecture, also on Ancient Greek themes.

To watch the conference (and remember it’s live, so don’t mess up on the time):

For a summary of Dr. Hillman’s lecture:

For a summary of Professor Ruck’s lecture:

************************************************************************************************* November 2013 update:  Dr. David Hillman’s lecture:

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Feed Your Head, part 1: Gift of the Magi

Mind-altering drugs. When I hear that phrase, I immediately think of the 1960′s, as do many other people in America. However, the use of mind-altering drugs can be traced much farther back, as I’m sure you learned from the above documentary. They were originally used by ancient man in religious ceremonies. Although mind-altering drugs are a lot of fun to take recreationally, the main focus of this new series will be to explore easily gotten, relatively legal, substances that can be used in group or solitary ritual. Most of the substances that will be discussed can best be described as good old-fashioned gateway drugs. Most of them won’t leave you so inebriated that you can’t drive home from ritual, but they’ll work well enough to remove the inhibitions that may be keeping you from directly interacting with your deities in a ritual. That, in nutshell, is the whole reason why people started taking mind-altering substances.

“And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense and myrrh.”  Matthew 2:11

Frankincense is a tree resin from the genus Boswellia.

When sold in its resin from (often called “tears”), it’s a white to yellow color.

It’s also sold as a powder, oil, and in incense sticks and cones. It’s an ancient substance of Middle Eastern origin. It has been used for healing and embalming. It’s what often fills the censers at a Catholic church service.

Magically, frankincense is used for protection, cleansing, meditation, and purification.  Evidently, the boswellia trees are in some trouble.  So, buy your frankincense while you can!

I had never really considered using frankincense as a mind altering substance until I was up very late one night chugging spiked coffee working on some Pagan project. I had the History Channel or its sister station (I don’t really remember) on as back ground noise. I really wasn’t paying attention to the noise until a cool show came on about how the Ancients used different chemicals in ritual and every day life. Unfortunately, it’s not the show at the beginning of the entry. Dr. Weil is not anywhere near as dynamic a host as this show’s host had been. If I find a link to the correct show, I’ll post it. Anyway, besides the normal stuff about magic mushrooms, tobacco, and different cousins of peyote, the show discussed how supposedly the Ancient Greeks would hotbox frankincense before making important political decisions.

At first, I laughed out loud about this. It sounded like something the really lame kids did in Middle School because they didn’t have any High School connections. When my partner came into the room to ask if I was planning on coming to bed sometime in the next couple of days, I shared the frankincense information. Instead of laughing with me, he thought it made perfect sense. “That’s probably why everyone claimed to have such deep religious experiences at the ritual I conducted last year. The only incense I used was frankincense, and I used a lot of it.” It was true.

The ritual was conducted outside, but my partner used a huge cauldron full of hot charcoal and frankincense as a censer. After thinking about it for a while, I realized that the people who reported, in some cases life-altering, religious experiences were the ones who got blasted for several minutes by the frankincense smoke when the wind shifted in their direction. As it turned out, the Greeks were on to something.

Hotboxing frankincense is a very easy way to start exploring the use of mind altering substances in ritual. Chances are that you already have frankincense in your magical supplies. The term “hotboxing” (for those that don’t know) refers to smoking a substance in an enclosed area, like a car or bathroom.  Hotboxing shouldn’t be done by people with allergies, asthma, or other breathing, lung, or respiratory/sinus ailments. For using frankincense in this manner in ritual, you need a space where the ventilation can be adjusted. The ancient Greeks used a closet, but I wouldn’t suggest that. I would suggest a small room with a window or a fan.

Before ritual, light a large amount of frankincense (I prefer the resin on charcoal) in a fire safe container (which is what your censer should be). Leave it burning in the closed area for a few minutes while you finish other preparations in a different room. When you enter, the room should be smokey. Close the door and inhale. After three minutes, open a window a small amount or turn a fan on low. This is so that the smoke still stays in the room, but fresh air is introduced or at least the air remaining in the room is circulated. If you don’t introduce some fresh air or air circulation, asphyxiation will occur, which will lead to a close encounter with your deities of a different kind. Now conduct ritual as you normally would. After your ritual is over, open the window wide or turn the fan on high to clear the room of smoke. FYI, beware of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors when using frankincense in this manner.

Hotboxing frankincense is a very gentle and relatively safe way to start exploring legal, mind altering substances. It’s not going to make you high or cause hallucinations, but your brain will react to the frankincense. Just be aware, and reflect on the ritual later to see what how this ritual differed from well ventilated rituals.

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Sadomasochism, Pain, and Wicca/Paganism

Beardsley’s Frontispiece to “A Full and True Account….”
If you’re reading this blog, then I assume that you at least know what S&M or BDSM is.  If you are looking for a how-to in terms of technique, some of the following books may be helpful:
Sensuous Magic 2 Ed: A Guide to S/M for Adventurous Couples by Patrick Califia
SM 101: A Realistic Introduction by Jay Wiseman
Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism   by Philip Miller and Molly Devon
There are tons of books out there on the topic of basic S&M and S&M from all angles, but just like books on Paganism, some are good and some are fluff. 

 When the idea for this blog originally came to me, I, of course like most folks, felt sure that my ideas were fresh and original.  Well, there are few fresh and original ideas out there.  As I come across other people’s take on my “fresh and original” ideas, I’ll post and review them.

            S&M and the pain that is its intended purpose and by product can be related to Pagan/Wiccan practices, ideas, and motifs in many different ways:

·        Sadomasochism as a mystery tradition

·        Pain as an initiatory ordeal

·        Pain as sacrifice

·        Pain as meditation

·        Pain as a drug

·        Sadomasochism as “all acts of love and pleasure”

·        Sadomasochism as ritual

·        Sadomasochism as a vehicle for enacting the drama of myths

·        Sadomasochism as a healing vehicle

·        Sadomasochism as sympathetic magic

·        Pain as a purifier

All of these things, of course, bring us closer to our deities and our understanding of them.  I believe that when we orgasm we may be the closest to the pure energy force of the divine that we can experience here on Earth.  Using S&M in conjunction with sex and magic can enhance that feeling.



The grittier side of Paganism, or what this blog is about

While I practice with several different groups, I classify myself as Wiccan.  Wicca is a religion of balance, which often takes the form of opposites.  For every light, there is a dark, and so forth.  For some people, though, the light is all they want to see in Wicca and other Pagan religions.  They want to forget that many of the deities that they worship have light and dark sides to them.  And dark, by the way, doesn’t equate to evil.  On the contrary, the dark is often very necessary for the light to exist and is simply a sterner side of a deity or the world.  The nature that so many Pagans profess to enjoy and love is very dark.  The Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” is a prime example of this.

With that being said, in this blog I will strive to explore some of the grittier (or perhaps dark) sides and practices of Wicca and Paganism.  Just because I write about something doesn’t make it true; just because I write about something doesn’t mean that a majority of believers practice it; just because I write about something doesn’t mean that I necessarily practice or condone it.  This blog will be part editorial, part research project, and part informative site.

Over the course of the next several months I hope to delve into such subjects as S&M and Wicca/Paganism, blood sacrifice, the Great Rite (in its original form), hunting and the Wild Hunt, and avatars/deity possession.

Please note:  If you are at a ritual and any thing takes place that you are not comfortable with, you always have the option of leaving.  You should also tell somebody about your misgivings.  If anything vaguely sexual takes place in a ritual that involves someone under the age of 18, you should contact the police.