Act how you are: a book review of “Give”

Give ( is a free e-book written by Jeff Mach, who is a Pagan that follows a Druid (ADF) and Discordian path. When Mach first entered “the scene”, many people mistook him for a submissive. His true inclinations were far from being submissive.  Give was written as a way to deal with his dominant tendencies while in a vanilla relationship (a relationship he has not been in for some time).  According to his website, Mach wants to “see what they [the readers] think, see what connected with people, what made them upset, what perhaps inspired thoughts or new ideas.”

While on the surface, this self-reflective piece with a slight stream-of-consciousness current running through it is about submission through a dom/me’s eyes, it isn’t much of a stretch to see how the themes and exercises covered in the book can be applied to a person’s relationship with their chosen deities. “Give” is organized in such a way that it can be read straight through or slowly, piece by piece as each exercise is tried out. In between the exercises, Mach has included anecdotes of his experience as a dom and bits of dialogue with an unnamed sub.

Some of the exercises, such as “Bow your head,” “Let Go,” “Focus,” “Gone,” should be adapted for perspective clergy to try before ordination. While a lot of Pagans are bothered by the idea of being submissive to a deity, the act of worship itself is a submissive act (, ). This is especially true if you are answering the call to become clergy. If there is no call to serve, then chances are that you really have no business being ordained and are just doing so to have your ego stroked.

“Give” is a good read for submissive and dom(me) a like. It’s also a good read for those who are not into D/S but are curious about submission in general. Dom(me)s remember this: Respect your subs. If you don’t, one day they won’t be there. While you may not need them for sex because you can masturbate, domination doesn’t really work on your own hand or sex toy like it does with a nice pliable sub!

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