Prosperity through Sacred Whoring

Finances and sex have always gone together.  The world’s oldest occupation?  The Lords and Ladies of Finances and Prospertity greatly enjoy sex.  Think Wall St. of the 1980′s.  And they want sex through YOU, not you through your partner.  And not just you with your hands.  They want you through an insertable.  This is because there are deities of finance and prosperity that identify with a variety of sexual orientations, and they want you to share in those sensations to facilitate worship and connection.  They want you to be their sacred whore.

One of the horniest of the Deities of Wall Street is Lord Ganesha. 

I first came into sexual contact with him a few months back when I had enjoyed some Indica that Ganesha would approve of.  I had just gotten the Nirvana 3-way, 3-speed vibrator,    and decided to try it out. (Hear me use it:  It was wonderful!  Ganesha stampeded through me and gored me at full force.   All the kinky little kid feelings that I had had growing up and seeing Dumbo’s mother spanking a spoiled kid with her trunk came flooding back, and hard moral thoughts of deity-driven bestiality poked me incessantly at three different speeds with KY hot sauce and some cunt intensifier cream.    I was in that awesome “Wah-wah” universe that pulses with color and atmospheric sensations, like a mental water bed.    He came to me hot and heavy, in the same aqua blue color as my vibrator.  He fucked my cunt with his trunk first, ramming and tickling.  Then my Lord turned his head so that his trunk was still inside of me, but now one tusk was pressed against my clit and the other one was sliding in and out of my ass.   Did you know that an elephant’s trunk can move both side to side and back and forth at the same time?  It is absolutely orgasmic, with Lord Ganesha’s hands squeezing and grabbing, caressing and smacking, pinching and tickling.  Lord Ganesha says that all the Prosperity deities have agreed that in sexual worship of them that all the orifices should be busy praising and worshiping them.  The first set of lips to call their praises, the second and third set of lips to quiver in response.  If this causes you shame because that type of stimulation is new and frightening, then know that they see that shame as humility, since all prosperity petitioners, especially the most successful and confident, should remember that the blessings come at the grace and leisure of the Lords and Ladies in charge, not just by luck, birthright, or work.

Lord Ganesha removes and insures obstacles.  Hermes  Agoraios  sets up the market place in your favor. Lady Luck and Lord Gamble make sure that the Fates have been bribed.  Frau Perchta makes sure that you’re going to work hard enough to deserve this prosperity or she’ll slit your belly and make you shit for days.  Athena makes sure that your industriousness and knowledge of industry standards are up to date.  Lord and Lady Gold, Silver, Platinum, all the Commodities, Dollar, Euro, Pound, Peso, and Yin makes sure that your currency is multiplied and not depleted. St. Expeditus helps things to happen in a timely fashion.  Lord Pluto, of course, bankrolls it all.  And don’t forget your personal posse that works as your personal mob soldiers.

Like all mobsters, all these deities really care about is money, sex, and success.  You be their whore, they’re bankroll your project; you give them the loot, and they give you back a percent.  They expect respect, obedience, and good-will sacrifices as good public relations strategy.

Thursday Financial/Business Prosperity Ritual

Relax with an intoxicant of your choice.  If you can’t drink like a Russian (metaphorically or literally) then you have no business sitting at the table. Select some prosperity incense or herbs to burn in a heat-proof chamber pot, piss pot, or slop jar.  This is because you always want to have at least a pot to use as a toilet. Then recline on your spread out Hell money that you will offer later as an offering. As you become very relaxed, select one or more sex toys that will penetrate the orifice(s) that are below your belly button.  If you have a penis, a pocket pussy is appreciated as well.  Relax and think about the Deities of Financial and Business Prosperity as you begin to masturbate for their enjoyment and pleasure.  If some of it is a little painful at first, remember, some lovers are rough.  Fill your mouth with a large lollipop (any flavor) that you have previously run under water until sticky and then rolled in unground salt.  These
Deities love sweet and salty treats and want your mouth to be filled with the dueling but complementary tastes.  Call out to them, envision what you Need and what you would like. Remember to show Them how you will randomly sacrifice to them for the benefit of mankind by showing them charities and alms that you will support and giveaway.  Chant their names until one deity appears behind your eyes and takes over the show.  Then increase your chanting of your needs and wants to the rhythm of your coming orgasm.  The closer to coming that you are, the more plaintive your pleading cries should be.  It’s not unusual for multiple deities to come to you during this ritual.  Prepare to be a train whore.  When you can no longer orgasm and your lollipop is gone, drink some water and eat a sweet and salty treat while you burn Hell money or fake play money in your piss pot.  If things are urgent or desperate, then you should burn a small amount of legal tender to show why your request should be put before the requests of others.   Later, when you’re out and about, make sure to leave a salty and a sweet treat at an ATM machine or bank for somebody who is down on their luck.  When the deities deal with your case, make sure to thank them and to fulfill your charity and alms promises as quickly as possible.  They appreciate weekly, preferably Thursday, worship and protection payments.  Kiss the ring, bitch!

Today’s ritual wasn’t quite as intense as the first time, but it was still beyond satisfying.  I used my Ganesha vibrator, introduced new anal beads (I slipped the retrieval loop over the clitoral stimulation vibe to vibrate the beads), and then ended by using a new anal plug with the main part of the vibrator nestled behind it and my perineum.  Lord Ganesha enjoyed me first and then Athena took her turn.  She enjoyed my anal stimulation like she a had penis of her own.  Perhaps she does.

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Pagan Pashminas and Other “Cultural Appropriations”: Piercing the Veil, Part 3

Cultural Appropriation is a stone that gets thrown a lot in the Pagan community, often by people who are guilty of appropriating things themselves.  If you are any sort of Pagan or Heathen, particularly in the United States, chances are that some part of your religious practice is tainted by cultural appropriation.  Patti Wiggington, who most new Pagans seek advice from on (because, you know, that’s the best place to seek religious guidance), has this to say about cultural appropriation:

Personally, I don’t really care about cultural appropriations.  All cultures are guilty of it at some point.  Everybody borrows and steals each others’ ideas eventually, so it’s not really that big of a deal.  Of course, I’m not in a minority cultural group (although I’m part of a minority religious group who has appropriated, but who has also been appropriated from).  But seriously, when was the last time you had henna applied by somebody whose ancestors wore henna?  In a weird bit of reverse cultural appropriation, my Hindu relatives had me apply henna to them because they didn’t know how to do it.  Their relatives would just use red nail polish and markers–an idea that they got from Americans.

Cultural appropriation is a slur that gets spit at many Pagan and Heathen women who choose to veil.  Remember, when we use the word “veil”, we’re pretty much talking about any kind of head covering.  Some people think it’s wrong for these women to veil at all because they say that there’s no basis in Paganism and Heathenism for the practice and that these women shouldn’t borrow the practice from religions with well established veiling traditions.  Then others say that veils are a symbol of oppression, and that Pagan and Heathen women who veil are undermining the seriousness of that oppression.  Then still others say that veiling is fine as long as Pagan and Heathen women choose a new style or method of veiling. 

All of those accusations are false.  There is some basis for veiling in Paganism and Heathenism, which we’ll take an extremely brief look at.  There’s nothing wrong with borrowing practices from other religions, particularly if you’re Wiccan, because that’s the path that  most modern Pagan practice consists of.  Non-Pagan and Non-Heathen women who wear a veil aren’t all oppressed.  Many veiled women have the same freedom of choice to wear a veil as they do to not wear a veil (and let’s not forget France, where women are being coerced to not wear a veil).  The reasoning that veiling is acceptable as long as you choose a new style is ludicrous.  There’s only so many ways to tie a scarf or wear a veil.  Somebody, somewhere, has done them all.  Here again, it doesn’t really matter.  You can either see it as an offense or as flattery, but it doesn’t really matter.

Why are Pagan and Heathen women starting to veil?

This is a really good question.  There are almost as many reasons as there are women veiling.  The main reasons that have been given by the women who veil are that their God/Goddess told them to, they follow a tradition that historically veiled, it makes them feel comfortable in public, they want to be modest,  they use it as a tool in ritual, and it makes them feel sexy. 

I’m an occassional veiler.  I usually veil when I’m having a lazy hair day, don’t feel like people seeing my face, in a ritual context, or to please my partner–because veils satisfy one of his kinks. 

 I feel that when you please a partner that you’re intimately and seriously involved with that you’re pleasing your deity, because really, what’s the point of putting your all into a relationship if your partner doesn’t embody the God or Goddess for you?  I also think modesty has its own sex appeal.  Doesn’t curiosity just kill you to know what’s lurking behind a veil or under a long skirt?

While I use sex as the main reason to justify my veiling, many Pagan and Heathen women look to history and myths.  Historically speaking, many European cultures (as you may remember from Part 2) did veil.  It was common in Scandinavia, in some parts of the Celtic realms, and through out the Mediterranean.  Just like today, these women veiled for a variety of reasons, ranging from protecting themselves from the weather to honoring a Goddess who veiled, to being modest to doing it for fashion’s sake. 

Certain Goddesses, such as Hestia and Isis, were portrayed as veiled, and many adherents to these Goddesses today use this as a reason to cover up.

Covered In Light

As some of you may remember from cruising different Pagan news sites earlier this year, there was supposed to be a “Covered In Light” day in September to bring awareness to ladies who veil and who face discrimination. If you missed this, here is a helpful link to catch up:

So what happened to International Covered in Light Day?  To be honest, who the hell knows.  “Covered in Light” was originally the name of a “private” Facebook group that you had to know a secret knock to enter.  I joined the group earlier this year after reading about it on another blog. In most groups, I’m a lurker, and this group was no exception. 

At the time that I joined, the group was in a tizzy about how Star Foster infiltrated the group under false pretenses to write her article.  Then there was the controversy that brought about Covered in Light Day and the Pagan press coverage.  Shortly after that, I went out-of-town for the weekend and the group imploded.  After contacting several key people in the group, I still don’t have a clear sense of what happened.  I suppose if I didn’t have a life, I could have spent the next 2 weeks sifting through all the messages that were posted that weekend.  Some group members refused to discuss it; others were vague.  My conclusion is that Covered in Light fell victim to what a lot of Pagan groups experience–unfortunate Pagan bullshit.  For most of us, it’s an unpleasant carry over from when we participated in Christian churches.  Here is a link to the “official” statement:

I can’t really tell that many people still participated in Covered in Light Day.  I didn’t.  What was the point?  Everything had fallen apart.  I’m still a member of the Facebook group that now has a name that I can barely pronounce, but I rarely even look at the messages.  Most of the people who were in the group when I joined are no longer in the group, and the new members just don’t seem to be my type.  I guess I should quit, but I’ve been too lazy to press that button.

So, where does that leave Heathen and Pagan women?  If you want to veil, go for it.  Just be prepared for stares and discrimination from both inside your faith community and outside of it.  If you need something handy to pull out from underneath your veil when you encounter negativity, check out my Chirp Tract on veiling:

These folks cover up for sex appeal:

Passion And Soul:

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Share Yourself

There are several projects that I’ll be working on in the coming months that I would like some help with.  If you would like to help, please just let me know.  Feel free to pass this along.

  • I’m looking to interview folks who are in deity/spouse relationships, Daddy/daughter deity relationships, and other unique BDSMish deity relationships for a series of blogs that will be published late November/December.  If you would rather write a guest blog about your experiences, that would be wonderful too.
  • I’m looking for women who have been vaginally fisted by either other women or other men or both, or women and men who enjoy vaginally fisting women for a research project. I’m looking for a broad spectrum of women, from those who have only tried it once to those who do it all the time.


  • I’m looking for men and women who enjoy any sort of cervical play.  This is also for the above mentioned research project.

If you are interested in helping out and sharing yourself, or if you know someone who might be interested, please contact me at  Please put “Share Me” in the subject line so I can find your email in the spam box.  Some of the data for the cervical research project will be used here, on “The Barbed Pentacle”, but a majority of it may be used in other venues.  As always, for all the above projects, you may remain anonymous.  Thanks!

Theses folks like to share themselves:

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