The Litha Challenge! (Something fun, crafty, and potentially gritty)

First of all, read this:

I think this is really a cool idea.  I can already see my own wall of bones and leather starting to take shape!   In the spirit of the season,  I challenge you to start planning and executing your own living wall!  Just call me the Holly Queen!   

Besides, it’ll give you something to do as you watch the bidding on the spoon:, and try to figure out just the right time to place your bid.

When you get your wall (or other area) up, take a picture and email it to  I’ll post all the pictures in a special area.  If we get neat enough ones, maybe we’ll have a contest.  So, look through your junk and memories, and pull out all your coolest, grittiest stuff.  And remember, this isn’t an altar, nor is it a shrine (well, in a way…).  It’s just something fun to help you display your memories and think, “God, how did I not get arrested for taking that!”

These folks get who the true Holly queen is:

Mystic Artisans

Passion And Soul

Tonia Brown:

Post it!

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