You sucked too much helium, chipmunk!

Balloons are happy objects. They grace our homes at birthday parties and celebrations. They call our attention to great sales. They announce new babies born into a neighborhood. The shape of the traditional balloon calls to mind the blessed globes of the Venus of Willendorf and other fertility icons. For some people, balloons have inspired compassion, obsession, and kink. These folks are called “Looners,” and they fall into two camps: the poppers and the non-poppers.

While both groups revel in the deliciousness of balloons’ shapes, colors, and sexiness, the poppers get a great thrill that often teeters and falls over into orgasm when they pop a balloon. For them, the balloon’s ultimate purpose is to pop. The non-poppers show more compassion for the balloons and tend to personify them to the extent that they’ll often mourn when a balloon is popped. I personally am not a Looner, but if I were, I would be a popper. I can see how the anticipation and the loud noise can ignite certain emotions.

Here are some links that will expand your looner knowledge:

Sexually speaking, balloon sex could be interesting. It’s not something I have ever tried, but I’m really intrigued. Genitalia for both sexes can be made from the balloons that clowns use to make balloon animals. Here’s a link on making a pocket pussy from water balloons:  If you’re interested in free looner porn, check out this site:

Magically speaking, balloons have a lot of possibilities. First, you have what I like to call “Up, up and away” spells. These spells involve helium balloons. As with any magic, try to coordinate your correspondences for best results. In this case, you can coordinate colors and shapes (and sometimes messages) toward your intent. With “Up, up and away” spells, once you say your spell intention, tie an object that you either literally want out of your life or tie an object that represents something you want out of your life to the balloon, and you let it go. If the object is heavy, you’ll need several balloons. Make sure to release your balloons away from trees and power lines.

You can also adapt this type of spell to send messages/blessings out into the world or to specific people. Instead of your intent being “take out of my life,” the intent would be “take to the world” or “take to person X.” While these types of spells are fun, and this method of dispersion is used by all types groups, including religious groups to spread propaganda, these spells are not environmentally sound. The balloons, once they fall to the ground, contribute to litter, and balloon litter is dangerous to wildlife who may eat the balloon or get tangled in the string.

The second type of balloon magic is the “you made me wet” magic. Here again, color correspondences can be used to boost your magic. This type of magic can be used as a twist on anointing, or it can be worked into ritual in other ways. Fill biodegradable water balloons with water and a corresponding oil or ritual tea. If your purpose is to anoint, then recite your anointing words as you fill the balloons so that they become filled with your intent. Then throw the balloon at the person, people, or objects to be anointed. This method works really well for big objects like houses. If you don’t want to throw a balloon directly at a person, throw the balloon at the person’s feet. The balloon will still break upon impact with the ground, and the water and anointing material will spray up onto the person.

The third type of balloon spell is the “pop me” spells. With this type of spell work, take regular balloons that are color coordinated and fill them with air and herbs, unlit incense, oils, and/or coordinated by color and shape glitter and confetti. As you fill the balloons, fill them with your intent as well. When it’s time to release the energy from you spell, pop the balloon(s). One variant of this ritual can be turned into a balloon dance.

Multiple spell balloons, either with different components of your spell in them or complete balloons replicated for greater energy, can be attached all over your body. As you dance, more energy is gradually built up for your spell. When it’s time to start releasing the energy, you can start popping the balloons one at a time in traditional burlesque fashion, or if you’re doing this ritual with a partner or a group, then they can pop the balloons.

A twist on this type of spell is the balloon animal/shape. As with the above spell ideas, clown balloons can be filled with spell material and then twisted into a totem animal shape or a shape that corresponds to your spell. Another variant on this idea is calling the elements with balloons. Using the appropriate colors for your tradition (in my tradition it’s yellow=East, red=South, blue=West, and green=North), each quarter caller can fill his/her balloon with air as they welcome in the element. When it’s time to release the element, all you have to do is pop the balloon and say “thank you”.

Balloons have lots of applications for magic and um, other activities. As with anything, be responsible and think about how your spell method may impact the environment.

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Blessed Be Thy Feet, Supplement B: Pedicure for the Sole

Our dead cells not only contain the physical memories of the time they were a part of our bodies via the DNA of which they are made, but they also contain a psychic memory.  Both positive and negative emotions, memories, and energy are stored in dead cells, particularly dead skin and nail cells.  The dead skin on the soles of our feet probably store the most psychic build up.  To combat this, treat your feet to a magical pedicure.  If possible, do this with a partner so that you can fully relax (and then return the favor).  However, this is also a good solitary ritual.
Set up a relaxing ritual space in an area where you will be able to soak your feet.  Call in your deities and elementals as you would for any other ritual.  Breathe deeply, and at each step of the ritual make sure to think about your intent.
If you do not already have pedicure items, visit your local pharmacy or dollar store.  Ritual tools, in this case pedicure items, should not be expensive.   If your budget is super limited, only get nail clippers, a nail file, and clear fingernail polish.  If you have a little bit more money, invest in a foot file, pumice stone, or a Pediegg.
Step 1–Removing negativity
Start by clipping your toe nails.  As you clip, say one thing for each nail that you are letting go of.  After you’re done, collect the pairings and save them to bury after the ritual.  There are many traditions about what to do with nail pairings, but giving them back to the Earth keeps them out of the wrong hands and is easy.  Plus, the earth is a good neutralizing element for the negativity you are removing from your life.  Then file your toe nails.  As you do this, focus on how you can file away any rough edges in yourself that may be getting snagged on the fabric of your life.  Finally, take your Pediegg (or you can use your nail file in a pinch), and file away the dead skin on your soles in counterclockwise circles.  In most traditions, widdershins or counterclockwise is the direction for banishing.  Think about removing all the negativity that your feet may have accumulated as the dead cells are filed away.  If you wish, you can chant. 
Step 2–Healing
In a large basin or other foot soaking vessel, prepare a foot soak.  The easiest foot soak is warm water with Epsom salts.  However, any salt will do.  Don’t spend money on this step.  Just use what you have in your kitchen.  Salt and mint is a good revitalizing foot soak.  Salt and rosemary or tea tree oil is an excellent anti fungal soak.  Salt and oatmeal is good for soothing itchy skin.   Be creative and experiment. Don’t be afraid to use aromatherapy.  As you soak your feet, meditate on healing any ailments you are experiencing physically as well as emotionally/spiritually.  Envision the warmth from the soak moving up your body to heal and strengthen you.  Finish this step by rubbing lotion on your feet.  Any lotion that you want to use will work (if you don’t have lotion, you can use cooking oil, butter, or Crisco).  Rub the lotion on the top and bottom of your feet in a clockwise or deosil motion since you are attracting healing into your life.
Step 3–Attracting Magic
Now comes the fun part.  Using color magic, choose the color of nail polish that will help you attract the good things you want/need in your life.  If you need money, choose green.  If you are a student, choose yellow.  If you are not really into nail polish or you can only afford to buy one shade, go with clear.  Just like a white candle or a quartz crystal, clear nail polish can be used to represent any color.  As you paint each toe, envision yourself walking towards what you want to attract to your life.  If you are looking for money, see yourself walking into work and later walking into a bank to deposit the money.  
To end the ritual, give thanks to your Deities and close up your circle.  Once your nails dry, don’t forget to bury your nail pairings.