Slender, Sexy Switches

For long time readers (and those who know me best), it’s no secret how I adore switches.  The sound, the sensation, the agonizing anticipation of peeking through the window to see a lover cutting one, the horrible indecision of having to cut one for yourself, the absolute fun of gauging what kind of swish factor to inflict on a waiting sub, I love it all.  And my absolute favorites are the floral switches of the spring blooming shrubs!  Forsythias, also called yellow bells, are what I dream about all winter long.  If you’ve not read the previous Barbed Pentacle posts about switches, you can now:

On Mach 30, 2014, I will be presenting a class “Slender, Sexy Switches” at the LoftNC at 3:30pm.  This is, of course, for those who are 18 and older.  If you are interested in attending, please email the house mistress at for more information (pricing, location, etc.) and to RSVP.  If you would like to attend, please feel free to bring switches of your own, if you like, pruning shears, pocket knife, and fine grain sand paper.  We’ll be learning about choosing and preparing switches and rods, neat ideas for using them in play, safety and after care, and you never know, there may even be a demo.

For more information on The LoftNC, check out them out on FetLife:  and at their website:

************************************Updated: 3/29/14***************************

The house mistress at The LoftNC decided to sacrifice my class to progress, basically.  I received a Fetlife message this evening, dated 4 days ago, that due to space issues at the Loft that my class was being canceled and would be rescheduled at a future time.  Yep, I’m sure you can smell that too, and there are no cows anywhere around you.  So, I’ll keep you posted.  Thanks for your support, those that RSVPed.  And if you have a venue that you’d like me to teach at, just drop me a line at

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