Evergreens, my dear, for a long Winter’s nap

This is a Yuletide idea that was suggested by a sister-in-arms.  It can be a simple act by itself or incorporated into a Yule ritual.  It can be for a couple or a single person.  It can be as comfortable or as uncomfortable as you please.
Create a bed of evergreeen boughs.  These can be fir, pine, cedar, or for the true S&M experience, holly.  Cones can be left in or taken out as the mood demands.

There’s a Native American legend that says that evergreen trees are evergreen because they were given this ability as a prize for being able to stay awake the longest of any of the trees.  Many people stay awake all Yule night to keep vigil by a fire so that the Sun will return the next day.  Europeans would bring evergreens into their homes during the Winter to remind them of the promise of Spring, and to sympathetically ensure Spring would return.  The greens would also bring prosperity and luck for the coming year.  Hence our modern custom of the Christmas tree and wreaths.
With this in mind, recline on your fragrant bed, enjoy the crackling warmth of the Yule fire, and perhaps the warmth of a little something more intimate too!