Big Birthday Bash!

Wow!  It’s really hard to believe that I’ve been publishing this blog since 2011!  Come and join us tonight, Saturday, August 8, at 9:30pm EST at for the Barbed Pentacle Birthday Bash!  There will be prizes all through the party, as well as live interviews with authors and artisans.  The main event will be at 11:30pm EST with an auction of a very special prize.  All proceeds of the auction will benefit the Lady Liberty League (  The Lady Liberty League helps defends all Americans First Amendment Rights.  Make sure that there’s money in your PayPal accounts!  In addition to all these fun events, two new sections of the Barbed Pentacle, with brand new commissioned art work, will be revealed during the party.  See you there!

Smack Me With a Spoon! Auction

Back in December, in honor of the Winter Solstice, we here at The Barbed Pentacle held the “Smack Me With A Spoon!” wooden spoon decorating contest in honor of Perchta/Holda/Frau Holle–our resident domestic discipline goddess.  The lovely wood burners at Mystic Artisans were the winners.

 As was mentioned during the contest, the winning spoon will now be auctioned off.  Instead of being a drag and using eBay, we are going to have a Facebook auction on Friday, June 21.  All proceeds will benefit Smile Train.  

Rules (very important to read these!)

The auction will take place from 12 am Eastern Daylight Savings Time til 11:59 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time, Friday, June 21, 2013.

The auction will take place at .

To bid:  all bids must be posted in the comments section of the “Smack Me With a Spoon! Auction Now!” post.  The winning bid at 11:59 PM gets the spoon.  I will contact you on Sunday, June 23, 2013 for your address and to give you the Barbed Pentacle’s Paypal info.  You will have 1 week to pay for the spoon.  If you do not pay within one week, the spoon will go to the next highest bidder.  Once again, all proceeds will go to Smile Train (


These folks will be bidding:

Mystic Artisans

Passion And Soul

Tonia Brown: