Aphrodite is a heavy-handed MILF!

This was posted on Facebook by Church Militant.  I liked it because it’s true.  I’ve seen a lot of bitching this year on Facebook by Pagans bemoaning all the commercialism attached to Valentine’s Day and the fact that they feel left out because they did not properly budget for this year.  Those aren’t really their words, but that’s the basic gist.  What they said was “Whine, whine, whine, bitch, bitch, bitch, moan, moan, moan.”  If you’re a Pagan, you really shouldn’t care about celebrating Valentine’s Day.  Instead, you should be focused on celebrating Lupercalia!  All you need to do on Lupercalia is fuck and fuck and fuck some more!  If you’re really going to be fun, get out your play toys and beat some fertility into each other.  Which brings us to the lovely Aphrodite, one of the patronesses here at the Barbed Pentacle.

Evidently, Cupid is a very bad boy and Aphrodite is a heavy-handed MILF, at least according to classical art.

This picture is like a reverse pinata–blindfold the kid and beat him with a stick.

The greeting card companies never market cards with Cupid on it that say, “Pray that Cupid isn’t mischievous this year and sets you up with a psychopath” because that’s one of the fucked up things that Cupid likes to do for fun.

Often Ares or Mars, Aphrodite’s long-time lover, gets in on the action.

Sometimes, though, Aphrodite and Cupid gang-up on Ares.

It’s like if Rapunzel were in to flagellation! Ares looks like he’s smiling.

However, the MILF always gets what she deserves in the end.

The ways of exploring the relationship between Aphrodite, Cupid, and Ares are endless. If you want to go the S&M route, roses are a good choice to use as an implement, as are arrows.  Field arrows aren’t very expensive and offer lots of options.   The shaft can be used like a rod or cane on a willing sacrifice, the fletching is nice for tickling, and the point, well, it has all kinds of possibilities.  If Love hasn’t been kind to you, you can always beat it.  The ancients were fond of creating sculptures and such to represent deities and ideas.  If the harvest was poor or some sort of natural disaster occurred, the sculptural representative received the physical brunt of the supplicants’ displeasure.  There’s no reason not to continue this tradition.  At the very least, it’ll be fun and make you feel better.

What will I be doing for Lupercalia?  I’m going to wear red and let the Big Bad Wolf eat me up!

My theory is that the story of “Little Red Riding Hood” is a vague carry over from ancient Lupercalian celebrations.  I haven’t done any research toward substantiating my theory yet, but maybe one day.

Looking for something to read on Lupercalia?  Try Tonia Brown’s Devouring Milo.  I’ll admit, I haven’t gotten very far in the book yet because I’ve been thankfully too busy blessedly spreading my fingers as a sexy word whore, but what I read was fantastically gory.


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Squeeze My Melons and Plow My Furrow, Part 6: Nothing’s Better on a Cracker than Aphrodite’s Oyster!

Raw, succulent meat; the juices trickling down your mouth as the flavors create star bursts in your eyes and make you hard and throbbing.  The experience of eating meat in its original, or close to its original state, can be truly orgasmic.  It excites the primal urges in us that day-to-day living often suppresses or squelches. The same primal urges that push us to occasionally tear into a piece of raw meat are the same urges that rule our sex drive, and for many of us, the urge to worship in a Pagan format.  Raw meat encapsulates sex and Paganism in all its forms:  from the super elegant sushi 
to the fun and vibrant ceviche
to the familiar but slightly exotic carpaccio,
to the raw, harsh, and just a little dirty, tartare.
By eating raw meat, you take the essence of life into you, just like you do when you swallow during oral sex.  When you partake of the essence of life, how can you ever truly hunger?  Try eating raw meat protein for cakes and ale during your next ritual and see how big of a difference it makes.  Once people get over their initial ignorance and actually try it, they’ll be begging for more because it entices the body to make endorphins which makes you feel wonderful!  Then they’ll be begging to leave to hook up with the one(s) they like best, unless you belong to one of THOSE groups.
While all of the above mentioned raw meat dishes can act as an aphrodisiac, the raw meat that most people are familiar with is the oyster.  Slurping oysters can range from absolute decadence to pure primal passion.  Why stop at dozen?  Give me the whole net full!  Just from looking at a raw oyster, it’s easy to see how early humans assumed that the mollusk would aid in the marital bed.
Some oysters even have a little pearl to rub, just like the real deal!

Before slurping, you first have to learn how to shuck oysters, which sounds an awful lot like you’re doing something else to the oyster……

Now comes the most wonderful part of all:

She looks like she can feel the Goddess exciting her taste buds and sliding down her throat!

Evangeline the Oyster Girl, a goddess in her own right.

Although oysters are thought to be an aphrodisiac, one of those wonderful eponymous substances from the goddess Aphrodite, Aphrodite is not usually associated with oysters.  Instead, it’s the fabled scalloped that she is known for.

Out of the sea foam she came, riding the waves on a scallop shell after being created from Uranus’ severed testicles.  So in essence, the goddess of love, beauty, and passion was conceived in the ocean (a most feminine of forces) from the scattered seed of a god–and given the nature of the seed giving, it could almost be seen as a conception from rape.  I guess that’s what you can expect when your name is Ur-anus!

Among the many things that are considered sacred to Aphrodite, like scallops and horses (because you know the goddess of Love loves to ride), sparrows (that’s me!) can be counted in the number.

Just like oysters, Aphrodite’s scallops can be eaten raw.

So, where should all this raw meat be leading you?  To rekindling the passion in your life–whatever passion that might be!
Sparrow’s Aphrodite Passion Ritual

Like most of my rituals, this one is very free form and can be done with a magical partner or alone.  You will need to assemble the following items: rose scented candles, myrrh incense, apple slices and seeds, a pomegranate (and the juice or wine), raw meat–preferably sea food, raw honey, pearls (real or fake), scallop shells, and any sexual aids you may want.

Set up your ritual space as you would normally.  Then light the myrrh and call out to Aphrodite to join you in your rite to rekindle passion in your life.  On your candle, write or etch the areas of your life you want to be more passionate in.  Focus on these for a minute, and then light the candle.  As the candle catches, see yourself becoming more passionate in those areas.
After the candle has burned for a bit, pour some of the wax into the scallop shell.  Before the wax cools, add in pearls, apple seeds, and pomegranate seeds and see with each item, passion returning to you.  If you have myrrh resin, you can add some of that as well.  You can make a pattern or be free form. This is your passion talisman.  Just as a woman’s shell is filled with the passion of her lover, your shell has now been filled with your passion.  Hold the shell as you consume the raw meat, honey, fruit, and drink.  Don’t forget to libate to Aphrodite.  As you consume your meal, feel the passion of Aphrodite fill you up, starting in your groin and working outward from there.  Feel her passion being infused into your talisman.  Enjoy yourself.  Enjoy the feelings and textures that you’re experiencing.  That’s what passion is all about.  If you wish, the ritual can be sealed and ended with passionate sex or some steamy self love.  If possible, let the candle burn itself out.  If not, extinguish it and relight it when you need a passion boost.

For more information about incorporating raw meat into your every day diet, visit: http://www.rawpaleodiet.com/.

If slurping fish just isn’t your thing and you much prefer cans, then have fun exploring other things to eat on a cracker.

For real pearls, check out these awesome folks:
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