Now Accepting Bids for Perchta Power Project Soap

Soap can be used in many different magical applications.  With that said, I am currently accepting bids from soap makers to a make custom batch of soap for The Barbed Pentacle and the Perchta Power Project.  I will pay for the labor, materials, and shipping in cash via Paypal.  Your profits will be paid to you via advertising and intense pimping out.  So, when you submit your bid, you’ll need to have those two figures in your email.  Please email me at to find out more details and to get an ingredients list.  Bidding ends July 1st, 2015 at 12:01 AM EDT.

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Spoon Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Tonie Ervin, the winner of the 2012 “Just Smack Me!” Spoon Decorating Contest!

The images are based off of engravings from a Brothers’ Grimm story about Holda/Perchta.  ”Qui parcit virge, odit filium” is wood burned around the handle of the spoon.  If you talked about entering this contest but didn’t, then your parents probably “Qui parcit virge, odit filium” with you–hence your laziness!  Happy Yuletide!