Personalized Boudoir Stories

Do you have unique tastes?   Does commercially written pornography just leave you cold and limp?  Looking for a special treat for you or a hot honey?  Then let me write you a personal boudoir story that will keep your hands moving faster than your mind can read!

My standard rate is 10 pages for $100.  However, I can customize packages with lower or higher page counts.  Please email me at for custom rates.  Yes, this price may seem a little steep, but let’s be honest.  This is a luxury item that you can’t get anywhere else.  This is your personal fantasy come to life through the written word.  This story will be completely unique to what you tell me to write.  Unlike other services, I don’t use stock stories and then simply plug in your name and a few personal details.  This story will be based solely on what you tell me to write.

What you get for your money: You will get a 10 page story (or more or less  if you request it); you will get a complete story–not just a jumble of scenes; you will get lots of hot sex that will be completely tailored to your desires; you will retain complete rights to the story once it is completed and emailed to you–you’ll never see it published anywhere; you will get well written and well-edited material that will be delivered on time.  Depending on my workload, most of my stories can be completed a month.  I can write more quickly, but there will be an extra fee.

My rights in this deal:  I will not write stories involving sex between minors or between minors and adults.  It’s more of a legal thing than an ethical thing.  I’m sure you understand.  I also retain the right to refuse to write a scene if I feel that it’s too disturbing, but you will be aware of this before any payment has been received.  I reserve the right, in extreme circumstances, to miss my deadline at a slight monetary discount to you.  While you will retain the rights to the story, I reserve the right to take certain themes and ideas from the story and put them into completely different stories and publish them.

Payment:  All monetary transactions will occur via PayPal since they have an arbitration service (if the need arises).  Half of the fee will be due two days after we have hammered out the details of your custom story.  The remaining half will be due immediately after I send you an email saying that the story is done with an attached excerpt.  You will receive the remainder of the story once I receive proof from PayPal that my account has received payment.  If you would prefer not to pay in cash, you can pay via physical tribute.  Please see for links to my wish lists.

Ordering:  To order, please email me at  Before you place your order, please have the answers to the following questions: 1) Names of characters (if you care), 2) brief physical descriptions of characters (if you care), 3) specific sexual things that you would like to see in the story, 4) your personal turn-ons and turn-offs, 5) if you would like the story in first person or third person point of view, 6) the setting for the story, 7) if you want the story to be more plot driven or more like a porn movie.  And yes, if having sex with deities is your thing, I don’t mind writing that either.

Now offering audio versions of your story!  Would you like me to read you a bed time story written especially for you?  Just let me know, and we’ll work something out.

Want something in real time?  Email me about my rates for real time private message sessions on Facebook.