Hell yeah, I’ll be your sacred whore! (in other words, sponsorship)

Around the world, happy endings, and french licks–it’s all here folks.  I love advertisers and sponsors!  And like any good whore, I’m not particularly picky.

My rates:

One Month: $40

Six Months: $220

Twelve Months: $420

I accept cash or trade of products or services.  Some products, I’ll admit, I do keep for myself, but a majority of them are given away in my giveaway drawings or at events.  Can’t afford my fees?  Don’t fret.  Email me, and we’ll work something out.  There’s a lot of me to go around, and I’m very, very flexible.

Your around the world with a happy ending:

Your logo prominently displayed on my webpage with a link, the name of your company and a live link at the end of each blog post, your logo and link on my sponsor page, bi-monthly shout-outs with a link to your company on my 9 social networking sites, mention in my podcast, “Sparrow Chirps”, product placement in my blog (provided you answer any interview questions I may send you), and inclusion in the Yule Gift Giving Guide.  Also, if I happen to be interviewed, I’ll do my best to work in a plug in for your company or product.


Sparrow Brown  chirpatsparrow@gmail.com

Sponsorship Levels


6 Months $220.00 USD

12 Months $420.00 USD

Just like what you’re reading and want to stuff a few dollars in my g-string?

 Thanks!  Your donation helps pay for the website and gets the giveaway prizes mailed out.  I’ll do a little bump and grind just for you!