Sparrow Chirps

“Sparrow Chirps” is a companion mini-podcast to “The Barbed Pentacle”.  It will be a little bit more personal than “The Barbed Pentacle”.  If you would like to submit a guest mini-podcast, please email a WAV or MP3 to

Episode 1: “Coupons Make Me Hot”

Episode 2: “EHookahs”      

Episode 3: “Burning Times”

Episode 4: “Shiny Boots of Leather”

Episode 5: “Chicks with Dicks and Dudes with Cooze”

 Episode 6: “Undisclosed Desire”

Episode 7: “Come Again”

Episode 8: “Anime is Stupid Shit”

Episode 9: “Fucking Tacos with My Fat Burrito”

Episode 10: “The Devil’s Fire by Rue Volley” (Please note: this one is not a pod cast.  I had a cold and didn’t feel like talking.)

Episode 11: “Self Discipline by Andrew Cameron”

Episode 12: “Shared by the Highlanders by Ashe Barker”

Episode 13: “#freethenipple and #wattpadsucks!”