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Perchta Power Rice:  Gruel and fish are the “traditional” foods associated with Perchta, as well as dumplings, but I think in our modern culture, rice and replace gruel.  The spices of cinnamon, ginger, and chili pepper have been used in magic traditions and medicinal traditions to motivate, energize, and to encourage aggressive tactics.  This blend (in whatever ratio you want), can be added to rice, bread, sweets, dumplings, salmon patties for an edible magical.  (An interesting twist on this would be to eat this rice while being figged.)

Perchta Prayer: Version 1 and 2

Our Lady of the wooden spoon,
whose two faces see the old and new,
You who admonish us to do our work and keep it true,
Keep us focused and strong so we may never swoon.
Bless us with thrift, industry, and tidiness.
Bind up our laziness.
Slit our bellies and remove all silliness.
Replace it with the straw of discipline, fortitude, and management.
A well run home brings gold to the pockets.
One great worker is worth three lazy ones.


Perchta, Our Lady of the Wooden Spoon, admonish us to do our work. Keep us focused and strong.  Bless us with thrift, industry, and tidiness.  Slit our bellies and remove all laziness.  Stuff us with discipline, fortitude, and time management.  Bind our gold to our pockets.  Push us to strive for greatness.  Beat it into our souls and beings.

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