Bibliography  This is a huge domestic discipline resource.  Quite frankly, given how conservative Blog Spot is, I’m surprised that they are still hosting ADD.

Why Perchta slits open bellies:

I like this site because it has tons of freebies and podcasts, and the folks seem to have a pretty level view on domestic discipline:

Determining your “clutter” type and how to deal with that:

This page is part of a “mommy” blog, but it has lots of great freebies that can help you start making changes, whether you’re a mommy or not:

Podcasts  Sometimes it’s nice to listen to these while I’m cleaning and following the steps.

 Clearing Out the Clutter:

The Joy of Organizing:

Keeping You Organized:

Minimalism for the Rest of Us:


Links to companion pages to this program:

The Perchta Power Project:

Methods and Tools:

Sparrow’s Chirps on The Perchta Power Project (a journal of discovery):