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What is Perchta Power?  On the surface, Perchta Power is about keeping tidy and clean; it’s about being the best worker you can be; it’s about doing your job.  But when you delve deeper, Perchta Power is really about self transformation, perseverance, getting a clue about who you are, what’s expected of you, and what you need to be.  It’s about having the courage and determination to slit open your own soul and remove the things that are holding you back and to replace it with the things that will move you forward.  If you can’t slit your own belly open, Perchta will do it for you.

This project is for everyone: people looking to change, people looking to help others in their lives change, domestic discipline people, folks that just aren’t sure what the hell is going on……..



1) Honestly confess what you need to change in your life for it to be better and then ask your deities for help. 
2) Set Big Goals to work on to fix this problem.
3) Break these big goals into small, manageable, quickly reachable goals.
4) Set yourself up for success by researching how to help yourself with your problems. Like, if you had problems with spending and always being in debt, for this step you would see if any of the banks in your area had free or cheap debt counseling.
5) Find a partner (either a domestic one, friend, or stranger) to help you. There could be a D/s dynamic involved, or it could be more like exercise buddies where the D/s dynamic is more fluid depending upon who is flagging in their resolve.
6) Find a group. It can be a traditional support group for the problems that you’re trying to resolve or it can be a Domestic Discipline group on Yahoo, Facebook, or Fetlife.  I encourage everyone who wants to try this project to join our Perchat Power Project group on Fetlife.
7) Accountability for working toward your goals.  This goes with the discipline and fortitude of sticking with a goal even when you have to admit that you’ve not being working as hard as you could be on it.
8) Find a Domestic Discipline deity to work with that you’re comfortable with.  This deity may not necessarily be the one that you work with all the time.  Pick out a role model to focus on, and without getting too religiously weird, almost venerate them. June Cleaver? Martha Stewart? Michele Duggar? (*gasp*)
9) Use Domestic Discipline as a form of worship. So, with that said, you need an altar and a book of shadows. I’ve noticed that all these domestic goddess/mommy blog types on PInterest have command centers to keep themselves organized and like organization notebooks and planners and filing systems. So, in this concept, your altar would be your command center, where you sit and organize your life and plot and plan how you’re going to work on your goals. Your BOS would be whatever notebook you put together with information on how to work on your problem (like bill and budget charts or cleaning check lists). Both should also include whatever religious iconography and prayers that you want.  Very important: include some sort of timer on your altar!  You are more productive if you work at the things you don’t like doing for 25 minutes at a time with 15 minute breaks in between.  
10) You need a trigger of some sort to trigger the “good” behavior. Almost like a uniform. This gets into the magical and psychological side of things.  It can be something very simple that you put on when you need to get in the “work” mindset.  It could be a special t-shirt, hat, apron, whatever.
11) There should be some sort of magically charged daily symbol that you see. Jewelry can work really well for this or even stones and crystals.
12) Get magical! There’s no reason why there shouldn’t be spell candles made and lit or binding spells to bind up unwanted behaviors or amulets made to boost good behaviors or special sigils or power crystals…..
13)  You have to establish daily routines and stick with them.  If you can’t stick with them, there should be some kind of consequence, of course, to encourage you to stick with them.
14) Guided meditation/self-hypnosis/professional hypnosis.There are lots of self-help guided meditations on the Internet and Apple itunes that are very helpful.  Most of them are free.  We will also be adding some downloadable guided meditations here in the near future.
15)  Rewards!   Everyone wants to be told that they’re good and deserve some chocolate.  What will you be rewarded with when you meet your small and long term goals or stick with your routine for a whole week?

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Since this is a religious way of going about things, the PInterest page is set up to facilitate that.  It’s meant to keep this page free up the clutter and mayhem of tons of links.  Plus, sometimes it’s just easier to have the visuals.  It’s organized into several sections: Perchta, Domestic Discipline eye candy, Book of Shadows, Altar, and Method.  I tried to include ideas on this page that would help with all the different reasons a person may partake in the Perchta Power Project.  Since there’s not a way for me to open the page of up for the public to pin to, if you come across a cool link that you think should be pinned, please email it to me at  The Perchta section contains images of Perchta and recipes that can be fixed to honor her.  The Domestic Discipline eye candy section is completely self explanatory.  The Book of Shadows section is full of ideas for how to make one binder or lots of binder to help you organize the areas of your life that need structure.  I’ve also included pins about organizational apps too, since some people prefer an electronic BOS. The Altar section contains pins on how to set up a command center.  While the pins do not reflect this, it would be a good idea to incorporate a small, traditional altar in this area of your home too.  The Method section contains pins that give tips and sometimes structured methods for helping you on your domestic discipline path.  All sections are meant to be utilized by Head of Households, subordinates, and independents.

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