The Many Textures of Deity: a craft and interactive meditation

“Stroke me!” says the Goddess to the God.  “Stroke me soft and hard!”

This is about making a personal ritual scourge.  It will be one part craft, one part meditation, one part ritual, and one part deitific bliss.  You don’t have to be particularly crafty or creative or have deep pockets for exotic leather.  In fact, you might not even use leather.


First, meditate about how you view the Lord and Lady in all their various aspects that you typically work with.  Think about their light sides and their dark sides.  Now, look around your house and storage area (because I know you have one), and see what sorts of stuff you have that could both be used to represent these sides of deity and be used in a scourge.  Basically, you’re looking for different textures and long stringy things.  My scourge that I am making for this exercise has a mixture of stingy things and soft things.  I have different types of yarn, leather lacing, plastic craft lace, and hemp twine.  I also have a variety of colors.  Feel free to incorporate color magic and number and knot magic into your scourge.  You may also choose to use colors and numbers that are sacred to your Lord and Lady (or plurals as the case may be).

The next part may be a little tricky.  You need to figure out how long your “textures” need to be.  The length really depends on how you will be making your handle.  If you’re weaving your falls around a wooden handle, you may need to allow for two or three feet for the handle and more for the falls.  For my scourge, I’ve cut lengths that are three feet long.  Thet’s two feet for the falls and a foot for the handle.  For my handle, I’m going to braid part of my material and form it into a circle, similar to the handle in the above photo, except the scourge will be one complete piece instead of two pieces.  The falls for most scourges are between one foot and three feet.


Soft textures for a soft caress

Once you have your scourge completed, it’s time to consecrate it.  There are many ways to consecrate a new tool, but since this is something that’s been made for you by you, I think the best thing to do is to go ahead and use it in a meditative ritual.  It’ll give you a good chance to get to know your scourge.  This ritual is written for two people (a couple or magical partnership), but it can be adapted to fit a solitary setting.  You and your partner will need to have some back exposed for this ritual.  You could be topless or simply in something smooth and tight like a tank top.  You need to be able to see what you’re doing and fully feel the sensations.



by Bobby Chiu

First, create your sacred space and invoke your elements and deities as you normally would do for a ritual.  Open yourself up to understanding yourself and your deities better.  Kneel in a comfortable location with your back straight.  Make sure that long hair is tied up and out of the way.  Breathe deeply, and slowly start to scourge your own back.  This may make you giggle at first, but go with it.  You may find it helpful to set a mirror up in front of you and one behind you so that you can see what you’re doing.  As you scourge yourself, vary the strokes, making some soft and some more moderate in strength, so that you can get to know your scourge.  While you do this, think about how the different facets of your deities affect you directly.

Once you feel that you have sufficiently explored how the different facets of your deities affect you, have your magical partner scourge you with the your scourge.  While you’re being scourged, focus on how your deities affect you through others.  That is to say, how do you interact with the divine that you find in other folks.  Once again, the strokes should be a variation of soft to moderate (or a little harder if you’re comfortable with that).

The third step is for you and your magical partner to switch places.  You will now scourge your partner with your own scourge.  As you wield your scourge, meditate upon how your deities affect others through you.  Essentially, focus on how you’re a tool for divinity.

The fourth step of the ritual/meditation is for you and your magical partner repeat steps 1-3 but with the partner being the one in meditation.  And that’s not to say that your mediation stops, but the focus is now on your partner.

When both of you have fully meditated on the many facets of the divine and how they affect you, you will end the ritual by giving each other the five fold blessing with your scourges.  With your scourge, lightly touch your partner’s feet, knees, genitals, breast and lips, while saying (or your own variation):

Blessed be thy feet, that have brought thee in these ways
Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar
Blessed be thy [womb/phallus], without which we would not be
Blessed be thy breasts, formed in beauty/breast formed in strength
Blessed be thy lips, that shall utter the Sacred Names.

Your partner will do the same for you.