Oh My!

Waning Moon Elimination Ritual


Lock the doors.  Draw the shades.  Let the phone to go the machine because it’s……..




“Oh my!” is right folks.  Very few people want to discuss them, but to be frank about it, enemas seem to be a universal practice.  People have been pushing water and smoke up their asses for different reasons for thousands of years.  The Europeans had their medicinal clysters.


The Mayans partook of their “sacraments” anally.  The Persians engaged in hydrotherapy.


Even the “Kama Sutra” acknowledges the sexual pleasures of warm water coursing through the lower intestines.

Some folks use enemas for pleasure, some for pain, some to prepare for pleasure, and some for health.  Enemas not only cleanse our bodies of unhealthy things, but they can also help rid us of unwanted emotions and spiritual baggage.

If you are enema-curious, there are many ways you can integrate them into a religious and health regime.  One way is to do a waning moon enema ritual.  The waning moon is a time for magic that banishes or diminishes things in our lives.  Enemas can be a great tool for this.  Our bodies internalize many things that we wish they wouldn’t.  This negative energy will constantly interfere with you if not taken care of. This ritual can be done solitary or with a partner that you trust.  First, you need to gather your supplies.  There is a buttload of different types of enema equipment out on the market.  The cheapest and easiest to find is a Fleet enema or an off brand counter part.



An enema bag can also be used, especially if you want something that will hold up to multiple uses or that will hold a larger amount of water than a small squirt bottle.

Both of these items are easily available at pharmacies or you can order them online.  In the stores, they are usually under $20, with the off brand Fleet enemas being the cheapest.  If you go with the enema bag, many of them can also be used for douches.  If anal is your thing, feel free to use the douche nozzle for your enema (but you probably have already thought of that!)


The next item to consider is the enema solution.  There are lots of options out there. Fleet enemas come with a saline solution already in them, but you can dump this and refill it with your own.  A simple warm water enema is a good choice for folks who are nervous and have never had an enema.  Remember, you’re putting this into your body, so use filtered water. As Pagans, we often use different herbal teas in our spells that are linked to magical correspondences.  Any tea that can be ingested orally can be taken anally (although extremely well strained). Use this guide to help you pick the recipe that’s right for you.  Consider not only the magical benefits but also the health benefits.  To boost the effects, make yourself a cup of the same tea to sip during your ritual.  If you use an herbal or soap enema, remember that you will need to follow that up with a warm water enema to flush away any remaining solution.  You will also need to consider the solution’s temperature.  Cold solutions cause a lot of cramping (which you may or may not be into).  Hot water can burn.  Do the baby bottle test: put a little bit of the solution on your wrist and see.


The other things that you’ll need is a bathroom (obviously), towels,  privacy, a candle and something to etch with, a pen, lots of toilet paper (!), anointing oil, something sweet and some water (sometimes your blood sugar drops during an enema and you may become thirsty.  Just consider it cakes and ale.), and anything else you want for your ritual.  I like having my prayer beads with me.  If you think you may be sexually stimulated, feel free to bring your toys.


Set up your ritual space just like you would normally, but be sure to make yourself a comfortable area to receive your enema.  This could be towels on the floor or in the bath tub.  If you’re cold natured, turn on the heat.  If you’re hot natured, turn on a fan.  The object is to be comfortable and relaxed so that you can fully let go of the negative things in your life.  Also, most folks do enemas skyclad, or almost skyclad.  If you want, cast a circle and invoke your deities.  You can also anoint yourself with oil.  Take the candle and inscribe upon it the things you want to banish from your life (or at least minimize).  As the candle burns, these things will leave.  Now write the same things on the toilet paper.  Go ahead and put this in the toilet.


Now it’s time for the fun.  Fill your equipment with your solution and breath deeply.  Lubricate your enema tip and your anus/rectum.  The lubricant of your choice will do.  Get into the position that you want to receive your enema in.  This could be the knee chest position, which many people the world over use in prayer, or you can lay on your side.  If you’re flexible, you can even stand on your head.


Ease the nozzle into your anus and start the flow.  You may experience some cramping.  This is normal.  Some times it can be painful to remove things from your life.  However, trust your body.  If the cramping is too much, stop and use the toilet.  Most people try to retain their enema solution for 5 to 15 minutes or longer.  Listen to your body and use your judgement.


  When you feel that it’s time, go to the toilet.  As the enema solution leaves your body, image all the things that you inscribed on your candle leaving your life.  After you’ve cleaned yourself up and done a rinse enema (if you used a solution with additives), close your circle as you would normally.  Leave your candle to burn itself out and take a ritual shower or bath.  You’ll feel better, and it will strengthen your magic.  Make sure to stay close to a toilet for another hour or so.  You’ll be thankful that you did.  If you’re hoping for a true booty call, make sure you wait a couple of hours as well.  Nothing is worse than being in the middle of anal sex and having to dash for the bathroom.



Russian Enema Statue

Precautions:  Magic is always a risky business.  Be careful what you spell.  Also, make sure your solution ingredients are pure.  These things are going up your ass; you want them to be clean.  Don’t share your enema equipment.  If you’re doing this with a partner, get two of everything and label them.  Make sure to clean things properly after use (hot soapy water and dry thoroughly).




Spice Up Your Life–Or Sear It Into Your Being

I debated for a long time where to put this article.  At first I was going to include it in my “Squeeze My Melons and Plow My Furrow” series of blogs, but then I decided that its more proper place was here in the “Oh My” section since this article is probably going to make you go, “Oh My!”

If you’ve been following my blog, then it’s no secret that I like sensation play, and it’s also no secret that I like some anal play.  Figging is both together in one hot package.  Figging is the practice of placing a carved piece of ginger into a person (or animal’s) anus.  The ginger can also be placed on the vagina or penis.


Supposedly the act of figging originated with horse dealers who were looking to add a little “pep” to ailing or old horses.  Then the Victorians got busy in the kitchen one day, probably in India because as we all know, the Victorians spent a lot of time in India, and decided to fig one another.  They realized that a figged person being spanked (well, they are the Victorians, so you know they were laying on some luscious tram tracks with a cane) was less likely to clench than an unfigged person being spanked.  And so the practice took off……

For anal figging, the practice is really simple.  You first buy a hand or two of ginger (ginger comes in “hands” that are then broken down into “fingers”) at the grocery store.  Get the biggest hands that you can find.  The bigger the hand, the more you have to work with (especially if your knife skills are not up to par).  Once you’re home, cut the biggest finger from the ginger hand and carve it into a butt plug.  Please remember what a butt plug looks like.  If you don’t, then your plug could get lost, and that’s an embarrassing trip to the emergency room that no one wants to take!

This wonderful website–http://mcncirce.com/figging.html–has an in depth, step-by-step guide on how to carve the perfect ginger plug for figging.  Once you are done, you should have something fun that looks like this:

Then, just like for any anal play, you get comfortable, you lubricate, and gently insert.


As I said before, I really like figging.  It’s good for partner play, group play, or solo play.  As with anything, some people are more sensitive than others and may actually scream.  At first, the ginger can shock the senses as the juice starts to irritate the skin (that’s what causes the burning).


The more you clench, the more you feel it.  Eventually, though, the burning turns into a nice warmth, kind of like cinnamon, that makes you sopping wet.  Even after your playing is finished, that warmth lingers, like the after glow from a spanking, and it just makes you feel nice and cozy, happy and loved.

Figging has some great ritual uses too.  Ginger revitalizes and stimulates the body.  Working on this principle, figging is perfect for revitalizing or self improvement rituals.  Ginger, because of the temporary burning sensation, is associated with fire deities, and can also be used in rituals or ritual elements dealing with fire (like calling quarters).  As was mentioned earlier, you don’t have to have a partner to enjoy figging, so it’s a good option for solitary practitioners.

The ritual:  Prepare your ritual space as you normally do and prepare your ginger as described above.   Focus on how you want to improve yourself or how you want to revitalize yourself and your life.  Carve key words from your thoughts, with either a pin, needle, or knife, onto your piece of ginger.

Now, lube yourself (or have your partner do it), and insert your butt plug.  As the burning starts, focus on how the things you don’t like, or that have been weighing or miring you down, are being burned away and how the key words on your plug are being seared into your soul like a brand.  Be brave and invite the fire into you by moving around a bit.  Embrace it and know that it can’t really hurt you.

At this point, the ritual can be combined with pure pleasurable play, or it can be combined with other ritual ideas like bondage or harder S&M play, like beating away what you don’t want and beating into you want you do want.  To truly sear your self-improvement and revitalization into our soul, you can also add in some fire and wax play.


As with any BDSM ritual and play, please make sure that all participants and spectators are of legal age, outdoor play should be on private property, take proper first aid precautions, and be mindful of mixing bodily fluids (condoms and gloves!).  Also be mindful of your intent in ritual and be careful what you spell.





Get Your Red Wings!

(In other words, Menstrual Magic)



Blood has always fascinated humans.  It’s the life force of the body.  Menstrual blood, in particular, has always been intriguing.  To the ancients, it seemed mysterious and almost demonic that a woman could bleed so much but not be wounded or die.  Some cultures embraced this time and held it in high regard.  Other cultures, like the Roma, looked at it as a time when women were particularly dirty and dangerous–marhime.  Over time and into the present day, the menstruating woman has become something that is secretly desired but publicly ridiculed (think about how many PMS jokes you hear).

This secret desire for menstruating women developed over time into sexual practices, some fetishistic and some as an act of initiation and manhood.  Yes, it’s time to get your red wings.  As with most secret acts of initiation, it’s really hard to pinpoint where the idea for performing cunnilingus on a menstruating woman originated.  If you thought getting your red wings meant something else, it’s time for me to burst your adolescent bubble.  Yes, in high school, getting your red wings probably meant to you screwing your girl friend or getting screwed by your boy friend while you were on the rag.  However, as you aged and matured and started fucking bikers, you should have realized that getting your red wings was just a little messier.


While some bike clubs and organizations attach a special status to the act, Mr. Black and White, biker extraordinaire, has experienced it a little differently.  ”[It's] not really a status but kind of a FUN thing that some do I guess.  More like a school boy expression than anything else  Sometimes it is a thing done with others watching.  Gives everyone something to talk about after the party.  I heard that some clubs have patches.  Maybe at the call of the product officer and they can be sold to raise money.” 

Like most bikers, Mr. Black and White was very verbose when it came to his answers.  He first got his red wings in his early 20′s.  ”There’s not much to describe about it.  I guess it tastes like any other blood.

“I never have [used it magically], but I cleaned it off my front door one time.  A pissed off girlfriend made what looked to be a pentagram in blood.”


There’s no right or wrong way to go about going down on a girl who’s bleeding, but most girls finding it rather charming and endearing when you pull their tampons out with your teeth (I do, anyway).

Menstrual Magic

There is an infinite number of ways to use menstrual blood in magic, whether you menstruate or not and whether you’re a woman or not.  If you do menstruate and want to use your own blood or if you’re giving it to someone, you may want to consider using a product similar to the diva cup that will collect your blood like a chalice, instead of a tampon or pad.

If you’re using your own blood, you can use the pheromones in your blood to attract potential mates.  To do this, you can discreetly dab the blood on your body or in places near where your attracted one will sit.  If it’s chemically meant to be, then this will jump start the relationship.  Once you’ve snagged your prey, you can further strengthen the bond by having him or her go down on you or by adding your blood into his or her food.

Since blood is a vital life force, the energy found in blood can be used to boost your spells, such as putting some menstrual blood in a gris gris bag or using it to dress a spell candle instead of or in addition to oil.  Be creative with how you get the blood on the candle!

Menstrual blood is associated with fertility since women who do not menstruate are not usually physically fertile.  The blood can be used in fertility spells or in creation magic.  Taking a cue of several of the world’s creation myths, coagulated menstrual blood can be used to make poppets or other physical symbols of what you’re trying to create or manifest. 

Of course, as you do your magic, don’t forget to offer the Deities some of the blood in libation.  There are many Deities that accept and appreciate menstrual blood offerings.

Since we do live in the age of AIDS and other blood born pathogens, make sure to play safe and use good sense.  Only use your own blood or blood from a clean, tested source.