She Holds the Scissors

Use this as a neat waning moon activity.  Cut something out that’s superfluous.  You’ll feel better.

I’m the Withershins Crone,

my sister spins your existence,

and I cut it short.

She adds things to your life, and I cut them out.

You misunderstand me constantly, but I understand you perfectly!

I see your needs, but you get greedy—always wanting and begging my sister to add the unimportant.

You get sick from your desires. They only have false meanings for you.

I have to cut them away for your own good.

Like the dead ends you trim for healthier hair—you cringe at first, but in time you see it’s better—healthier.

Open yourselves now so I can snip away your clutter, your ragged dead ends for a healthier you.

These folks want you to clip away the unnecessary clutter:

Mystic Artisans

Passion And Soul

Tonia Brown:

Quadrivium Supplies:  

Hyperdreams Interactive Stories

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